Holy Moly. Missionary Work is Cool

I'm feeling like a million bucks . . . which is a miracle from the lack of sleep I've been getting and all the things we've had to do in the past week.

Here's a look into the last 8 days in la vida de Hermana March: 

 1. Zone Conference - we got assigned to do a 30 minute training in front of 80 missionaries and the mission president. No pressure, right? Yeah . . . I think it went good though! 

2. Same Zone Conference, I was asked to do a musical number . . . are y'all trying to kill me?

3. High Adventure - another 5 hour trip one way to Albuquerque for MLC on Sunday night then another 5 hours back down to El Paso on Monday night.

4. Our "special guest" at MLC was an Area 70 where he had me and Hermana Bosch get up and talk to someone about the gospel using the word "yellow". What?

5. Last interview with President Guffey on the mission in which he tries to convince me that going home isn't as scary as I think. (Believe me, it's still scary). 

6. Every week on Monday nights we have a conference call as a mission and they ask random missionaries from the mission to share their testimonies on the Savior . . .  and they picked me! So in the back of a mini-van at 10pm I was sharing my testimony. 

So, yeah. That was my week. I'm alive and I'm actually loving life! We saw sooooo many miracles as well! Here are the top 2 on my mind:

The first miracle of the week was on a blitz (multiple companionships go to the same area at the same time and knock doors) with Hermana Thompson from the Montwood area. We were knocking and the only lady that opened that day let us in after just a few minutes talking on her porch! As we were inside she told us that she hasn't been able to have kids for 9 years, but on Wednesday she found out that they are having twins. She said that the pregnancy is complicated, so she is on bed rest and hasn't been able to go to church for a couple weeks, but has been missing it. Well when we knocked on her door on Saturday she wasn't going to open the door because she was at home alone, but something told her to get dressed as quick as she could and run to the door because they were going to be "people from God". She accepted right away to hear more about our message!

The second miracle was that we found the most elect person! His name is Sal, and was actually a referral from the zone leaders from the previous week's blitz. We taught Sal the first lesson, and everything just made so much sense to him, so it was no problem for him to accept the challenge to be baptized! While we were teaching, an analogy between the apostasy and teachers came to my mind. (It was that prophets are like school teachers - there are some students that listen and benefit from listening, but others would rather play around in class and "reject" the teacher. But just because they don't listen, it's not the teacher's fault. He was only doing his job and trying to help the students to have a better future.) I wasn't sure why it came to mind because I had never heard of that comparison before, but I said "okay" and went with it! When the analogy was said, Sal says "I can relate to that - I'm a school teacher!" Wow. The Spirit is soooo cool! He knew the perfect analogy to help Sal and I got to be a part of that! 

Sometimes I feel a little too lucky to be able to experience all of these things. The Lord has been so good to me this past year and a half! The Savior loves us so much - if I've learned anything on my mission, it's that truth! 

Mucho amor por todos ustedes!

Hermana March

 companionship selfie at Krispy Kreme on day

 our training board that we slaved over!

 when a member gives all of you glow sticks, you have to take a selfie (our DL and his green)

some of our favorite investigators that came to church on Sunday! with their babeeee

 sometimes at dinner the member offers to let you wear their cowboy hats and you just have to say yes

 zone leaders and stls of El Paso at MLC...we're pretty much the coolest

the "sleepover crew"... we stay with these cuties every time we're in ABQ

last MLC at dinner

 okay, so crazy. the first time I was an STL all of these cuties were my sisters that I worked with...now we're all together!

catchin' dinner last night with the South kids

the district at BLITZ. They're my friends

throw back to a year ago exactly when my friend Jesus got baptized

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