Is it possible to be the living dead? yes.

Yup, that basically describes my life. Oh but don't worry, I'm not a zombie. (but even if I was, do not fear . . . we found out this week that the government has a real actual plan if the zombie apocalypse does actually happen)(the things you hear on the street...)

1. Well this week we went on a whoppin' 3 exchanges with our sisters all over ABQ and yeah.... it's tiring.  I was away from my companion for like 72 hours straight... that was weird.

2. We met this guy and we started talking to him about the Book of Mormon... eventually, we showed him the pictures that are printed in the front of the Book of Mormon. There's the picture of Samuel the Lamanite up on the wall preachin' the good word and dodgin' arrows and he goes "sick.... I love that picture. I've seen it before and really want to get a tattoo of it!". I was like niiiiiiiicccceee. #samuelthelamaniteisacoolcat

So I really don't have much time at all to email... I'm already typing like a mad woman to try to write this much. 

Basically, I'll tell you that we found a miracle. His name is Jesus (big surprise, huh? only half the people name's I have baptized on my mission are Jesus... it's like a lucky charm!). Well anyways, hold on to your hats, we taught him first on Saturday the 16th and he's probably going to be baptized on the 30th! He's so PREPARED. Like holy smokes. He lived with a Mormon family in Rio Rancho a couple years ago and went to church with them a couple times.... then he was talking to his son about how he needs to get back to church and how he likes this church the most.... and then the missionaries show up! That's not a coincidence. I've never seen spiritual hunger like him before. 

That's something I've really come to realize on my mission - when people are hungry for the truth and then they find it, there is such a satisfaction that comes that it can't be hid - it shines from their eyes! It's almost like a beacon saying to everyone they meet 'I once was lost in the darkness, but now I'm found. You have hope in finding the truth and the light". In D&C 57:10, it talks about the void that there is when people don't have the fullness of the gospel in their lives. It says 'And thus provide for my saints, that my gospel may be preached unto those who sit in darkness and in the region and shadow of death". I am so grateful that I am just a small part of those who get to bring the light of the Savior unto those who sit in darkness. I've never realized how truly bright the gospel's truth shines in a darkening world. 

Have a great week! Keep trying everyday to hold on to that light and remember the Savior! 

Love you mucho! 

Hermana March

 sometimes you just gotta eat green chile on top of vanilla ice cream. #newmexicantrue

and then you just gotta appreciate the sky and it's beauty

a veces nos gusta a llevar las coronas

 companera + yo

I'm obsessed with fresas + pina

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