todavía esta lloviendo milagros

Como estas?! Muy bien. Pues tuvimos muchos milagros esta semana.... no puedo creerlo. 

Okay, back to the English brain.... hello. This week has been seriously amazing. Like really really really really really good. You'll have hang with me as I tell you all the good stuff. 

1. Someone gave us a loaf of fresh banana bread. that's some good stuff.
2. I found out that I can calm down people who are yelling at us on the street.
3. I have mad skills for impersonating people... especially other missionaries in our zone.
4. I've run out of fun facts.
5. I like sharing the gospel. 

Okay here's the good spiritual stuff:

1. This week we had a really cool experience with one of our investigators. She's one of those nice people that lets us come and teach her, but really didn't seem to have much interest.... something kept telling us "don't give up". So this past Thursday we're teaching her the Plan of Salvation. We begin talking about the resurrection and she starts crying and says, "but I don't want the resurrection because my dad won't be my dad. I just want to have my dad be my dad". She was basically hysterical for a couple of seconds.

I looked at her straight in the eyes and said "You will be with your dad again. He will know you and you will always be his daughter". She stopped everything she was doing.... her eyes fixed on mine almost begging for me to tell her more. I continued and told her that God's plan is for families to be eternal and for all of us to enjoy the relationships we now have for eternity. She began crying again, but this time not from sadness, but from joy. On the way out the door, she gave both us a big hug and said "thank you for bringing me this beautiful message. I have peace and hope now". The Plan of Salvation is really the Plan of Happiness. I love teaching it!

2. JESUS IS GETTING BAPTIZED. Friday. 7pm. I'm so excited. It'll be in total 13 days since we met him to the time he gets baptized. Like I'm telling you, he's the most prepared person I've ever met. There hasn't been a single commandment or lesson we've taught that he's questioned. He just basically says "yeah sure, of course I'll obey. That makes sense. It's just a little sacrifice God is asking us to make.". He told us the other night that he's never wanted something like this before in his life. He said that there's a new light in his life because of the gospel. He's one of the those people that I have no doubt I promised in the previous life that I'd go, find, teach, and help to baptism. He's just been waiting his whole life for me to make the decision to go on a mission and get called to Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Love you mucho. mean it. 

Stay tuned to see where I am next week.... I very well could be in another state! (and for pictures of Jesus's baptism). So exciting. 

Hermana March

 sometimes I rock my headlamp when we walk home late at night... my companions are embarrassed to be seen with me, but they have no choice muhuahahah

 last mlc #holla


Is it possible to be the living dead? yes.

Yup, that basically describes my life. Oh but don't worry, I'm not a zombie. (but even if I was, do not fear . . . we found out this week that the government has a real actual plan if the zombie apocalypse does actually happen)(the things you hear on the street...)

1. Well this week we went on a whoppin' 3 exchanges with our sisters all over ABQ and yeah.... it's tiring.  I was away from my companion for like 72 hours straight... that was weird.

2. We met this guy and we started talking to him about the Book of Mormon... eventually, we showed him the pictures that are printed in the front of the Book of Mormon. There's the picture of Samuel the Lamanite up on the wall preachin' the good word and dodgin' arrows and he goes "sick.... I love that picture. I've seen it before and really want to get a tattoo of it!". I was like niiiiiiiicccceee. #samuelthelamaniteisacoolcat

So I really don't have much time at all to email... I'm already typing like a mad woman to try to write this much. 

Basically, I'll tell you that we found a miracle. His name is Jesus (big surprise, huh? only half the people name's I have baptized on my mission are Jesus... it's like a lucky charm!). Well anyways, hold on to your hats, we taught him first on Saturday the 16th and he's probably going to be baptized on the 30th! He's so PREPARED. Like holy smokes. He lived with a Mormon family in Rio Rancho a couple years ago and went to church with them a couple times.... then he was talking to his son about how he needs to get back to church and how he likes this church the most.... and then the missionaries show up! That's not a coincidence. I've never seen spiritual hunger like him before. 

That's something I've really come to realize on my mission - when people are hungry for the truth and then they find it, there is such a satisfaction that comes that it can't be hid - it shines from their eyes! It's almost like a beacon saying to everyone they meet 'I once was lost in the darkness, but now I'm found. You have hope in finding the truth and the light". In D&C 57:10, it talks about the void that there is when people don't have the fullness of the gospel in their lives. It says 'And thus provide for my saints, that my gospel may be preached unto those who sit in darkness and in the region and shadow of death". I am so grateful that I am just a small part of those who get to bring the light of the Savior unto those who sit in darkness. I've never realized how truly bright the gospel's truth shines in a darkening world. 

Have a great week! Keep trying everyday to hold on to that light and remember the Savior! 

Love you mucho! 

Hermana March

 sometimes you just gotta eat green chile on top of vanilla ice cream. #newmexicantrue

and then you just gotta appreciate the sky and it's beauty

a veces nos gusta a llevar las coronas

 companera + yo

I'm obsessed with fresas + pina


Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.

Don't you just love that quote by the wonderful Elder Holland?! We all need a reminder of that. 

So here are some of the highlights of the week.... 

1. We got 2 sets of bunk beds in our apartment this past week for sisters coming up from down south to go to MLC (missionary leadership council).... so we obviously needed to have bedding for the beds, and they said that someone would come by to help us. AND GUESS WHO CAME TO HELP US MAKE THE BEDS? President Miller. Yes. Our mission president and his wife came and helped to make the bunk beds in our apartment. It was quite strange. We now call them "holy made beds". 

2. We hiked. and I could've died of happiness. I want to live in the woods when I grow up. 

3. Basically, you ain't a Mexicana until you've made tamales... so I guess I'm now a Mexicana (or I can dream!). We helped make tamales for a fundraiser with the branch. I love tamales. 

4. I biked on exchanges. And it was fabulous. 

5. I hit 9 months on my mission... so we celebrated by eating pizza at the temple. Basically no better way of life. 

So this week was filled with a lot of little miracles... I can't believe how close the Lord is in this work. It really is unbelievable and amazing. I'm going to tell you the 2 coolest experiences of the week:

1. We were teaching a lady and she said that she loves having us over because she feels something different when we're there. She said that there's no way to deny that we are messengers from God. She said that she thinks that when we enter her house, we always bring a 3rd, person which is the Lord. I know that He is with me here. And others can tell. 

 2. Our investigator who really has been struggling with depression and anxiety came to church! She loved it all... but especially as we sang the closing hymn "Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor" or "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". For there only being 20 of us, you would've thought there was double. The spirit was undeniable as we sang with all our might, "He lives, I know that My Redeemer lives". 

3. Okay here's a 3rd, just because I can. We found the most wonderful little family, a mom and dad with 2 little girls. We've visited them every Wednesday night for the past 3 weeks and they're my favorite. Like after the first lesson, Hermana Butler and I walked out, and I turned to her and said "I couldn't stop imagining them in white in the temple". She said that the whole time she had been thinking that as well. The Spirit I think was telling us what great potential they have! 

I gotta run, but I love you and hope you enjoy all the pictures! 

Hermana March

it's not a hike without a picture with the selfie stick

  the zone on the hike

fun on da hike

this is beauty at it's finest

 board games (2 days ago)

 me and my cute companera


 a cute flower I found

bikin' all day

 this is how I feel about hitting 9 months (freaked out and like "wahooo I'm still kicking!")

the beautiful pizza

9 months and the temple!

we have the coolest mission president and wife who drop off a doormat and goodies for us on Sunday afternoons haha


Let's Go

Holy moly this week has been busy. 

Well to start off here's some of the things that happened this week:

1. We went to visit this little old man who we had talked with in a parking lot one day a couple weeks ago. We go in and he says almost automatically (in Spanish of course) "what happened to you....? You've gotten tall and fat!". And this time... I didn't get called gordita... it was the big g. GORDA. Thanks, but no thanks. I have not grown tall or wide. 

2. So the Assistants to the Presidents called us 2 Fridays ago and asked if we would be willing to do a musical number for the upcoming zone conference with the missionaries. We agreed, because really you can't say no to the APs. (audio recording of the song to come next week)(we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much")

3. Well to continue off of the last story.... all missionaries were supposed to come prepared with a 5 minute talk on the Book of Mormon. Then basically they call few to talk at random. Well I was just soaking in the glory that: 1. I had done a musical number, so surely they didn't want me to do anything else, and 2. I'd give in Spanish and only about 4 other missionaries that were going to be there would understand. JOKE IS ON ME. "And now the first talk will be given by Hermana March... and her companion Hermana Butler will translate it into English, so that all of us can understand". You're kidding. But I will go and do the things which the APs command! It turned out okay!

Can I just say that this week was a week of spiritual cloud 9?! I seriously love general conference... it's gotten to the point where I think it's tied with Christmas in my books! We watched all the sessions in the chapel with a group of missionaries and I could not believe how strong the Spirit was.

Here are some of my fave quotes from conference:

"the great thing about the gospel is that we get credit for trying." Elder Holland

"to be worthy does not mean to be perfect... He knows everything about us that we don't want anyone else to know, and He still loves us." Elder Gong

The hopeful message of the gospel is that there is always tomorrow (not like the one that Elder Holland showed though . . . ). I'm talking about a hopeful tomorrow with the chance to try again--to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and say "let's go". Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to keep trying. When we feel like we're defeated, we're listening to the wrong voice . . . we're letting Satan win. So I say, tell Satan to go away and be miserable by himself because you have the gospel. You have the light. And you're not going to let him take that away. 

I love the gospel. I know it's true. I come to find that more and more each and every day. Let your days be filled with hopeful tomorrows!

I love you to Albuquerque and back! 

Hermana March

sorry about no pictures... I promise double next week!