pasole, mole, and all things holy

okay, wow, this week went fast. 

So not much exciting happened this week... it was the normal: preach, teach, eat good Mexican food (this week including homemade pasole y mole), repeat. 

1. Somebody asked us if we've ever levitated 10 inches off the ground . . . when we honestly said we hadn't (because I don't got those skills just yet), they told us that we weren't on their "spiritual level" but with their mentoring, we just may get there one day #iaspiretolevitate

2. So Hermana Quist contracted some type of plague from the underworld this week. She laid in bed for 2.5 days and I enjoyed my "Jesus the Christ" book . . . until (that's the key word there) I came down with the plague. I have such a generous companion that she decided to share it with me. I refused for Satan to win, so I didn't stay home. (pictures below accurately summarizing how I felt). But yo voy en la obra del Senor! 

3. This week we discovered heaven on earth - La Michiocana. It's like filled with all sorts of fattening Mexican goodness. Plz do yourself a favor if you're ever in the blessed Albuquerque. EAT THERE. Featured will be "Dorinachos" (Dorito nachos w/ jalapenos) and nieve de oreo (oreo ice cream). 

Alright on to the good spiritual stuff: 

Well something I've been thinking a lot about the past couple weeks is consecration. When I first started my mission, it seemed like becoming the "consecrated missionary" was nearly impossible. How could a 19 year-old girl give everything she had to the Lord - every last thought, action, moment, talent, etc?! How does any human being truly and fully devote themselves to the Lord and whatever He may ask of them? As I've studied the topic more and more, I realize that it's the quest of a lifetime. It's something that doesn't happen over night, but it's something that we actively search and yearn for over a lifetime. And when we learn day by day to put the Lord first, consecration comes. 

 "Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory". Neal A. Maxwell

When we truly give ourselves to the Lord - or at least when we're trying our absolute best - there comes a happiness into our lives. We feel of the peace and the joy that comes from being so involved in the work of the Lord, and comfort of the knowledge that the Lord is working with us the whole time! 

I love you all more than words can describe. I challenge you to try to be a little more consecrated this week - I promise you'll find an extra smidge of happiness!

Hermana March

 as promised... (transfers are next week... I made my prediction. I'm going to the spirit world).

the husky that tried to eat me... I just had to get a pic (note the cold blue killer eyes)

 fatty food = manna from heaven

the wonder of ABQ...armless Paul Bunion. ur welcome. (couldn't leave ABQ without a picture of that)

 suprise! I'm not fat...we just have an abnormally small oven. It's basically takin' me back to the days of using an "easy bake oven"

the sunsets are always the best. I don't know who named New Mexico the "land of enchantment" ... it should be "sky of enchantment". I mean, look at it! 

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