Hello mis amigos

I seriously feel like I must be writing you every day... the time between emails just flies by. I apologize if you're sick and tired of me. Just remind yourself that youv'e only got 6.5 months left of this torture! haha

Well to start off . . . nothing too exciting happened this week. Hatch is still great! I didn't get shot, the tractors haven't plowed me off of the road, and I haven't been eaten by a scarily large bug. Hermana March 1 Satan 0.

So . . . on to more important things! WE HAD A BAPTISM. Super cool. It's amazing to hear of her conversion - I wish I could explain the whole thing to you, but you'd be reading this email for a longgggg time. Anyways, the baptism was awesome. I loved seeing her come up out of the water from being baptized. She turned around to the congregation and, with the biggest smile on her face, waved to all of us. There was just pure joy.

I gave the "Gift of the Holy Ghost" talk at Carolyn's baptism. That morning as I pondered what to speak on, the idea of a GPS popped into my head. After baptism, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, or the gift of a brand new GPS. But this GPS is pre-programmed - our starting point is baptism and the destination is heaven. 

Along the way, the GPS, or the Holy Ghost gives us directions . . . it tells us when to turn, when to go froward, the danger that lies ahead. And even if we get off-track, it helps us get back on track through u-turns and re-routes. What a wonderful gift the Holy Ghost is! We can never be lost if we just remember we've got a life-time guarantee GPS. 

So use the GPS that you've been given and make it to your destination!

Mucho amor,  

Hermana March


 here's a scary lizard I almost stepped on

 a selfie with a goat

Hermana Jolley picked out my outfit. jk I didn't wear this. 

 Carolyn's baptism!

 sometimes Hatch is really pretty

weekly selfie for your selfie-ing needs

Mesilla with the STLs

it's pretty quaint and cute. 

 not quite as cool as our Catholic church.... nice try. 

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