Lions, tigers, and missionaries, oh my

Well as you maybe guessed, one of the highlights of the week is that we went to the ZOO! And ya know... when there's 12 of you walking around in suits and skirts, you might just be more interesting than the animal exhibits sometimes. 

Okay... drum roll please. I'M STAYING IN MY AREA FOR THE 6TH TRANSFER! I'm really super excited to stay in Albuquerque and keep working . . . there's someone out there that I feel like I have to find. I am going to be searching high and low for the next couple weeks until I find them! 

1. After 6 months of being companions, Hermana Quist is headed back to El Paso! I now have Hermana Butler as my companion . . . sorry no picture. I promise one for next week! We moved our apartment . . . it's still in the same complex, but it's a gem... I love it! (for those who want to send letters it's 1401 Pennsylvania NE #2106 ABQ, NM 87110)... Albuquerque can't get rid of me!

3. We had a Relief Society dinner this past week and 4 hours before it started we were asked to prepare a musical number . . . it went down in flames. I bet they won't ask us to do that again!

4. The little old lady who always calls me gordita taught us how to make bomb enchiladas this week... the whole time I was bracing for impact, but the insults never came! And even better . . . the little lady can eat way more than me! Take that!

I want to share a story of this week . . . one that has a special place in my heart. We have an investigator right now named Mayra. Well she wanted to know if the Book of Mormon was true, but didn't feel like she had received the answer she wanted - a dream. We told her that God speaks to us all differently . . . that He is going to say things in the way that we'll listen. We assured her that the peace she feels when reading the book and the fact that she is drawn to read the book is her answer. She looked at us, it was as if a deep fog lifted from her eyes. She held the Book of Mormon in her hands and then said "well then, I guess I know without a doubt the Book of Mormon is true."

I can't even quite describe how happy I was! She looked at me and was like "Hermana March... you look so happy... why are you so happy right now?" Well I told her . . . it's impossible not to feel joy when someone is accepting what you know has brought you so much joy. The Book of Mormon has changed me . . . it has filled my life with JOY. I think of happiness the gospel has brought into my life and I know that it's a fulfilling long lasting joy that isn't dependent on our worldly or temporal situations. 

Remember this week is Easter week! Take time to feel the spirit that is so strong during this joyful time! The Lord lives again.... and because He lives, we all will live again! 

Love you mucho.... mucho mucho mucho! 

Hermana March

okay here's your fave part:

 me + Hermana Quist

the old zone before the zoo.... note my suave sunhat

 my african throne

  the district.... chillin' cool

my new apartment (jk I wish)

 feeding the duckies

 they are eating from my hand and it really tickled... I was trying not to laugh in this picture haha

one of the elders pretending to be me (hat, height, and all)

my heart shaped cactus... only here 

 makin' enchiladas ( i spy cute little lady in the background haha)

our friend Jose who is really shy and is always in his car driving

 some fun investigators

 our fave lady

                                              hermana dearden (trainer).... excuse the mullet goin' on

 real bad pic with hna quist before she left

 I'm almost as big as a bald eagle....

 had to make it an even 20... and I matched the wall. That was cool

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