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Hello there . . . another week has come and gone. And, well, it's been quite the week! 

First off, I'll go ahead and give you some of the highlights! 

1. Last Tuesday, Sister Bishop and I went on a hike . . . up a big pile of dirt. It kinda looked like a rocky thing, but about halfway up we realized that it was all dirt. All dirt. And it really didn't want us to climb up . . . but we did. I do have to say that I consider myself VERY blessed I didn't rip my pants . . . I was pretty close a couple of times!

2. I ate some menudo this week and didn't barf! That's a BIG accomplishment . . . especially if you remember what happened last time I ate menudo. Yeah, the 2nd time was better, but I don't think I'm ever going to enjoy eating cow stomach.

3. So I think I told you a while back that I bought a big box of dog treats to give to the dogs here in Hatch . . .  well here's the update: they all love me. We go on runs in the mornings and we're normally greeted by a couple of my furry friends that are looking for a treat. They normally follow us home and wait til I get them a treat hahaha. I'm winning Hatch one dog at a time. 

4. We did have another amazing miracle this week! So Hermana Oliphant and I had a few extra minutes a couple weeks ago in TorC, so we decided to knock some doors. After saying a prayer, we felt led to a specific street, so we got out and the first door we knocked on ended up being a less active member who we didn't know about! We invited her to take the missionary discussions, and she accepted. Sister Bishop and I have gone back 3 times since then and each time we can see something different about Kayla. Her countenance is brighter, and this past Sunday her house was cleaned and reorganized! Well normally her husband sees us and takes off running to the bedroom and closes the door. But this time when he left, the bedroom door stayed open. We taught Kayla about half of the gospel of Jesus Christ when Victor, her husband, came out to collect his shoes. Well after taking a long time to put on his shoes, he pulls up a chair to the living room, as if to join the conversation. Long story short, he begins to ask lots of questions about the Mormon belief: tattoos, Word of Wisdom, temples, infant baptism, etc. We tried our best to answer his questions, but then explained to him that he would understand all of those aspects of our beliefs better if he had the foundation, so we invited him to hear the missionary discussions from the beginning--and he was so excited to accept! He even said at the end of our discussion, "maybe this Mormon faith is for me"! We're so excited to continue to see Victor and Kayla's progress! 

I truly love this work. It's been the greatest 14+ months of my life . . . and everyday I wake up grateful to wear the Savior's name for the day. I've been thinking a lot about the things that are of greatest worth to us in this life . . . is it education? family? job? etc, etc. Well those things are probably important. But the Lord put it even more simply to the Whitmer brothers as He said in D&C 15, "the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father". So there we go . . . missionary work is the most worth! As we share the gospel with everyone we know and love, we will find the greatest abundance of life . . . we will live to see the joy it brings into others lives. I love seeing people change because of the knowledge of the gospel. Find someone that needs the light of the gospel in their lives . . . I know you'll see a change in them like I see a change in so many of the people I visit. 

Mucho amor porque les quiero mucho!

Hermana March


 behold the "rocky" dirt

look at that view.... and it's even kinda green

sometimes I think the only things we see are tractors. with taller wheels than me!

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