Count Your Many Blessings

Well this week went by super fast, and I feel super blessed. Like seriously! 

Here's the highlights of the week: 

1. High Adventure - our way of saying the 4 hour one-way roadtrip to ABQ with 4 other sisters to go to MLC (mission leadership council). Yeah, it was pretty fun. MLC was awesome! There were 40 of us in total and it was really powerful to sit in a meeting from 7:30am - 4pm counseling one with another on how to help others come to Christ. I love hearing President Duffey speak . . . especially as he speaks of our fore-ordination to be in this mission serving with these people. Heavenly Father really does place us in the places and around the people that we need to be around . . . it acts like a catalyst for our growth and development. 

p.s. You want to know what was REALLY weird? Well we spent the night with some of the hermanas up in ABQ, and it just so happened to be MY OLD APARTMENT. Talk about deja vu (I'm not sure how to spell that . . . man spanish has messed me up). But yeah, it brought back a LOT of good memories! Alvarado Park was the best.

2. SERVICE. We did service as a ward and it was quite fun. There were 35 of us all in matching blue "LDS MONTANA VISTA" shirts, and I think it's safe to say we looked good. haha. I love service . . . I'm sad I didn't like it more when I was younger. It's such a blessing to be able to help those around us!

3. Halloween FIESTA. We went as missionaries - pretty clever, right?

4. Oh, and btw, WE HAD A BAPTISM. And it was awesome. Her name is Nury, and she is probably the funniest person I have ever met in my whole life. The first lesson I taught her I had tears streaming down my face for a good 10 minutes straight. She is married to a less active member, who is now really trying to come back to activity in the church. They're awesome and their 2 little boys are so cute. I love when we go their house and the 4 year old sees us and shouts "LADIES". But it's so cool to see people enter into the waters of baptism and make that covenant with our Heavenly Father! When she came up out of the water I could see a difference in her eyes . . . they were filled with light and she was clean! We asked her how she felt right after she had gotten out of the water and she said "I know I made the right choice." If it was appropriate to do an Irish jig right then and there, I would have totally done it. 

I'm really grateful for the time I have to serve the Lord . . . the time goes by fast, but I know that they've had an eternal impact on me. It's a miracle. This work is a miracle--that little, young, 18, 19, and 20 something year-old people can do what we missionaries do. I'm grateful to be involved in this work that changes lives and changes eternity. 

mucho amor . . . 

Hermana March

p.s.s. I don't feel blessed because it went fast hahaha that sounded bad. I AM BLESSED because it was an awesome week! just had to clear that one up!


of course there are free rocks in El Paso.... there's plenty to go around

 our High Adventure/MLC gang

catching a late dinner on the drive back to El Paso

la fiesta

 elote y Mexicocoa (my way to say Mexican hot chocolate)

Montana Vista at service

Nury's baptism! 

celebratory popsicles

Bishop's daughter

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