living in farmland AMERICA

Yup. This week has been . . . well, really farmy. Bugs, animals, and fresh produce is how we live out here in HATCH. 

Okay here are the funny stories of the week. 

1. We go to visit this lady that was referred to us by her friend . . . we walk to the gate and see a big "beware of dog" sign. So we rattle the gate and nothing. Ehh, it's probably a vicious chihuahua, so we go right on in. We knock on the front door and lady comes to the door and says "oh honey... I have a dog and if you don't get off my property, she's going to come tearin' after ya." So we promptly turn to leave, and the lady closes the front door. We then hear her yelling to someone, they open the back door, and let out the dog to come eat us! We made it out just in time. 

2. Last night we're walking to the chapel to tune Hna Jolley's ukulele. We're walking and all of a sudden I step and "POP". I stepped on a cricket and it kinda sounded like the little white popping things you throw on the ground. Worst of all? It was bare feet. 

3. Fast forward 3 seconds and we keep walking . . . then I see the biggest spider (yes, another one, but it looked different). I scream and Hermana Jolley almost starts crying. I run to grab the assassination gear: shoes, bug spray, and my headlamp. We killed that thing with soooo much bug spray. I'm going to be eaten alive here. 

4. We saw President and Sister Miller this past week for the last time while they're serving as our mission president and wife. We (all the missionaries) said goodbye one by one to the Millers through tears . . . when it was my turn President Miller said "Hermana March, this isn't a funeral, you're going to see me again". Well played President Miller. 

Well as you can tell my life is not boring . . . far from it. I wish you all could just come and spend a day with me in Hatch. There's honestly nothing like it. 

The work is going really well and we're seeing the hand of the Lord as we strive to become better missionaries! We have this awesome investigator named David who has been investigating the church for about 6 years, and he is supposed to get baptized on the 18th of June! He said that he's been praying a lot about baptism, and he keeps hearing the Spirit say "yes, get baptized. change your life". SO COOL. 

On Thursday we had our Zone Conference in El Paso! To close the meeting we all stood and sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" as well as we could. Imagine that . . . 80+ full time servants of the Lord praising His name and declaring that He lives. The Spirit filled the room and I think we very well could have been joined by heavenly hosts in proclaiming that truth to the world. Like the words in that song, I know that my Redeemer lives and what comfort this sweet sentence is! 

Hermana March

bunnies... our members have a bunny farm 

 they said I could come and have one once I'm done with my mission #lifegoals

baby chicks... I think this is when it started to poop on my hand 

 look at 'em

the tarantula we saw crawling across the street
 selfie with weird cattle things

they gave us each a bag of pecans... they're so good and they're everywhere here!

  I looked out the window and what did I see? 2 hermanas pickin the apricot tree (plus me mid-blink)

LOOK WHO I SAW. Hna Quist and I got to say hi at Zone Conference (ignore the puffy "I just cried" eyes)

 our unwelcomed visitor last night 

 i killed him dead... don't be too jealous of my sweet look

our nightly catch getting flushed.


Hello mis amigos

I seriously feel like I must be writing you every day... the time between emails just flies by. I apologize if you're sick and tired of me. Just remind yourself that youv'e only got 6.5 months left of this torture! haha

Well to start off . . . nothing too exciting happened this week. Hatch is still great! I didn't get shot, the tractors haven't plowed me off of the road, and I haven't been eaten by a scarily large bug. Hermana March 1 Satan 0.

So . . . on to more important things! WE HAD A BAPTISM. Super cool. It's amazing to hear of her conversion - I wish I could explain the whole thing to you, but you'd be reading this email for a longgggg time. Anyways, the baptism was awesome. I loved seeing her come up out of the water from being baptized. She turned around to the congregation and, with the biggest smile on her face, waved to all of us. There was just pure joy.

I gave the "Gift of the Holy Ghost" talk at Carolyn's baptism. That morning as I pondered what to speak on, the idea of a GPS popped into my head. After baptism, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, or the gift of a brand new GPS. But this GPS is pre-programmed - our starting point is baptism and the destination is heaven. 

Along the way, the GPS, or the Holy Ghost gives us directions . . . it tells us when to turn, when to go froward, the danger that lies ahead. And even if we get off-track, it helps us get back on track through u-turns and re-routes. What a wonderful gift the Holy Ghost is! We can never be lost if we just remember we've got a life-time guarantee GPS. 

So use the GPS that you've been given and make it to your destination!

Mucho amor,  

Hermana March


 here's a scary lizard I almost stepped on

 a selfie with a goat

Hermana Jolley picked out my outfit. jk I didn't wear this. 

 Carolyn's baptism!

 sometimes Hatch is really pretty

weekly selfie for your selfie-ing needs

Mesilla with the STLs

it's pretty quaint and cute. 

 not quite as cool as our Catholic church.... nice try. 


Bugs, shotguns, and really good burgers

Well that title about sums it all up.... I don't think I need to write anything else this week!

Just kidding, I should probably explain that a little more. 

1. So yesterday we're just peacefully standing in this member's living room, when all of a sudden, something bites me. And then it bites me again. And it hurts. I'm trying to get this stupid bug, but it's on my shoulder.... and I'm supposed to be acting like a dignified human because I'm a missionary. I politely ask my companion if she'd look. My companion looks and can't find it (meanwhile it continues to bite me).... so eventually I just take off running to the bathroom to find the little bugger. I squashed that thing realllllll good. Way to make good impressions with the members.... hahaha

2. Okay on to the shotguns... we're driving by this potential when we drive by his neighbor. This neighbor sees us, walks to the back shed, grabs his shotgun, and then walks out to where we can obviously see him. I turn to Hermana Jolley, and I'm like "does that man have a shotgun and did he purposely go and get it when he saw us?"  Don't worry mom... we drove away real fast. 

3. And the burgers? Well there this really strange burger place here in Hatch called Sparky's and it's basically the most happening thing in this little village. It has these huge statues of random stuff all over the building (like chickens, Ronald McDonald, Uncle Sam, etc.). Anyways their burgers are smothered in green chile and it's dang good. 

4. Oh and random fun fact.... this morning Hermana Jolley was like "did you have a dream last night?"  And yeah I did.... I asked her why (because that's a strange question to ask) and she said I was having a good ole conversation with someone at about 1am. The best part? I was rambling in Spanish! Sweet. 

Okay, so Hatch is fabulous. I love this little place and all it's quirks! And some super exciting news?! WE'RE HAVING A BAPTISM TOMORROW! Holla! Her name is Carolyn and she's super cool! I'm super excited! 

So I've been studying the Old Testament this past month or so, and something has really been on my mind. I love the story of Moses and the children of Israel, but sometimes the Israelites just frustrate me so much! They continually see miracle after miracle, but they always find something to complain about. They saw the miracles of the plagues in Egypt, but got scared and wanted to turn around and go back when the Egyptians were chasing them. They were led through the Red Sea on dry ground, but then they were hungry, so they complained. They got manna from heaven, but couldn't go without a little water. They got the water, and then more murmuring followed. 

Why is it that we can't just remember how good the Lord has been to us in the past and have the faith that all will be well in the future? We've all been led through our own Red Sea at one time or another, but are we choosing to complain about the small problems of the present instead of thanking Him for the mercies of the past? I know I'm guilty of this! This week I'm choosing to remember His goodness in my life and go forward with faith knowing He'll do great things again, but in His timing!

Let us all be a little more patient in our trials of the present moment... remember that we've all received the rescue before! Hope and help is on it's way!

Mucho love from good ole Hatch, NM. 

Hermana March

  good ole Sparky's

 don't be too jealous

what's a week without a comp selfie?!


helloooooooooooooooo from HATCH

Well it's been one whole week in Hatch, and I haven't gotten run over by a tractor, so we're doing just fine!
Actually just kidding, we're doing more than fine! This week was pretty awesome. 
1. I gotta talk to my family.... they're still real. Sometimes it seems like they may just be a figment of my imagination hahaha.

2. I learned how to roast and peel green chile..... watch out. There's going to be lots of hot green chile when I get home. The hotter the better... that's my opinion. 

3. Okay funny story. So yesterday morning after workouts, I'm getting ready to jump into the shower. I'm on my way in, when all of a sudden, something catches my eye. I look down to behold the biggest spider I have ever laid eyes on. It's basically something equivalent to the ones in Harry Potter (yeah.... ok exaggeration, but it was huge!)... anyways, I may or may not have started screaming.... and ran out of the bathroom as quick as possible. We then ganged up on the spider with lots of bug spray and killed that thing dead. Then we ran as far as we could in the yard, and buried it there. 

So this week in Hatch has really been quite the adventure. Oftentimes I pinch myself and say "really, am I here in the middle of nowhere?", but I LOVE IT. It's kinda fun to be able to drive dirt roads all day and race tractors down the road. 

The people are so kind and really just the most humble people I've met. Almost all of the people we interact with in Hatch work in the fields picking chile... and the bonus is that they really know how to cook! I'll have to show y'all my acquired cooking skills when I get home! 

It's amazing to me how faithful these people are.... they all have that deep rooted faith in Christ - sure not everyone are members of the church, but they have that faith. I've come to realize that our purpose as missionaries is not to take away from what people already believe, but to add more. We just get to help them get that much closer to the Savior. It's quite amazing if you think about it. 

There were 2 experiences that happened this week that I really want to write about. They aren't earth shattering stories, but they show the Lord's hand in this work. 

1. We were knocking on these trailers, when one of them has the door wide open.... the man yells at us to come on in through the front door, so we do! We go in and end up having this awesome lesson with him and his wife. I think the thing that really stood out to me was how he compared people who "have Jesus in their heart" versus those who don't. He said that he could tell that we were good people - messengers of God - because of the way we glowed. He mentioned that when he saw us in the street earlier, there was an extra light that is only found with those who have Jesus in their heart. 

2. We were trying to stop by someone who had been talking with the missionaries off and on for a while. This lady's husband was never to be found when missionaries would come over... he'd always take off running. Well this time, we caught him. He couldn't run. He started just laying on the questions, one after another after another. We answered all his questions, and then asked him if he had more. He said "no, but wow. I like the way you teach. There's an aura about you.... like I feel it. Most of the time when people talk it's like 'eh...', but with you it's like I want to listen." We told him it was the Spirit - it has nothing to do with two little 20 year old girls walking the streets of Rodey. 

In both of those instances, the people could tell something was different. It's the Spirit. The Spirit is the driving force of this work... without it, we'd be two random people walking the streets and trying to sell them something. But that's not it. The Lord really is with those who love Him and want to share His gospel. Like the man in trailer said, there's something different in those who have Jesus in their hearts - when they're not only saying they believe in Him, but making it a part of who they are. 

I love it! I hope we can all try a little harder to have Jesus in our hearts this week! 

mucho amor... mas que mi amor por enchiladas

Hermana March

So here's my address here in Hatch to receive mail (yes, packages included):
PO Box 1282
Hatch, NM 87937


 my spidey friend

 my horsey friend

okay, maybe we're not friends... it tried eating me. 

 across the street from where we knock doors

 sunset beauty and farmland

the courtyard of the church (where we live)

 the bell tower (it still works)

 ain't it cool?!

did you forget what I looked like...? here's a reminder!

 the chapel... we live on the other side of the back wall

the old organ that still works... it's SOOOO cool

 home sweet home

the kitchen

the front of the church

as companeras....


Hermana March is in...... ?


Where is that? You don't know . . .  it's okay. Half the people in Albuquerque don't even know! Good luck finding it on the map.... it's about 1,400 population and it has no stoplights. hahahahaha I went from like the craziest city area to literally the most desolate area. We live about 45 minutes away from the closest missionaries, so we're pretty deserted. We cover 2 English branches where we bring any and all investigators we can find . . . there are headphones for our Spanish investigators. This is going to be an adventure! 

But guess what? I now am livin' in a sweet old Catholic church... we live in the priest's quarters. Don't be tooooo jealous. 

Well, there were lots of exciting things that happened my last week in ABQ:

1. WE BAPTIZED JESUS. His baptism was like the sweetest thing I've ever seen. The Spirit was so strong and he just seemed so happy afterwards! 

2. It was Jesus' birthday, so we threw him a small surprise party! 

3. We went to Old Town Albuquerque... it was charming and all good things in between. 

4. I took a picture with my favorite mural in town... the whole enchilada. 

Sorry this is all over the place. I'm a little scatter brained today, but all is well! These past couple days have been the hardest for me . . . I've hated having to say goodbye to everyone I've come to love so mucho for the past 9 months, but I know the Lord has other plans for me! 

This morning before personal study I asked the Lord would help me to really learn to love this area and the people. Later in my scripture study, I received the answer to my prayer: "I know thy heart, and have heard thy prayers concerning thy brethren. Be not partial towards them in love..., but let thy love‍ be for them as for thyself; and let thy love abound unto all men, and unto all who love my name... Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall proclaim my name an effectual‍ door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word." (D&C 112: 11, 19). I know the Lord will help me to truly love my brothers and sisters here, and do His work in His way.
I'm excited for the adventures of Hatch! Stay tuned for more stories and pictures!

Love you all mucho! 

Hermana March

Isn't this little place so adorable?

 the gang

 cute old town

 the sisters

  companions holla

 Jesus' bday party

 he got a picture of Jesus

 his baptism! 

here's another!

saying goodbye to my faves



mural dreams comin' true

goodbye Hermana Butler... i kinda think we're friends! 

here's a sneak peak at my new area