"You had me at chile"

Yup. Well here's my week:

1. So we have a member here and he didn't think I could eat chile. So I showed him. He told me that years ago, he had a "Hatch Chile Challenge" for the elders. His wife banned it when one of the elders inhaled the chile powder and threw up blood (nasty, huh?). Well I wanted a try. So here's what he gave me: a whole raw jalapeno, a teaspoon of "90K" (the hottest chile in the world), a tablespoon of fresh red chile blended, and a dried red chile to top it off. It didn't phase me. I barely blinked. He was so mad and his wife just kept saying "she's knows to eat chile... she's Mexican already." I bet there are traces of chile in my blood right now. 

2. We're knocking these doors when a door opens and this puppy runs out and starts jumping all over me . . . I talk to the owner (who was standing in the doorway) and eventually I say "So we're the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And I'm Sister March" . . .  "AND I DON'T CARE!" *door slams*. Thank you kind sir, have a nice day. hahaha

3. We did a service project this week . . . we dug post holes 2 ft deep . . . in the New Mexican soil . . . with a garden shovel . . . in a storm. Yes. I have blisters. 

4. So we're going to visit an investigator who has a super mean dog that's locked in a fence. Well, I get out of the car and realize after a few steps that the dog is out of its cage . . .  and staring right at me with a hungry look in its eyes. I calmly get back into the car and well, the dog runs over and starts biting the tires of the car. My philosophy is that the car tires are better than my legs. 

5. We're officially moved out of the little Catholic church. And living in a little casita in Hatch. It's tiny and cute. I'll send pictures next week. 

6. Transfers are here again and Hermana Oliphant + yo are staying together for another 6 weeks. WAHOO for Hatch and green chile (I'm excited that I'll be here for the Chile Festival the first weekend in September!). 

So all in all, things are good here in Hatch. We're working hard and we're seeing little tender mercies daily. It's a good feeling to come home at night and think "wow, I'm tired". Then I get up and go wash my feet in a sink and see the dirt water rush down the drain. Long, dusty, hot days have never been so rewarding. I love being in the service of my Savior. It's oh so hard sometimes, but I wouldn't trade a day of it. 

Serving the Lord is so rewarding . . . I feel like sometimes I am the one who is blessed the most. I love this quote from Pres. Uchtdorf, "Often, the answer to our prayer does not come while we’re on our knees but while we’re on our feet serving the Lord and serving those around us.” Serving opens so many doors to heaven - not only to those we serve, but to ourselves as well. Look for someone to serve this week!

I love all of you and am so grateful for the support I've felt over the past year. Y'all are the best! 

Hermana March

chile challenge underway

a bird pooped on my hand . . . through an open window. while I was eating lunch.

when you and your companion match the branch mission leader . . . a selfie is needed

proof of my digging post holes.... a sweet blister

 welcome to my area

Isn't it beautiful?! The lightning storms here are out of this world. 

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