Sunshiny Days

Soooooo this week may or not have been very sunshiny. Literally and figuratively. I'm talkin' like super hot weather and super cool things. 

Well, I have some exciting news . . . a lot has happened in this past week. I was prego and then had a baby! Or, if that sounds a little bizarre, I got called as a trainer and then got said greenie last night! 

President Miller called me on Friday night and asked me to train. I almost wanted to be like "are you sure this is a good idea? I couldn't even keep a plant alive in college. . ."  But of course, I accepted! And then I went through all the stages of pregnancy in a week: weird cravings, strange emotions, cleaning like crazy, and yeah,  good times. 

So my new companera is Hermana Oliphant (you say it like elephant but with an oli instead of ele . . . I know I don't make much sense). She's from Bountiful, UT, is 24, graduated from Weber State, and was working as  editorial assistant for "Utah Business Magazine". I'm like "gurl, you got your life together better than me . . . how am I going to train you?"

The only saving grace is that I can kill spiders. And she can't . . . I'll be useful for something! (there was a little welcome party for her last night hahahahaha) #welcometoHatch

I'm super excited to be here in Hatch for another transfer. I've realized more and more that the Lord prepares His children and that He knows what's best. This past weekend, we had a special stake conference for the reorganization of the stake presidency. The whole time they talked about the Lord helping people to fulfill their callings and shaping them to be who He needs them to be . . . it seemed quite relevant with the whole training call thing! One of the men said "isn't it wonderful how when the Lord calls us, He stretches us?! He molds us, stretches us, gives us a break, and then molds, stretches, and changes us some more." I can say AMEN to that! His whole purpose is making us a little more like Him each and every day. This call to be a trainer is just another way the Lord is molding, stretching, and changing me for the better. I'm grateful for His great plan that extends so much further than what I can see right now!

I love you all lots.... you can do this. You've got the Lord on your side and that's all that matters!

Hermana March

 I found this tumbleweed that was like as big as me

 Hermana Jolley drew me and her for someone this week.... this is me. hello.

Hermana Jolley's last day.... last picture as companions

 we're her bodyguards. don't mess with Becky. (she's a recent convert.... got baptized in November!)

 she makes us good food because we're friends

picture with David! he's supposed to get baptized this Saturday!

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