Bugs, shotguns, and really good burgers

Well that title about sums it all up.... I don't think I need to write anything else this week!

Just kidding, I should probably explain that a little more. 

1. So yesterday we're just peacefully standing in this member's living room, when all of a sudden, something bites me. And then it bites me again. And it hurts. I'm trying to get this stupid bug, but it's on my shoulder.... and I'm supposed to be acting like a dignified human because I'm a missionary. I politely ask my companion if she'd look. My companion looks and can't find it (meanwhile it continues to bite me).... so eventually I just take off running to the bathroom to find the little bugger. I squashed that thing realllllll good. Way to make good impressions with the members.... hahaha

2. Okay on to the shotguns... we're driving by this potential when we drive by his neighbor. This neighbor sees us, walks to the back shed, grabs his shotgun, and then walks out to where we can obviously see him. I turn to Hermana Jolley, and I'm like "does that man have a shotgun and did he purposely go and get it when he saw us?"  Don't worry mom... we drove away real fast. 

3. And the burgers? Well there this really strange burger place here in Hatch called Sparky's and it's basically the most happening thing in this little village. It has these huge statues of random stuff all over the building (like chickens, Ronald McDonald, Uncle Sam, etc.). Anyways their burgers are smothered in green chile and it's dang good. 

4. Oh and random fun fact.... this morning Hermana Jolley was like "did you have a dream last night?"  And yeah I did.... I asked her why (because that's a strange question to ask) and she said I was having a good ole conversation with someone at about 1am. The best part? I was rambling in Spanish! Sweet. 

Okay, so Hatch is fabulous. I love this little place and all it's quirks! And some super exciting news?! WE'RE HAVING A BAPTISM TOMORROW! Holla! Her name is Carolyn and she's super cool! I'm super excited! 

So I've been studying the Old Testament this past month or so, and something has really been on my mind. I love the story of Moses and the children of Israel, but sometimes the Israelites just frustrate me so much! They continually see miracle after miracle, but they always find something to complain about. They saw the miracles of the plagues in Egypt, but got scared and wanted to turn around and go back when the Egyptians were chasing them. They were led through the Red Sea on dry ground, but then they were hungry, so they complained. They got manna from heaven, but couldn't go without a little water. They got the water, and then more murmuring followed. 

Why is it that we can't just remember how good the Lord has been to us in the past and have the faith that all will be well in the future? We've all been led through our own Red Sea at one time or another, but are we choosing to complain about the small problems of the present instead of thanking Him for the mercies of the past? I know I'm guilty of this! This week I'm choosing to remember His goodness in my life and go forward with faith knowing He'll do great things again, but in His timing!

Let us all be a little more patient in our trials of the present moment... remember that we've all received the rescue before! Hope and help is on it's way!

Mucho love from good ole Hatch, NM. 

Hermana March

  good ole Sparky's

 don't be too jealous

what's a week without a comp selfie?!

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