Hola. Hola. Hola. Hermana March comin' in live from Hatch, NM. 

Okay, yeah, here's the highlights of the week:

1. Well sometimes knocking in the hot sun drains you . . . like big time. BUT tender mercy. This week we were knocking this trailer park and there were these 2 adorable puppies. They decided that we were their best friends and they followed us the WHOLE time - jumping on our legs and being all cute and stuff. Hermana Elephant said "if I could have puppies with me all the time while knocking all day in the sun, it might just be enjoyable!" hahaha

2. WE GOT CHILE. So we got chile this week . . . it was given to us and it put me on cloud nine. So in our little toaster oven I roasted them, peeled them, chopped them, and cooked them. And it was the bomb. And then I touched my eyes and began to cry for the next 20 minutes. #lolatmylife

3. We have a recent convert here in Hatch and he LOVES the story of Nephi building a boat. He's been begging us to build popsicle stick boats FOREVER for a lesson, so we finally gave in! We had a nice convo about Nephi and prophets and following the Lord's instructions while we built boats. We may or may not be planning to race them sometime. 


4. So like I've been saying for a couple of weeks, we've been spending a LOT of time on the streets! Well anyways . . . we start talking to this man, and then eventually, we ask if he's heard of the Book of Mormon. He then says "No . . . I'm no Mormon." To which I say, "PERFECT. We're looking for people to share the Book of Mormon with!" At the time, I was mortified at what was coming out of my mouth . . . like "Hermana March, did you REALLY just say that you FOOL?!" Well the Holy Ghost must have a sense of humor and must have known that this man had a sense of humor too, because he cracked a smile, and that made me not want to crawl under a table anymore. 

The Lord is so good to us. I think He loves and blesses all of us, but there's something special about being His representative. Sometimes I'm like "wow, life is just so dang good." Life isn't good because everything is always going perfect because let's be real . . . life is NEVER perfect, but it's good because we choose to see how much the Lord loves us and is blessing us for our meager efforts! As President Uchtdorf said: "No matter our circumstances, no matter our challenges or trials, there is something in each day to embrace and cherish. There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it." Let's all work a little bit harder to be a little more grateful for the wonderful life the Lord has blessed us with. 

Hermana March


look! I found a MORGAN street.

just another normal day spreadin' the good word (in the middle of nowhere)

CHILE. (before it came in contact with my eyeball). 

the boats we made! 

throwback tuesday

another one.... weird that these were a YEAR ago!

okay and lastly, here's a Spanish joke brought to you by my mother: a Spanish magician says that he can make himself disappear.... he counted uno, dos, ... and he was gone. He disappeared without a tres. 


"No" - A Frequent Answer this Week

So this week was super fantabulous. Like seriously. 

Here are the highlights:

1. We knocked a ton this week again . . . my favorite reaction: We're standing there at the door and the lady peeks out the window to the left of the door, so we wave. She just starts yelling, while waving her arms like crazy, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO . . . GO AWAY. GO AWAY. PLEASE GO AWAY." You'd think we were asking her for her right leg or something. 

2. I was walking down the road and kicked a dead snake.

3. We were teaching a lesson to this little old man this past Saturday. I asked him if he would be baptized if he came to feel that the things that we were teaching were true. He said no and that he'd already been baptized. So we talked a little bit about priesthood authority, and then I asked if he'd pray about it. He said yes. Then I asked "So, if God told you you need to be baptized again, would you do it?. "NO." Okay . . . well that was NOT what I was expecting. 

4. We had 60 OYMs (Open Your Mouth contacts by knocking doors or talking to people on the streets) this past week! It was awesome . . . and sweaty. But mostly awesome. 

Okay, miracle of the week! So we have an investigator names Jose . . . and well he's been taking the missionary lessons for a while now, but just didn't seem to be progressing! We kept trying to come up with what would help him, and were just drawing a blank. So basically, we had a lesson where we just asked him random questions about commandments, and found that he was struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Well, we read the promise in D&C89 with him that he would run and not be weary and walk and not faint, and that he would be better able to provide for his family. It was SOOO powerful! (especially since at the beginning of the lesson he was talking about how hard work was physically on him) Then, we came back this past Friday and he said that he had only drunk one cup of cafe, and then he said after a moment of silence, "I feel better. I feel stronger . . . I have more energy for work." THE GOSPEL IS TRUE. And, well, God's promises are sure! 

I love this work and I am so grateful to get to wear a tag that has my name paired with the Savior's every single day. It's the greatest! 

Mucho amor,

Hermana March

 me and Becky. she surprised us with a cake and it made our day.

we like whataburger water cups.... they're huge and cold and the best on hot days.


Hola. Soy la Hermana March. Y eso me gusta mucho

Really, as in terms of news, I don't have much . . . try not to be too sad that I won't be writing an essay today. (more like you're jumping up and down from excitement). 

Well here's what I remember being somewhat significant:

1. I must be real sweet cause I'm getting eatin' alive . . . the tally of bug bites on my body is at about 60 right now. I wake up in the middle of the night at least a couple times to apply anti-bite cream and/or hand sanitizer to make the sting and itch go away. On the bright side, like Hermana Oliphant says, "you must have really sanitary legs." Don't worry about me having germy legs. 

2. . . .  and yeah, I don't remember anything else. #sorry.

So this week really wasn't that exciting, but it was good! Like I said last week, we could be called homeless because of how much time we spend on the street. BUT I LOVE IT. I love being able to walk door to door and testify that the Savior lives and that He loves us. I especially love to testify that God has restored His gospel through a living prophet.... and best of all? We have the evidence in our hands. That little blue book I never go anywhere without is the evidence that God does talk to men through prophets once again. Read it and see. I love it. And I feel so lucky to get to share that with the world! 

Love you mucho... each and every one of you! 

Hermana March

 snow cones after a hard day's work

knocking doors in the monsoon storm ("are you crazy?!" "no we're the missionaries")


Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Okay, weird title . . .  I know. I'll explain in a second. (you'll want to hear the story. . .  it's a good one!)

So this week, you could have basically called me and Hermana Oliphant homeless because of how much time we spent on the streets. Literally . . .  I'm talking like almost all day everyday we were knocking on doors and stopping random people. My feet were SO dirty by the end of the day, and I LOVED it. 

Here's my favorite story from the streets this week. We start talking to this lady and she is golden! Like everything is just clicking and we hand her the Book of Mormon . . .  and then she mentions her cat. She then proceeds to tell us that one time she found her cat praying (imagine this: her mimicking the little paws in praying position), and that she could hear the cat saying "Jesus loves me this I know, because the Bible tells me so, and watches over all the little creatures, just like me!" She was a very kind lady . . . just a kind lady with a praying cat.

I'm excited to write and update you about Jimmy, one of our miracles from last week! We had a great first lesson with him this past Sunday and we could see his preparation to hear the word. The spirit was definitely present and he accepted the invitation to baptism saying he'd be baptized if he felt these things were true. During the lesson, he told us that his friends had asked him to go out and party this past week, but remembering the conversation we had about God, he turned down the offer! He is so prepared! 

This week I've been thinking a lot about how the Lord can help us become some much more than what we are. We are weak and fall short time and time again, but He can help us. I love the story of when Jesus feeds the multitude (Matthew 14:16-20)

16 But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat.
17 And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes.
18 He said, Bring them hither to me.
19 And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brakeand gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.
20 And they did all eat, and were filled

We all are inadequate. We all do not have sufficient. He simply says, "bring what you have, and I will multiply it.". He is there to help us. I have seen this time and time again on my mission. Without the Lord, my meager contribution would just be, well, meager. But WITH Him, I am able to do and be so much more. I love my Savior. Let's all try to just have the faith to bring what we have, and let Him multiply it. 

Love you all so much. Just know I'm smiling from ear to ear because I love you, this work, and the Lord!

Hermana March

Who celebrates a hard day of knocking doors with snow cones? We do.

our fave pups that line the gate when they see our car pull up

The river is so pretty. The rio grande.


The Lord Loves us and it's oh so great

Howdy there. 

Well this week has been pretty sweet. Like really sweet actually. We've had miracle after miracle after miracle, and I feel so lucky... scratch that, I feel so blessed (because really, we all know who is in charge of all those miracles!)

I don't have too many funny things to write about, so instead I'm going to tell you about all the miracles (and that's the good stuff anyways!) :

So one of the miracles of the week was on Friday afternoon. We had about 20 minutes before we had to head into a lesson, and so we decided to do some door knocking to use our time efficiently. Well after a bit of rejection and nobody being interested, we continued on and were lead to the door of Celia. She almost immediately let us into her home, and began to ask us question after question: what happens between death and the resurrection, why do you only serve for 2 years when Jesus spent His whole life serving, why are there so many churches, why are there so many interpretations of the Bible. In the midst of answering her questions, we taught a basic overview of the first two missionary lessons - the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. She was so hungry for the truth... you could see it in her eyes. I think of the scripture in Amos 8 that is in the Restoration pamphlet: "and people shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord". She told us that she decided to let us in the door because maybe we had the whole truth that she was looking for. Before we could even offer, she asked for us to leave a Book of Mormon and to come back in 3 weeks after she'd read it so that she could tell us if she felt it was true or not. Well after explaining that she didn't had to read it all to feel of it's truthfulness and that we'd like to check up on her progress, we have a return appointment for this coming Friday! As I look back now, I can now see how our feet were literally guided to her door. She has been prepared and is ready to hear the truth.

(sidenote: after we were done with our visit with Celia we were kinda late to our next appointment... well we take off running. I mean like bookin' it across this little pueblo with our bags flying side to side and our Book of Mormons in hand in order to get to the lesson. But don't worry... everything worked out just fine! Except the member that was waiting for us said that they were really concerned to see us running down the street because they thought someone was chasing us and trying to kill us haha... nope, just in a hurry to teach everyone the good word!) 

We've also seen other miracles throughout the week... like finding Jimmy. On Sunday night, Hermana Oliphant and I were prompted to go and verify a lesson we had later with our investigator. He doesn't have a phone currently, so we swung by on our way home for dinner. Well we're walking across the parking lot and we see this man who is covered head to toes in tattoos, and I get this "you need to talk to him feeling". Well just as I'm about to get up the courage to begin the contact, he asks, "are you from the church?". We explained who we are, and once again, just like with Celia, he began a long list of questions that he wanted answered, including "what happens to the people that never heard about God... are they just lost to hell?" We explained to him the spirit world, the chance that all have there to learn of the gospel, and the revelation we now have through living prophets and the Book of Mormon. He asked us for a copy and said that when we had pulled up into the parking lot he had hoped that we were from a church and that we could talk to him about God because he wants Him in his life. His name is Jimmy and he is definitely another miracle! AND he gave us otter pops because he was afraid we were too hot outside... tender mercies. 

Well now that I've written an essay, I just want to say that I love this work. One thing I've learned is that with patience and diligence the Lord blesses us. Even when things seem hard, there are little things the Lord blesses us with. 

Like for example.... this week we were out knocking doors and literally no one wanted anything to do with us. Well feeling like "ah man... people just listen!", we head to the car and I see a white car with tinted windows slowly pulling up. Ugh sketchy. Well to my surprise, it's the Catholic Father! He rolls down the window and says with a wave and a big smile "sister, how are you?". I tell him that we're good and ask the same question back. He says "I'm doing good... just trying to follow your example by visiting people! God bless!". I have met him a couple times and it was really kind of him to stop and say hi. The Lord loves and blesses us... He is in the tiniest details of our lives! 

So if things ever feel hard, look for the blessings. They didn't write the song "Count Your Many Blessings" for no reason. I promise you'll see just how blessed you are. Like one of my branch mission leader says.... "I'm too blessed to be stressed". 

I love the Lord and I'm so grateful for this time I have to serve the people here in New Mexico. 

Mucho amor,

Hermana March

my little casita crib

showin' up to district counsel in matchin' shoes

I can't get enough of the sky