Merry Summer!

So yeah, that was my week. Here I go trying to fill you in on all the good stuff:

1. So it was half Christmas on Saturday (June 25th), so of course, I celebrated accordingly. Chocolate milk (instead of hot chocolate), sunhat (instead of santa hat), little Christmas tree, Christmas music alllllll day, and a good ole santa beard of shaving cream. (yall remember Christmas right? hahaha. the tradition continues).

2. We had probably the funniest phone call ever with one of our faves here in Hatch. It went something like they were in Hong Kong, China looking for sushi and couldn't find a ride home, so they were going to have to canoe home, which they said would take about 5 years and they'd be 70 by the time they got home (they're 30 right now). We then asked them where they really were and they said in all seriousness that they were in the mountains looking for squirrels and rats to shampoo. I asked them why they wanted to shampoo them, and they said "to make them smell better". . . p.s. imagine this in a Nacho Libre accent. I can die a happy human after that phone call.

So I don't have a whole lot of time to write today, but just know that I love serving the Lord. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but I never felt so lucky. I'm exhausted every night and don't know how I still function as a human being, but it's great. When I lay down at night, I'm just excited to know that tomorrow is another day to serve the Lord. Miracles are happening here because of Him. I've felt Him so close to me and I know that he is walking side by side with me. This is His work and we're in this together!

I've come to realize just how much we need the Lord--all of us. I'm talking in every aspect of our life. We literally can do NOTHING without Him. This week in Relief Society, a member said "you are TOTALLY dependent on Him . . . if you don't realize it yet, He'll help you." There's nothing truer than that! We all need Him . . . we all fall short of the glory of God. Oh how grateful I am that I have a Savior and that I realize He is my all!

This week let's all try a little harder to remember we TOTALLY & COMPLETELY rely on Him.

Love you mucho, I mean it!

Hermana March

 merry half christmas from HATCH NM

 look at that beard.... that's a nice beard

throwback Tuesday to actual Christmas 2015

beautiful hatch valley

this kid's sass kills me

my bffs for life. Geraldito and Anna and Amalio

 welcome to my hot life

chile is good for the soul. can't wait for harvest time


"I'm so happy... let's eat otter pops"

Well otter pops and happiness have kinda been the theme of the week. Here's why:

1. I think it's been hotter than even Satan's okay with. (this is where the otter pops come in, not the happiness haha) Like we've been knocking doors in 112 degree heat!  SOS HELP ME. 

2. My greenie was talking to me last night in Spanish . . . she told me that she had to wash her "piedras". I was super confused and then realized she meant "pies". Hermana you need to wash your feet, not your pebbles. 

3. For one of our lessons with these super cute kids, we read the story of the Stripling Warriors and then for the activity we had to see who could dress in the armor of God fastest. I won. 🙌 (pictures to come)

4. We celebrate with otter pops and may or not may bribe investigators with them. jkjkjk they're more like a reward after we have the lessons because it's stinkin' hot! (especially with kids) 

5. So funny story: we had a visit from the APs (Assistants to the President) this past week. They were passing by Hatch to get to El Paso and they had to drop off some training stuff and give me a quick little meeting. So they parked inside the outer walls of the church we're living in and we all met inside the big chapel. We're almost at the end of our meeting when Sister Chavez, the lady we live with who is like 80, comes in the door. She sees the 3 elders sitting there and goes "oh . . . it's missionaries. I didn't know whose car was parked here. I was about to bomb your car . . . what if there was a dead body inside?!" Hahahaha she is a firecracker. I want to be as funny as Sister Chavez when I grow up!

6. WE HAD A BAPTISM! GO DAVID! It was amazing to me the courage it took for him to go through with the baptism. On Friday night he told us that his uncle said that he'd disown him, his brother said that he would not speak to him, and his niece had bought him a plane ticket to California for Sunday morning at 5am. Well, with lots of prayers said on his behalf, David decided that any sacrifice would be worth the blessings of baptism. There was such a strong spirit there at the service on Saturday! 

It's especially cool that one of his first missionaries (from 7 years ago) came down from Utah to baptize him! It makes me realize that maybe as missionaries of the present we can't see the seeds that are being planted, but maybe in 7 years, the harvest will be ready. There's a good chance that some other missionary will find the people that I taught and help them to finally make it to the waters of baptism. 

This work is true. I'm loving it. Soy feliz. 

Mucho amor from Hatch, NM 

Hermana March

the baptism

the confirmation


Sunshiny Days

Soooooo this week may or not have been very sunshiny. Literally and figuratively. I'm talkin' like super hot weather and super cool things. 

Well, I have some exciting news . . . a lot has happened in this past week. I was prego and then had a baby! Or, if that sounds a little bizarre, I got called as a trainer and then got said greenie last night! 

President Miller called me on Friday night and asked me to train. I almost wanted to be like "are you sure this is a good idea? I couldn't even keep a plant alive in college. . ."  But of course, I accepted! And then I went through all the stages of pregnancy in a week: weird cravings, strange emotions, cleaning like crazy, and yeah,  good times. 

So my new companera is Hermana Oliphant (you say it like elephant but with an oli instead of ele . . . I know I don't make much sense). She's from Bountiful, UT, is 24, graduated from Weber State, and was working as  editorial assistant for "Utah Business Magazine". I'm like "gurl, you got your life together better than me . . . how am I going to train you?"

The only saving grace is that I can kill spiders. And she can't . . . I'll be useful for something! (there was a little welcome party for her last night hahahahaha) #welcometoHatch

I'm super excited to be here in Hatch for another transfer. I've realized more and more that the Lord prepares His children and that He knows what's best. This past weekend, we had a special stake conference for the reorganization of the stake presidency. The whole time they talked about the Lord helping people to fulfill their callings and shaping them to be who He needs them to be . . . it seemed quite relevant with the whole training call thing! One of the men said "isn't it wonderful how when the Lord calls us, He stretches us?! He molds us, stretches us, gives us a break, and then molds, stretches, and changes us some more." I can say AMEN to that! His whole purpose is making us a little more like Him each and every day. This call to be a trainer is just another way the Lord is molding, stretching, and changing me for the better. I'm grateful for His great plan that extends so much further than what I can see right now!

I love you all lots.... you can do this. You've got the Lord on your side and that's all that matters!

Hermana March

 I found this tumbleweed that was like as big as me

 Hermana Jolley drew me and her for someone this week.... this is me. hello.

Hermana Jolley's last day.... last picture as companions

 we're her bodyguards. don't mess with Becky. (she's a recent convert.... got baptized in November!)

 she makes us good food because we're friends

picture with David! he's supposed to get baptized this Saturday!


A pup in the road . . . an answer to prayers

You're probably scratching your heads right about now . . . strange title choice. I know. 

But here's the background info: 

This week has been a pretty slow week: Lots of people who told us they weren't interested in meeting with us anymore, people who were "not home" and pamphlets thrown in the dirt outside of houses. 

Hermana Jolley and I just could not figure it out . . . what was going on? Why was this happening? I think it's safe to say that these past 2 weeks I've been working the hardest I have on my mission . . . I just kept thinking "why isn't this working?"

Well, all week we've been trying to figure out what to do to find more people to teach . . . we've been talking to people on the streets, in the post office, across the gas pump, knocking on doors, EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE. And for those of you who know me really well . . . I'm awkward, and more than that, I think it's awkward to start up conversations with strangers, but we've been doing it! And the Lord has blessed us. 

I think oftentimes on a mission (and in life), you go through rough patches and it's like the Lord is testing your faithfulness and your diligence. It's like it says in 2 Nephi 2:11 "for it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, . . .  righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad." He wants to see how you'll act. Will you give up under the pressure? Will you buckle under discouragement? Or will you keep strong? Will you continue to press forward?

Okay here's the good part:

So all week we've been praying to be brave, to find the elect, and do go about doing good. We have seen tender mercy after tender mercy!

We're driving down the road and we see this animal running around in the middle of the street. As we get closer, we see that it's a puppy! And then we realize that we know the puppy... it belongs to someone we used to visit. So we pull over and grab the puppy from the middle of the street and the on coming semi-trucks. We're about 1 mile from its home, so we take it there. 

We knock on the door and the lady answers. She tells us that they've been looking for the puppy since the previous night and that her little girl couldn't stop crying. She tells us that she is so so so grateful and invites us to come back to visit her again! And then we met her friend, and he said that he would be interested in hearing more about the gospel too--he even wants to come to church with us next week!

It's such a simple thing, and maybe it doesn't seem like much to you, but it was an answer to our prayers. It was the Lord telling us "Keep going. Keep trying. There's people out there. You'll find 'em." I love this work and I know that the Lord is mindful of all of his children. 

It's going to be a good week. I can feel it. We're leaving the 99 to search for the 1 lost sheep - rescuing puppies and sheep, one at a time! 

Mucho amor from Hatch, NM

Hermana March


 me and my puppy friend. We're 2 peas in pod - I mean look! 

okay, here's a better picture

 companion outing at the PepperPot (one of the only other restaurants in town)

 when we get stuck waiting for a train to pass for 30 minutes

Hatch, NM everybody

 I can't get enough of the sky and the fields here

 ugh, what?! (jkjkjk it's a semi-truck being towed haha)

check out the sunset from last night