Sometimes I think I'm a little too blessed

This week has been a good one. Like real good. Better than otter pops on a hot day (which is dang good). 

So here's some of the highlights of the week:

1. So we had this referral to visit this elderly couple up in TorC. We get to the door and the old lady holds up her broom (looking like she's going to hit us in all honesty) and asks us who we are. We tell her Mormon missionaries, and she lowers her broom and then offers us a cookie. We had a really nice visit with her and her 90-year old husband. We ask them if it would be all right to visit them again . . . the old lady looks at us and goes "well I didn't invite you the first time . . . you'll probably just show up again." I love old lady sass . . . and don't pretend you didn't like our visit!

2. We're sitting in sacrament meeting when I look to the little family directly in front of me. The little boy gets this mischievous look in his eye and grabs to crayons and promptly shoves them up his nostrils. I had to try soooooo hard not to bust out laughing in the middle of sacrament meeting. #missionstruggles

3. One of the coolest moments of the week was working with one of our part member families. The hermanas here have been teaching the 2 oldest children, JJ and Claudia, for the past year or so. They've really increased in their knowledge of the church, but lately we've been concerned if they have a personal testimony and witness of the truthfulness of these things. Well this past Friday, we taught them all about the importance of receiving a witness that these things are true from the Spirit. We knelt in a circle to say the closing prayer, and our member who offered the prayer asked that they would be able to feel the Spirit testify that these things were true. After the prayer, we stood and the 9 year old girl said "I felt the shivers . . . like it was like I was cold, but I wasn't." There was such a special Spirit in the room as we were able to explain to her that she had been touched by the Spirit. 

4. We have a less active that we have been working with forever! Suddenly, he started coming to church every single week. And well, we stopped by for a visit on Saturday night, and when he left the room, his wife spilled the beans. He quit his job so that he could come to church on Sundays . . . it's a literal Christmas miracle! He told his wife that he wants to get serious about church. I almost cried of joy. 

This week has been a week of tender mercies, both personally and in the work. The Lord has been by my side and I know that He is always near as we strive to do our best. He's also there when we're falling short of doing our best. In sunshine or in rain, Jesus Christ is still our Savior!

So that's it for Hatch, NM this week. I'm loving it and I can't believe how fast time is going by. Can y'all believe that I passed my 1 year this past week?! One whole year serving the Lord and I couldn't be happier about the decision. 

I love the Lord and I know that He loves me oh so much. He loves each and every one of us more than we could ever ever ever imagine. 

Hermana March

 yard work service.... wearing some pants (it's a pleasure to get to wear something other than skirts every once in a while).

typical "1 year" pic

  here's one of our friendly neighborhood spider(men)

 one of the cutest dogs I've ever laid eyes on

the infamous Sister Chavez during our Sunday dinner

her sass is one of my favorite things. and her food. (pictured: corn + green chile)

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