Hola coming from the viajita

Hey hey hey! 

Well it was a great week in the world, except I turned 20. I'm officially feeling a little old. But thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes... I sure do feel loved! 

Okay here are some of the best things of the week:

1. We're out being missionaries... you know, like knockin doors and stuff. Well, we go through this gate and are knocking on the door, when this big ole husky comes around the corner. It was a little frightening, but the dog seemed really shy and scared of us, so we're like #sweet. Hermana Quist was like "maybe he's afraid of like some angel that's like surrounding us". Maybe. Well then the dog disappears around the back of the house again. Nobody is answering, so we decide to leave. We're halfway to the gate when the dog comes back around. This time, I make eye contact with it, and it wants to eat me. There was a total change in it's face. Hermana Quist starts trying to open the gate, and I'm standing between her and the dog. The dog starts lunging, barking, and snapping at me. "Well, hermana, this is it. You've done it now. You're going to make it to the Celestial Kingdom because some dog ate you on your mission". I have a Book of Mormon in hand, and I figure that's my only weapon, so it's ready in hand. I'm scared now, so I start yelling "no" at the dog authoritatively, but I'm pretty sure it ended up sounding like "noooooooooooo, please don't eat me!"  I finally said a quick prayer and make my escape. The dog follows us to the gate and pounces as soon as the gate was closed. Overwhelmed, I start crying out of fright and thankfulness that I didn't turn into dog chow. 

2. We went to ihop on Saturday night for dinner... you know that's where all the people who don't have Valentine Eve plans go. Well, we go to pay and the cashier says someone already paid for us. I love kind strangers! 

3. So we've been hunting down all of the less active members in the branch. We've probably tried this one family like 20 times and every time there is no answer (big surprise). Well finally we realize we have to get creative. So we knock on the door and then we just stand perfectly to the side where they can't see us out windows or out of the peep hole. AND WHADDAYA KNOW?! THE DOOR OPENS! Then the fully grown man obviously is surprised to see the missionaries and goes "ijoleeeeee' like "gee wilickers" and starts nervously wringing his hands and asked us to come back another day. 
Hahaha we got you!

So my bday and vday were pretty dang good! We went over to a member's house and they made a cute birthday dinner for us! They got us a cake and were about to shove our faces in the cake, but thought they'd be nice. I'm so caked and candied out and think I should be good until about Halloween! 

So this week my spiritual thought will be quick. It's found in Psalms 31:24. 

"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord"

Please think about that. When we hope in the Lord, he will strengthen us and help us. I have seen this time and time again on my mission. Whether it's helping me escape the bite of a jaws-like dog, or when I need to help someone feel of the Lord's love, or when I'm having a hard day. Really always turn to the Lord. The only thing harder than living this life, is living this life without the Lord. 

I love my Savior and I know He loves you as well! Learn of Him, Love Him and TRUST Him. 

I hope you all have the greatest week! 

Mucho amor, 

Hermana March

The family we spent our birthdays with!

Our birthday cake!

 silly picture

Max (little boy) made us these floating paper flower things haha

 Max wanted to take a selfie

we had to bite our cake (and then we were supposed to get our faces smashed into the cake)

a member gave us chocolate #holla

happy Valentinessssssssssssssssss

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