"I'm so happy... let's eat otter pops"

Well otter pops and happiness have kinda been the theme of the week. Here's why:

1. I think it's been hotter than even Satan's okay with. (this is where the otter pops come in, not the happiness haha) Like we've been knocking doors in 112 degree heat!  SOS HELP ME. 

2. My greenie was talking to me last night in Spanish . . . she told me that she had to wash her "piedras". I was super confused and then realized she meant "pies". Hermana you need to wash your feet, not your pebbles. 

3. For one of our lessons with these super cute kids, we read the story of the Stripling Warriors and then for the activity we had to see who could dress in the armor of God fastest. I won. 🙌 (pictures to come)

4. We celebrate with otter pops and may or not may bribe investigators with them. jkjkjk they're more like a reward after we have the lessons because it's stinkin' hot! (especially with kids) 

5. So funny story: we had a visit from the APs (Assistants to the President) this past week. They were passing by Hatch to get to El Paso and they had to drop off some training stuff and give me a quick little meeting. So they parked inside the outer walls of the church we're living in and we all met inside the big chapel. We're almost at the end of our meeting when Sister Chavez, the lady we live with who is like 80, comes in the door. She sees the 3 elders sitting there and goes "oh . . . it's missionaries. I didn't know whose car was parked here. I was about to bomb your car . . . what if there was a dead body inside?!" Hahahaha she is a firecracker. I want to be as funny as Sister Chavez when I grow up!

6. WE HAD A BAPTISM! GO DAVID! It was amazing to me the courage it took for him to go through with the baptism. On Friday night he told us that his uncle said that he'd disown him, his brother said that he would not speak to him, and his niece had bought him a plane ticket to California for Sunday morning at 5am. Well, with lots of prayers said on his behalf, David decided that any sacrifice would be worth the blessings of baptism. There was such a strong spirit there at the service on Saturday! 

It's especially cool that one of his first missionaries (from 7 years ago) came down from Utah to baptize him! It makes me realize that maybe as missionaries of the present we can't see the seeds that are being planted, but maybe in 7 years, the harvest will be ready. There's a good chance that some other missionary will find the people that I taught and help them to finally make it to the waters of baptism. 

This work is true. I'm loving it. Soy feliz. 

Mucho amor from Hatch, NM 

Hermana March

the baptism

the confirmation

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