El Paso Adventure

Wow. Sometimes I feel like I blink my eyes and then it's time to email again. Like man, yall must be tired of hearing from me so frequently. 

1. We go on exchanges and we swing by the sisters' chapel . . . it's beautiful. We had a couple minutes before their investigator showed up, so she took me downstairs to see "the vault."  You must be thinking, what's that?! Well it's exactly that . . . a vault. This chapel was built in World War 2 times and it's the first in El Paso. And well, the banks couldn't be trusted with the tithing money, so it was all kept in the safe in the church . . . SO COOL. You knock on it and it sounds super hollow . . . yes. super cool. 

2. So last night we go to eat dinner at a member's house and they give us both a huge plate of french fries smothered in Valentina. (yes, the good stuff). Well we eat it and we're like, sweet! Fries for dinner - that's like a childhood dream come true. Well then the hermano brings us each the biggest bowl of chicken posole I have ever seen in my life. I kinda wanted to cry . . . partly because I was so full and partly because it was so dang good. I think we must have had a full chicken in each of our bowls. 

3. I'm running out of fun things to write from this week, so I'll just tell you about the huge hail storm we had last week. I thought we were going to die. We're cruising in our little Toyota Corolla and the water is covering the wheel wells and yeah, there was a moment of hydroplaning and yup. We're alive and safe . . . now. Good story, right Mom? 

Oh, okay, so this week we've been so blessed. It's like the Lord was just handing us blessings left and right.... we'd walk around a corner and bam, another a new investigator! In the past week we found 6 new people to teach. Like. what!?! 

I LOVE serving the Lord. I love being able to dedicate my whole day to Him and His work. It's really such a blessing. The gospel is so true. It's the rock we have in this ever changing world. It's something that will protect us from the coming storms. The Savior is the way, the truth, and the light. He is my all and my joy. I will patiently wait on the Lord. I will patiently wait to see the plan that He has for me unfold.

Check out Psalms 27. Trust and love Him. 

Les quiero muchoooooo. 

Hermana March


 the beautiful chapel (sorry it's dark outside!)

the vault!

the never ending bowl of posole 

 Texas just warning us about the water on the roads during the storm...thanks

 casual tumbleweed in the middle of the street

pumpkin heads

 they're super cute... thanks Mom!

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