Happy birthday 'merica

Well look there . . . I love holidays. And the 4th?! One of the best. 

So on the mission, holidays are pretty interesting . . . we don't get to do much to celebrate like normal people, but we still find ways to have fun! Yesterday we were stuffed full with super good food, we taught a lesson in a park while fireworks were going off, and I may have had "Battle Hymn of the Republic" on repeat. (my guilty confession). 

I'm not really sure what else exciting happened this week. My brain is way too sleepy for this. If someone were to offer me a 6 year nap, I still don't know if it would be sufficient.

Here's some of the highlights I remember:

1. We met the new mission prez and wife! They are super different from the Millers, but seem like good people! I accidentally wore my Hermana Marzo tag when I met them, and so now I think they'll forever and always remember me as that and not my real name hahaha oops. 

2. We went on a hike last pday. You know, for being LITERALLY just rocks and cactus, New Mexico is kinda pretty. (I'm emphasizing the word KINDA). Just kidding, I love this "land of entrapment" (entrapment instead of enchantment . . . a local joke). 

3. So we have these investigators and they have this dog that while on 4 legs is like up to my armpit . . . every time we swing by I think it's going to eat me. It's name is Hooch. (I'll include the picture). 

The work in Hatch and Truth or Consequences is going really well! We're slowly but surely finding more and more people to teach. In the past two weeks, we have had gotten 18 member referrals, which are like straight gold to missionaries like us! We feel so blessed and know that as we have been praying for the hearts to be softened in Hatch and TorC, it's been affecting all of us - members, missionaries, and others! The work is progressing and the Lord is directing it!

Have the best week ever... remember how much the Lord loves you! So many people are cheering you on.... like Elder Holland said "heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever!". Go out there and be a disciple of Christ! 

Mucho amor mean it!

Hermana March

otter pops. my weakness

of course I ate a red and blue one.... AT THE SAME TIME. #skill

the killer dog

look at that

those are some nice rocks

we like branch breakfast... it's awesome. pancakes, gravy (with green chile...who do you think we are?!) and biscuits. yum. 

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