We had a Baptism, We had a Baptism, We had a Baptism, Hey, Hey, Hey

That's right . . . we had a baptism. And it was TOTALLY a MIRACLE. 

So his name is Eddie and his uncle is a member of our ward. We had taught him twice before and set his baptismal date for the last Saturday of November. Well, he kinda disappeared off the face of the planet . . . and one day we felt like we needed to to call him, so we did; we asked him if he remembered his baptismal date, he said yes and that he still wanted to get baptized that day. So we visited him everyday and made it happen!

It's a total and complete miracle. Because he was a minor and technically lives with his mom out of our area during the week but comes to stay with his uncle on the weekends, we had to get permission from his mom, the mission president, the 2 stake presidents (like ours and the stake where he technically lives), and the 2 bishops. AND ALL OF THEM SAID YES. No one thought it was going to happen, but when the Lord wants someone to get baptized, He makes it happen! 

Sidenote: one of the stake presidents was like "man . . . that's not fair to send the sisters to ask for permission. If it was the Zone Leaders, I would have said 'absolutely not', but for you sisters, I have to say 'yes'." #HERMANAPOWER. 

So that's really the exciting part of the week. But here are some other highlights!

1. We got to go to the Thanksgiving Day parade in El Paso . . . and then we got to pick up all the trash on the streets afterwards. 

2. So another miracle of the week . . . we only had to eat twice on Thanksgiving. I feel so blessed. #graciasperoestoyllena

3. It's that time of year folks . . . TAMALES. I feel so spoiled rotten with all the fresh tamales we get to eat. "You want a tamale?" "YES" (*we eat it*) "Hermanas, I'm giving you both another one and you can't even tell me no." 

4. So transfer news came out Saturday night.... it looks like I'm going to be spending my last two weeks on my mission in Montana Vista with Hermana Bosch! I'm really excited!

5. We did have to move apartments . . . lame. Just kidding, we're in the same complex but now we're neighbors with our hermana friends that serve in the ward next to ours.

Okay, so that's the week. It was great. And I'm oh so thankful..... for so many things! 

I'm grateful for the sacred time I have had to serve the Lord as His full time servant the past year and a half. The amount of blessings received are unbelievable. Sometimes I need to pinch myself because I see so many miracles daily.

I testify that the Lord lives. HE is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He has paid the price for our salvation. WE just need to follow Him and trust in His promises. He sacrificed Himself to know what we feel - pain, happiness, guilt, suffering, heartbreak, joy. I know that He has the power to bind up broken hearts and carry weights that bring us to our knees. He is everything. 

And what a pleasure it's been to wear His name next to mine for so long. For that, I'm thankful. 


Hermana March


the whole group at MLC... man we look good

we panicked

Eddie's baptism! He's the one next to me!

baptismal selfie. #dothe10Cdance

hermanas at the parade with cotton candy


 the El Paso Zone at zone training

we just keep panicking.

our friends now neighbors

muggin it


 the district leader who says that he's 90

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