Merry Summer!

So yeah, that was my week. Here I go trying to fill you in on all the good stuff:

1. So it was half Christmas on Saturday (June 25th), so of course, I celebrated accordingly. Chocolate milk (instead of hot chocolate), sunhat (instead of santa hat), little Christmas tree, Christmas music alllllll day, and a good ole santa beard of shaving cream. (yall remember Christmas right? hahaha. the tradition continues).

2. We had probably the funniest phone call ever with one of our faves here in Hatch. It went something like they were in Hong Kong, China looking for sushi and couldn't find a ride home, so they were going to have to canoe home, which they said would take about 5 years and they'd be 70 by the time they got home (they're 30 right now). We then asked them where they really were and they said in all seriousness that they were in the mountains looking for squirrels and rats to shampoo. I asked them why they wanted to shampoo them, and they said "to make them smell better". . . p.s. imagine this in a Nacho Libre accent. I can die a happy human after that phone call.

So I don't have a whole lot of time to write today, but just know that I love serving the Lord. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but I never felt so lucky. I'm exhausted every night and don't know how I still function as a human being, but it's great. When I lay down at night, I'm just excited to know that tomorrow is another day to serve the Lord. Miracles are happening here because of Him. I've felt Him so close to me and I know that he is walking side by side with me. This is His work and we're in this together!

I've come to realize just how much we need the Lord--all of us. I'm talking in every aspect of our life. We literally can do NOTHING without Him. This week in Relief Society, a member said "you are TOTALLY dependent on Him . . . if you don't realize it yet, He'll help you." There's nothing truer than that! We all need Him . . . we all fall short of the glory of God. Oh how grateful I am that I have a Savior and that I realize He is my all!

This week let's all try a little harder to remember we TOTALLY & COMPLETELY rely on Him.

Love you mucho, I mean it!

Hermana March

 merry half christmas from HATCH NM

 look at that beard.... that's a nice beard

throwback Tuesday to actual Christmas 2015

beautiful hatch valley

this kid's sass kills me

my bffs for life. Geraldito and Anna and Amalio

 welcome to my hot life

chile is good for the soul. can't wait for harvest time

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