IJOLE it's been a week already!

Well this week was really good, but there wasn't anything super notable or anything, but I'll do my best! 

Okay here's the funny story of the week!
We're eating dinner with a less active brother in the ward, so we had to bring a lady along. Well the only person that was available was the little old lady that calls me gordita... great. So we're sitting on the couch, waiting to be served, when she tells Hna Quist that she has beautiful hands. She turns to me and asks if I have beautiful hands, to which I say "no, they're kinda big... but that's good to play the piano." All of a sudden, this devious look comes across her face, and she goes "better to eat with too." There it was. Thanks hermanita... later she told me she likes to joke with me. Good thing she's just too cute to be mad at, haha!

All in all, I really feel like our area is being blessed by the Lord. We have found so many new investigators in the past couple weeks, and some of them are seriously so prepared to hear the gospel. There's one experience that really stuck out in my mind from the week which I want to share. 

We're visiting an investigator and we start talking about the commandments and how when we keep the commandments, we inherit eternal life. This investigator has really had a rough past and it's something she regrets. Last night, she told us that she had been told that she was condemned and there is nothing she can do about it. When I hear things like that, it just makes me mad (okay, it shouldn't make me mad).... but I just don't understand how someone could think that. There is a way, and that is Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Through tears, I told her how much more God cares about where we are than where we were. I'm not sure why I became overcome with the Spirit and started crying... to me, it was almost as if I could feel a bit of the pain that Heavenly Father must feel when His children think there's no hope of returning to live with Him. 

I have such a testimony of the principle that it's more important where we are now, than where we once were. I have seen it time and time again in my life, as well as in the lives of those I've come to know and teach. The Atonement is real and powerful. It's available to all. There is no "you have to be this good or righteous to use" sign labeled on the front of it. Christ is begging you to come and use what he freely paid for.  

I love you all and hope you have the best week. Remember that the Atonement is there for anyone and for everything... use it. It's something that can change you for the better. 

Hermana March
 SUPRISE. It's snowing again.... 
HAHAHA we're getting hit in the face with snow in this picture

I walked through my first pair of shoes.... proud moment. (excuse my "I'm way too tired" face)

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