living in farmland AMERICA

Yup. This week has been . . . well, really farmy. Bugs, animals, and fresh produce is how we live out here in HATCH. 

Okay here are the funny stories of the week. 

1. We go to visit this lady that was referred to us by her friend . . . we walk to the gate and see a big "beware of dog" sign. So we rattle the gate and nothing. Ehh, it's probably a vicious chihuahua, so we go right on in. We knock on the front door and lady comes to the door and says "oh honey... I have a dog and if you don't get off my property, she's going to come tearin' after ya." So we promptly turn to leave, and the lady closes the front door. We then hear her yelling to someone, they open the back door, and let out the dog to come eat us! We made it out just in time. 

2. Last night we're walking to the chapel to tune Hna Jolley's ukulele. We're walking and all of a sudden I step and "POP". I stepped on a cricket and it kinda sounded like the little white popping things you throw on the ground. Worst of all? It was bare feet. 

3. Fast forward 3 seconds and we keep walking . . . then I see the biggest spider (yes, another one, but it looked different). I scream and Hermana Jolley almost starts crying. I run to grab the assassination gear: shoes, bug spray, and my headlamp. We killed that thing with soooo much bug spray. I'm going to be eaten alive here. 

4. We saw President and Sister Miller this past week for the last time while they're serving as our mission president and wife. We (all the missionaries) said goodbye one by one to the Millers through tears . . . when it was my turn President Miller said "Hermana March, this isn't a funeral, you're going to see me again". Well played President Miller. 

Well as you can tell my life is not boring . . . far from it. I wish you all could just come and spend a day with me in Hatch. There's honestly nothing like it. 

The work is going really well and we're seeing the hand of the Lord as we strive to become better missionaries! We have this awesome investigator named David who has been investigating the church for about 6 years, and he is supposed to get baptized on the 18th of June! He said that he's been praying a lot about baptism, and he keeps hearing the Spirit say "yes, get baptized. change your life". SO COOL. 

On Thursday we had our Zone Conference in El Paso! To close the meeting we all stood and sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" as well as we could. Imagine that . . . 80+ full time servants of the Lord praising His name and declaring that He lives. The Spirit filled the room and I think we very well could have been joined by heavenly hosts in proclaiming that truth to the world. Like the words in that song, I know that my Redeemer lives and what comfort this sweet sentence is! 

Hermana March

bunnies... our members have a bunny farm 

 they said I could come and have one once I'm done with my mission #lifegoals

baby chicks... I think this is when it started to poop on my hand 

 look at 'em

the tarantula we saw crawling across the street
 selfie with weird cattle things

they gave us each a bag of pecans... they're so good and they're everywhere here!

  I looked out the window and what did I see? 2 hermanas pickin the apricot tree (plus me mid-blink)

LOOK WHO I SAW. Hna Quist and I got to say hi at Zone Conference (ignore the puffy "I just cried" eyes)

 our unwelcomed visitor last night 

 i killed him dead... don't be too jealous of my sweet look

our nightly catch getting flushed.

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