Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.

Don't you just love that quote by the wonderful Elder Holland?! We all need a reminder of that. 

So here are some of the highlights of the week.... 

1. We got 2 sets of bunk beds in our apartment this past week for sisters coming up from down south to go to MLC (missionary leadership council).... so we obviously needed to have bedding for the beds, and they said that someone would come by to help us. AND GUESS WHO CAME TO HELP US MAKE THE BEDS? President Miller. Yes. Our mission president and his wife came and helped to make the bunk beds in our apartment. It was quite strange. We now call them "holy made beds". 

2. We hiked. and I could've died of happiness. I want to live in the woods when I grow up. 

3. Basically, you ain't a Mexicana until you've made tamales... so I guess I'm now a Mexicana (or I can dream!). We helped make tamales for a fundraiser with the branch. I love tamales. 

4. I biked on exchanges. And it was fabulous. 

5. I hit 9 months on my mission... so we celebrated by eating pizza at the temple. Basically no better way of life. 

So this week was filled with a lot of little miracles... I can't believe how close the Lord is in this work. It really is unbelievable and amazing. I'm going to tell you the 2 coolest experiences of the week:

1. We were teaching a lady and she said that she loves having us over because she feels something different when we're there. She said that there's no way to deny that we are messengers from God. She said that she thinks that when we enter her house, we always bring a 3rd, person which is the Lord. I know that He is with me here. And others can tell. 

 2. Our investigator who really has been struggling with depression and anxiety came to church! She loved it all... but especially as we sang the closing hymn "Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor" or "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". For there only being 20 of us, you would've thought there was double. The spirit was undeniable as we sang with all our might, "He lives, I know that My Redeemer lives". 

3. Okay here's a 3rd, just because I can. We found the most wonderful little family, a mom and dad with 2 little girls. We've visited them every Wednesday night for the past 3 weeks and they're my favorite. Like after the first lesson, Hermana Butler and I walked out, and I turned to her and said "I couldn't stop imagining them in white in the temple". She said that the whole time she had been thinking that as well. The Spirit I think was telling us what great potential they have! 

I gotta run, but I love you and hope you enjoy all the pictures! 

Hermana March

it's not a hike without a picture with the selfie stick

  the zone on the hike

fun on da hike

this is beauty at it's finest

 board games (2 days ago)

 me and my cute companera


 a cute flower I found

bikin' all day

 this is how I feel about hitting 9 months (freaked out and like "wahooo I'm still kicking!")

the beautiful pizza

9 months and the temple!

we have the coolest mission president and wife who drop off a doormat and goodies for us on Sunday afternoons haha

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