hola there. que pasa? nada nada limonada

Oh man... this week. Where do I even begin? Ok, I'll try my best. 

1. So we're heading into this house for dinner... and something smells like the ocean. I figure it's probably a whole fish--cooked eye balls and all. GREAT. Well we go in and we sit down to dinner. The member sets the plate out in front of us and it doesn't look too bad... I ask her what it is. She looks at me like a little kid who got caught stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar and says that she'll tell me when I'm done eating. Oh no. That ain't gonna fly. And that's always a really scary situation to be in. Finally I start eating this patty of something, smothered in something, with little nopales (cactus) pieces. It's something equivalent to what I would imagine wet cat food baked would taste like. Well come to find out it's a patty of potatoes, eggs, and dried shrimp powder.... a real delicacy. My companion couldn't finish it... after the first bite she was gagging, like bad. So I, Hermana March, braved the storm alone. AND I FINISHED IT. ALL OF IT. I was sooooo sick the rest of the night. 

2. We get to this investigator's house and there's this realllllly drunk man. He starts talking to us and I'm just like "uh uhuh" the whole time. Well there I am just standing there, and then he just randomly gives me the BIGGEST hug I think I've ever received. I didn't know what to do . . .  well because we don't hug men and we certainly don't hug drunk men. My companion thought it was pretty funny. 

3. The women's general session of conference happened! It was awesome! I'm soooo excited for general conference this weekend! Watch a session - or 4!

4. One of our investigators was able to receive a priesthood blessing this weekend. The hermano who came to give the blessing didn't know her at all, but in the blessing he addressed very specific needs and questions that she had. I know that the priesthood power is real. God is aware of each of us. It was such a sweet experience to have been a part of. The Spirit in the room was undeniable and I don't think any of us will ever forget. 

This week has been one of those sobering weeks, but as well a really special one to me. It's hard to believe that so many terrible things are going on in the world right now. I was shocked to hear the news of the 4 missionaries injured in Belgium, as well as other worldwide conflicts. It sometimes still doesn't seem real to me how evil the world can be. But at the same time, as we celebrated Easter this week, I realized that the pains and the evils of this world are temporary. There is nothing that can negate what the Savior did. When we focus on that, there is always a light which burns through the dark night. 

I was reading in the Book of Mormon this week and came across a story that has deeply impacted me.  At this point in the story, the land is full of wars and sadness. There has been a lot of bloodshed because of the wicked. The righteous have been forced to flee from their homes in search of a better life. Despite all of these hardships they were facing, it says that "they were also distinguished for their zeal towards God and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end." (Alma 27:27). It amazes me that they were able to keep themselves so "unspotted" from the world. But what I loved even more was that "they never did look upon death with any degree of terror, for their hope and views of Christ and the resurrection; therefore, death was swallowed up to them by the victory of Christ over it." 
(Alma 27:28). 

What if each and every one of us had that perspective? What if we all trusted in the Lord so much that we were able to look at the evils of the world with no "degree of terror" because of the "hope and views of Christ and the resurrection"? During this Easter season, we are reminded of the hope that comes with Christ and His resurrection. There was a special spirit to my Easter as all day I testified that He lives and that we too can live again.

I know that He lives. I know Him. And I know that He has already paid the price for each one of us. Search for Him... you will find Him and you will find new life - we will become free of sin and free of death through Him. 

Hermana March

the pictures:

 easter afternoon pic with goodies and with the new companion

happy day from the only cat I'll ever probably like 

cool tye dye easter cookies I made... be jealous (jk that's like a sin)


Lions, tigers, and missionaries, oh my

Well as you maybe guessed, one of the highlights of the week is that we went to the ZOO! And ya know... when there's 12 of you walking around in suits and skirts, you might just be more interesting than the animal exhibits sometimes. 

Okay... drum roll please. I'M STAYING IN MY AREA FOR THE 6TH TRANSFER! I'm really super excited to stay in Albuquerque and keep working . . . there's someone out there that I feel like I have to find. I am going to be searching high and low for the next couple weeks until I find them! 

1. After 6 months of being companions, Hermana Quist is headed back to El Paso! I now have Hermana Butler as my companion . . . sorry no picture. I promise one for next week! We moved our apartment . . . it's still in the same complex, but it's a gem... I love it! (for those who want to send letters it's 1401 Pennsylvania NE #2106 ABQ, NM 87110)... Albuquerque can't get rid of me!

3. We had a Relief Society dinner this past week and 4 hours before it started we were asked to prepare a musical number . . . it went down in flames. I bet they won't ask us to do that again!

4. The little old lady who always calls me gordita taught us how to make bomb enchiladas this week... the whole time I was bracing for impact, but the insults never came! And even better . . . the little lady can eat way more than me! Take that!

I want to share a story of this week . . . one that has a special place in my heart. We have an investigator right now named Mayra. Well she wanted to know if the Book of Mormon was true, but didn't feel like she had received the answer she wanted - a dream. We told her that God speaks to us all differently . . . that He is going to say things in the way that we'll listen. We assured her that the peace she feels when reading the book and the fact that she is drawn to read the book is her answer. She looked at us, it was as if a deep fog lifted from her eyes. She held the Book of Mormon in her hands and then said "well then, I guess I know without a doubt the Book of Mormon is true."

I can't even quite describe how happy I was! She looked at me and was like "Hermana March... you look so happy... why are you so happy right now?" Well I told her . . . it's impossible not to feel joy when someone is accepting what you know has brought you so much joy. The Book of Mormon has changed me . . . it has filled my life with JOY. I think of happiness the gospel has brought into my life and I know that it's a fulfilling long lasting joy that isn't dependent on our worldly or temporal situations. 

Remember this week is Easter week! Take time to feel the spirit that is so strong during this joyful time! The Lord lives again.... and because He lives, we all will live again! 

Love you mucho.... mucho mucho mucho! 

Hermana March

okay here's your fave part:

 me + Hermana Quist

the old zone before the zoo.... note my suave sunhat

 my african throne

  the district.... chillin' cool

my new apartment (jk I wish)

 feeding the duckies

 they are eating from my hand and it really tickled... I was trying not to laugh in this picture haha

one of the elders pretending to be me (hat, height, and all)

my heart shaped cactus... only here 

 makin' enchiladas ( i spy cute little lady in the background haha)

our friend Jose who is really shy and is always in his car driving

 some fun investigators

 our fave lady

                                              hermana dearden (trainer).... excuse the mullet goin' on

 real bad pic with hna quist before she left

 I'm almost as big as a bald eagle....

 had to make it an even 20... and I matched the wall. That was cool


pasole, mole, and all things holy

okay, wow, this week went fast. 

So not much exciting happened this week... it was the normal: preach, teach, eat good Mexican food (this week including homemade pasole y mole), repeat. 

1. Somebody asked us if we've ever levitated 10 inches off the ground . . . when we honestly said we hadn't (because I don't got those skills just yet), they told us that we weren't on their "spiritual level" but with their mentoring, we just may get there one day #iaspiretolevitate

2. So Hermana Quist contracted some type of plague from the underworld this week. She laid in bed for 2.5 days and I enjoyed my "Jesus the Christ" book . . . until (that's the key word there) I came down with the plague. I have such a generous companion that she decided to share it with me. I refused for Satan to win, so I didn't stay home. (pictures below accurately summarizing how I felt). But yo voy en la obra del Senor! 

3. This week we discovered heaven on earth - La Michiocana. It's like filled with all sorts of fattening Mexican goodness. Plz do yourself a favor if you're ever in the blessed Albuquerque. EAT THERE. Featured will be "Dorinachos" (Dorito nachos w/ jalapenos) and nieve de oreo (oreo ice cream). 

Alright on to the good spiritual stuff: 

Well something I've been thinking a lot about the past couple weeks is consecration. When I first started my mission, it seemed like becoming the "consecrated missionary" was nearly impossible. How could a 19 year-old girl give everything she had to the Lord - every last thought, action, moment, talent, etc?! How does any human being truly and fully devote themselves to the Lord and whatever He may ask of them? As I've studied the topic more and more, I realize that it's the quest of a lifetime. It's something that doesn't happen over night, but it's something that we actively search and yearn for over a lifetime. And when we learn day by day to put the Lord first, consecration comes. 

 "Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory". Neal A. Maxwell

When we truly give ourselves to the Lord - or at least when we're trying our absolute best - there comes a happiness into our lives. We feel of the peace and the joy that comes from being so involved in the work of the Lord, and comfort of the knowledge that the Lord is working with us the whole time! 

I love you all more than words can describe. I challenge you to try to be a little more consecrated this week - I promise you'll find an extra smidge of happiness!

Hermana March

 as promised... (transfers are next week... I made my prediction. I'm going to the spirit world).

the husky that tried to eat me... I just had to get a pic (note the cold blue killer eyes)

 fatty food = manna from heaven

the wonder of ABQ...armless Paul Bunion. ur welcome. (couldn't leave ABQ without a picture of that)

 suprise! I'm not fat...we just have an abnormally small oven. It's basically takin' me back to the days of using an "easy bake oven"

the sunsets are always the best. I don't know who named New Mexico the "land of enchantment" ... it should be "sky of enchantment". I mean, look at it! 


Temples and burgers... what more could an hermana ask for?


I know what you're all thinkin' right now... that little lady who calls Hermana March gordita must be right... she likes burgers way too much. NO. It's just that yesterday was basically a day sent from heaven. AND we even got to clean the temple yesterday too! 

temple + burgers + missionaries = the bomb.com

Okay I'll get to all the details about the temple, but here are the funny stories:

1. We were teaching a lesson and talking about prophets when one of the men asked if I would pray to know if he was the prophet... ugh, that was a little awkward. 

2. Well we're talking to this lady and she goes "you're hermana March, right?" and so what do I do? I look down at my nametag to double check. Wow. I can't even remember my name. EVEN WORSE? I was wasn't even wearing my nametag... and it was 4pm... that's awkward. 

Good news: our little old man investigator Jose Blanco got baptized on Saturday!

So back to the temple.... it was seriously the best. The temple opens on Monday (when it's normally closed) and it's just missionaries. And we only get to go twice a year, SO IT'S A BIG DEAL. 

There is such a special spirit there. To me it's like stepping into a temporary heaven. It's as close as we can get during this life. The temple is a place of revelation and peace. As missionaries, and especially since we're only able to go twice a year, we are invited to think of questions and ask them while we are there. So I thought of a couple and I was ready to go. 

I won't tell you what my questions were, but I WILL tell you that I got my answer. While  we were in the chapel waiting to start, I prayed to Heavenly Father that he would answer my prayers during the course of my time in the temple today. I then grabbed the scriptures and opened them up to a random page. It flipped open to D&C 98, and I began to read. The first 2 verses were exactly what I needed to hear.

"1 Verily I say unto you my friends, fear not, let your hearts be comforted; yea, rejoice evermore and in everything give thanks;
2 Waiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabbaoth, and are recorded with this seal and testament--the Lord hath sworn and decreed that they shall be granted."

Remember that personal revelation is real.  If you need a question answered, ASK IT! Heavenly Father will answer it in His own time and in His own way, but it will come!

I love you all more than empanadas!
Hermana March

okay here is the best part of the emails... the pictures! 

 Sisters Libbey & Ereti

okay, bad comp picture, but it'll do

the elders (or most of them) 

Sister Libby is from the Bay Area and goes home in 2 weeks. We're friends. 
She went to Rucker Lake for girls camp too! 

the zone minus a few, plus a couple random

 one of the cute sisters we were over, who is now in El Paso!

 the Edwards... so fun to meet them! Such a small world! 

The funniest human being on planet earth, Sister Johnson

 one of our fave families in the branch

Mexican ladies are serious about their cooking

their mom said she uses the spoon as a disciplinary tool

 hey batta batta swing

sunsets in abq are da best


KNOCK KNOCK. Who's there?


Hello folks. It's once again been a great week here in ABQ! The snow has melted, the sun is shining, and there are lots of souls to save! What more could I ever ask for?!

So... where does the title of my email come from? Well, we've been hitting the pavement a lot this week. It 's something that I honestly dreaded at the beginning of my mission. Like, if I was a normal human being, I'd probably think it's weird for 2 girls in skirts to be knocking on my door. Well I ain't normal and we have to share the gospel! Anyways, this past week we had a LOT of people either not answer the door when they were obviously home. Or my favorite of the week? She opens the door, laughs, and then closes it without saying anything.  

This week was seriously so busy. I think I probably looked like a chicken with its head cut off, running around looking crazy. We had personal interviews with President Miller, two 24-hour exchanges with our sisters, and the best week teaching-wise in basically in the history of this area!

I want to share just a little bit of a lesson that happened this past week. We have an investigator who is struggling with depression and anxiety, and is just having a really hard time. Last week we had left her with Mosiah 24 to read. I love the story of Alma and his people - and their faith that got them through their trials. The investigator just related to it. She said like she was the people of Alma and that this story showed her that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

 Here's my favorite verse of the chapter: (Mosiah 24:15) You all should read the rest of the chapter this week! 

"And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord."

It seems our little branch is growing bigger and stronger every week through efforts of reactivation and missionary work. Since the branch got split at the end of January, the branch attendance size has practically doubled... going from 20 to 41 in just a little over a month!

Oh and a big FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to mi hermano, Kyle, el viajito! Estoy bromeando! 

Love you all and hope you have the best week ever! It's March afterall, so it must be a good month (did you get that? Sometimes I think I'm funny)

Hermana MARCH

p-day fun with the elders in our district

and another...

 the cutest puppy ever

the beautiful ABQ mountains