The Lord Loves us and it's oh so great

Howdy there. 

Well this week has been pretty sweet. Like really sweet actually. We've had miracle after miracle after miracle, and I feel so lucky... scratch that, I feel so blessed (because really, we all know who is in charge of all those miracles!)

I don't have too many funny things to write about, so instead I'm going to tell you about all the miracles (and that's the good stuff anyways!) :

So one of the miracles of the week was on Friday afternoon. We had about 20 minutes before we had to head into a lesson, and so we decided to do some door knocking to use our time efficiently. Well after a bit of rejection and nobody being interested, we continued on and were lead to the door of Celia. She almost immediately let us into her home, and began to ask us question after question: what happens between death and the resurrection, why do you only serve for 2 years when Jesus spent His whole life serving, why are there so many churches, why are there so many interpretations of the Bible. In the midst of answering her questions, we taught a basic overview of the first two missionary lessons - the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. She was so hungry for the truth... you could see it in her eyes. I think of the scripture in Amos 8 that is in the Restoration pamphlet: "and people shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord". She told us that she decided to let us in the door because maybe we had the whole truth that she was looking for. Before we could even offer, she asked for us to leave a Book of Mormon and to come back in 3 weeks after she'd read it so that she could tell us if she felt it was true or not. Well after explaining that she didn't had to read it all to feel of it's truthfulness and that we'd like to check up on her progress, we have a return appointment for this coming Friday! As I look back now, I can now see how our feet were literally guided to her door. She has been prepared and is ready to hear the truth.

(sidenote: after we were done with our visit with Celia we were kinda late to our next appointment... well we take off running. I mean like bookin' it across this little pueblo with our bags flying side to side and our Book of Mormons in hand in order to get to the lesson. But don't worry... everything worked out just fine! Except the member that was waiting for us said that they were really concerned to see us running down the street because they thought someone was chasing us and trying to kill us haha... nope, just in a hurry to teach everyone the good word!) 

We've also seen other miracles throughout the week... like finding Jimmy. On Sunday night, Hermana Oliphant and I were prompted to go and verify a lesson we had later with our investigator. He doesn't have a phone currently, so we swung by on our way home for dinner. Well we're walking across the parking lot and we see this man who is covered head to toes in tattoos, and I get this "you need to talk to him feeling". Well just as I'm about to get up the courage to begin the contact, he asks, "are you from the church?". We explained who we are, and once again, just like with Celia, he began a long list of questions that he wanted answered, including "what happens to the people that never heard about God... are they just lost to hell?" We explained to him the spirit world, the chance that all have there to learn of the gospel, and the revelation we now have through living prophets and the Book of Mormon. He asked us for a copy and said that when we had pulled up into the parking lot he had hoped that we were from a church and that we could talk to him about God because he wants Him in his life. His name is Jimmy and he is definitely another miracle! AND he gave us otter pops because he was afraid we were too hot outside... tender mercies. 

Well now that I've written an essay, I just want to say that I love this work. One thing I've learned is that with patience and diligence the Lord blesses us. Even when things seem hard, there are little things the Lord blesses us with. 

Like for example.... this week we were out knocking doors and literally no one wanted anything to do with us. Well feeling like "ah man... people just listen!", we head to the car and I see a white car with tinted windows slowly pulling up. Ugh sketchy. Well to my surprise, it's the Catholic Father! He rolls down the window and says with a wave and a big smile "sister, how are you?". I tell him that we're good and ask the same question back. He says "I'm doing good... just trying to follow your example by visiting people! God bless!". I have met him a couple times and it was really kind of him to stop and say hi. The Lord loves and blesses us... He is in the tiniest details of our lives! 

So if things ever feel hard, look for the blessings. They didn't write the song "Count Your Many Blessings" for no reason. I promise you'll see just how blessed you are. Like one of my branch mission leader says.... "I'm too blessed to be stressed". 

I love the Lord and I'm so grateful for this time I have to serve the people here in New Mexico. 

Mucho amor,

Hermana March

my little casita crib

showin' up to district counsel in matchin' shoes

I can't get enough of the sky

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