Miracles Happen (once in a while, when you believe)

Anybody know the reference? Princess Diaries.

Well anyways, like the title says MIRACLES HAPPEN. 

Okay here are some highlights of the week, and then I'll get to the good stuff (the miracles):

1. I'm staying in Hatch for another 6 weeks! I got a new companion yesterday, Sister Bishop, who seems really awesome! She is an English sister, so we're in what's called a "zebra companionship." It'll definitely be interesting having to do all the talking in Spanish alone! 

2. We got a 3rd companion for the day last Thursday. Her name is Hermana Moss and she's awesome.... we came out to the field the same day, and have wanted to be companions ever since. Well, maybe we can't be official companions, but we were for one day!

3. I got ringworm . . . yes gross I know. But don't worry . . . it's not an actual worm inside of me. A member told me that I had worms inside of me and I promptly wanted to cry. His wife made sure to tell me it wasn't actually worms and just fungus. It doesn't look pretty and I probably got it from the wild cats that always rub up against my legs here. (every time they do I try to shoo them away). Don't worry I'm not going to die. I got the miracle cream that'll make me not a "leper" anymore.

4. It was the big chile festival this past weekend and the air just smelled like chile and it was pure happiness. 

Okay, here's the good stuff! (p.s. I pre-apologize for the essay) 

This week has been a week of miracles! Hermana Oliphant and I have been working super duper hard for the past 2 transfers, but we didn't feel like we'd seen the results that we wanted from the work we were doing. Like we'd ask ourselves, "Are we doing anything? Where is all this hard work going?" But the Lord got a dump truck this week and just let the blessings flow!

So the first miracle was on Wednesday. Hermana Oliphant and I decided that we would skip our lunch hour at home and just eat on the 1 hour drive to Truth or Consequence so that we would have more time to work there. Well, we're driving down the road and we see a ton of onions spilled all over the side of the road and two people picking them up. So, we pull over to the side of the road and jump out and run to go ask if we can help. He was an elderly Mexican man, and before he says anything, he asks, "son Mormonas?" or "are you Mormons?" Long story short, he was baptized in the 80s and has been inactive for years and years. He was so grateful that we would stop and help him pick up these onions on some dusty road in the sun that he told us where he lives and that we should come by. We asked about his testimony of the church, and he said he wasn't quite sure. Well we invited him to pretend to be an investigator and to let us teach him the missionary discussions from start to finish, so that he could see for himself if it's true. He accepted, and said that he was grateful to have this fresh slate to "investigate" the church!

The next miracle of the week was that we got a new investigator named Rudy in Truth orConsequence! So after 2 transfers of just knocking doors, the blessing came! We looked back at the records, and this is the first new in TorC in just about 6 months.... 6 MONTHS! That's like forever in missionary time! We know the Lord had EVERYTHING to do with this huge success. He just wanted to see our diligence and our determination to never give up!

And the last miracle is about Jodi. Jodi was a member referral, and we were told that if we drove by and her dark Subaru was there it meant she was also. Well, we were driving down the street last Wednesday, and we passed by her shop, and I saw her car. We were headed somewhere else, so we passed by, but the Spirit wouldn't let me be. I kept having the feeling to go and knock on her door. After about 1 minute of going back and forth with the Spirit and then me realizing I was being stupid, I flipped a U-turn, and we were headed back to Jodi's. Well we knock and Jodi was there! Another long story short, but we had an amazing first contact with her! We didn't get to teach her that day, but she was so excited to get a copy of the Book of Mormon and promised to come to church. We called her at 9am on Sunday morning and she said "I'm getting ready . . . I'll be there!" And she came! She even told us that she had read the Book of Mormon and that she really enjoyed it - even to the point of not being able to put it down even though she was falling asleep! Lesson learned: DON'T FIGHT WITH THE SPIRIT.

I know the Lord blesses hard work and diligence. Sometimes we feel or think that the blessings will never come, but they always do. We just have to have faith in the Lord's timing and realize that He knows best.

I feel really blessed to be serving as a missionary, and more specifically in the Hatch and Truth or Consequences areas! I've never felt more content and more full of purpose than I have on a mission. It's a blessing to be able to serve the Lord and His people! 

Loveth you all mucho!

Hermana March

I love chile and 'merica

us + Willie (he's acting all tough)

my wormy friends

Hermana Moss! Our trio for the day

Some of my faves

Bye bye hermana Oliphant! (last picture as companions!)

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  1. Good work, Morgan. You made my day.

    Bro. Hopkins