helloooooooooooooooo from HATCH

Well it's been one whole week in Hatch, and I haven't gotten run over by a tractor, so we're doing just fine!
Actually just kidding, we're doing more than fine! This week was pretty awesome. 
1. I gotta talk to my family.... they're still real. Sometimes it seems like they may just be a figment of my imagination hahaha.

2. I learned how to roast and peel green chile..... watch out. There's going to be lots of hot green chile when I get home. The hotter the better... that's my opinion. 

3. Okay funny story. So yesterday morning after workouts, I'm getting ready to jump into the shower. I'm on my way in, when all of a sudden, something catches my eye. I look down to behold the biggest spider I have ever laid eyes on. It's basically something equivalent to the ones in Harry Potter (yeah.... ok exaggeration, but it was huge!)... anyways, I may or may not have started screaming.... and ran out of the bathroom as quick as possible. We then ganged up on the spider with lots of bug spray and killed that thing dead. Then we ran as far as we could in the yard, and buried it there. 

So this week in Hatch has really been quite the adventure. Oftentimes I pinch myself and say "really, am I here in the middle of nowhere?", but I LOVE IT. It's kinda fun to be able to drive dirt roads all day and race tractors down the road. 

The people are so kind and really just the most humble people I've met. Almost all of the people we interact with in Hatch work in the fields picking chile... and the bonus is that they really know how to cook! I'll have to show y'all my acquired cooking skills when I get home! 

It's amazing to me how faithful these people are.... they all have that deep rooted faith in Christ - sure not everyone are members of the church, but they have that faith. I've come to realize that our purpose as missionaries is not to take away from what people already believe, but to add more. We just get to help them get that much closer to the Savior. It's quite amazing if you think about it. 

There were 2 experiences that happened this week that I really want to write about. They aren't earth shattering stories, but they show the Lord's hand in this work. 

1. We were knocking on these trailers, when one of them has the door wide open.... the man yells at us to come on in through the front door, so we do! We go in and end up having this awesome lesson with him and his wife. I think the thing that really stood out to me was how he compared people who "have Jesus in their heart" versus those who don't. He said that he could tell that we were good people - messengers of God - because of the way we glowed. He mentioned that when he saw us in the street earlier, there was an extra light that is only found with those who have Jesus in their heart. 

2. We were trying to stop by someone who had been talking with the missionaries off and on for a while. This lady's husband was never to be found when missionaries would come over... he'd always take off running. Well this time, we caught him. He couldn't run. He started just laying on the questions, one after another after another. We answered all his questions, and then asked him if he had more. He said "no, but wow. I like the way you teach. There's an aura about you.... like I feel it. Most of the time when people talk it's like 'eh...', but with you it's like I want to listen." We told him it was the Spirit - it has nothing to do with two little 20 year old girls walking the streets of Rodey. 

In both of those instances, the people could tell something was different. It's the Spirit. The Spirit is the driving force of this work... without it, we'd be two random people walking the streets and trying to sell them something. But that's not it. The Lord really is with those who love Him and want to share His gospel. Like the man in trailer said, there's something different in those who have Jesus in their hearts - when they're not only saying they believe in Him, but making it a part of who they are. 

I love it! I hope we can all try a little harder to have Jesus in our hearts this week! 

mucho amor... mas que mi amor por enchiladas

Hermana March

So here's my address here in Hatch to receive mail (yes, packages included):
PO Box 1282
Hatch, NM 87937


 my spidey friend

 my horsey friend

okay, maybe we're not friends... it tried eating me. 

 across the street from where we knock doors

 sunset beauty and farmland

the courtyard of the church (where we live)

 the bell tower (it still works)

 ain't it cool?!

did you forget what I looked like...? here's a reminder!

 the chapel... we live on the other side of the back wall

the old organ that still works... it's SOOOO cool

 home sweet home

the kitchen

the front of the church

as companeras....

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