Hello from….??????

ALBUQUERQUE! Yes, yes, yes... I am still good and alive in ABQ!

So that'll make this transfer #5 in good ole ABQ... at this rate I'm going to die here! And I'd be 100% okay with that! By the end of this transfer, it'll be about 7.5 months in one area! This has seriously become like home. Oh and yeah, Hermana Quist and I will be companions again! 

The only downfall of this transfer news... well there's 2:

1. Our area got cut in half, so we lost the 2nd branch to a set of elders. Aka I lost a ton of my favorite people.... having to say goodbye to them was like saying goodbye to my right arm! 

2. We had to move apartments... and we inherited an old elders' apartment. Talk about nasty. The elders said they wiped the walls with Clorox wipes, but yeah..... I think that was the first time that apartment had been cleaned in a long time! Haha, we are well underway of making the apartment a little more cozy and a little more like home (address will be at the bottom of the email)

Well life is always exciting as a missionary.... it's never boring! Here are some of the best things or funniest stories of the week!

1. So I didn't eat dinner one night and while we were driving to appointment, I was suddenly overcome by this hunger that could probably be compared to a 14 year old boy. Well the only thing left in the car was a bag of tortilla chips. So I grab them, eat my fair share, and we arrive at our next visit to one of the members of the branch. She asks if we want food, Hna Quist says yes, but I say no thanks (remember the bag of tortillas chips). Well the hermana ends up putting 2 huge plates of food on the table... I cringe and realize she must not have heard me. So I eat it. Fast forward and we're walking out the door, she grabs me, hugs me, and then whispers in my ear "next time... don't tell me you don't want food". She did it on purpose... she heard me! Oooops. Never tell little Mexican ladies you aren't in the mood for food. Don't worry, don't worry! She still loves us... that loves is just based upon whether we eat a lot or not! haha

2.  While we're in the mode of talking about food... so we're at dinner and I'm eating this salad. It tastes a little strange to me, but you know, you eat it anyways! My companion however loved it... she asked what the dressing was, and the answer shocked me. The hermano said "pickle juice". PICKLE JUICE!!!  For anyone who knows me well, you know I hate pickles. And the worst part? I still had half the salad to eat... my motto is "ignorance is bliss". Well I wasn't ignorant and I had to eat it. That's what I call the gift of eating that comes to all missionaries when faced with a plate of food that might not be your taste.

3. Friday we dubbed the day our birthday because Hermana Quist and I didn't know if we would be together for our actual birthdays. We even had dessert! Oh well, guess we have to re-celebrate again in 10 days! 

5. So guess what?!?! Edgar blessed the Sacrament this past Sunday in church... only 8 days after his baptism! Ain't that cool?!?! He also received his first calling as the branch's youth representative to the stake... he loves the church so much. It's so fun to watch him just dive right into being a dorky Mormon like the rest of us haha.

6. I think one of the most special moments of the week was when we chased down a blind man to share the gospel with him! Okay, that sounds a lot worse than it was... let me back up a little bit. So we always see this cute little old blind man who sells tamales, and we've always wanted to talk to him, but somehow, whenever we park the car and we try to find him, he's gone! Well we saw him again, and this time we were determined to talk to him. So the only logical thing would be to pull over the car, get out of the car, and basically run. I know we sound creepy, but he couldn't see us! Well we talk to him and we find out that he took the lessons from the missionaries a couple years ago, but then they lost contact with him! We were supposed to chase him down... this is his 2nd chance! I just felt so much love for this little man... but that's probably because I understood how much God loved him. God loved him so much, He sent us his way, so that he could have another chance to hear the gospel! 

7. Sidenote... the tamale man asked what our names were. Hermana Quist replied first, and then paused. He then asked what the grande's name was (grande referring to me!). We were walking away and I was like  "Hermana, I just got called old and fat from a blind man"... we just laughed and laughed and laughed. 

This weekend as I had to say goodbye to a lot of the people I have come to know and love while serving for the past 5 months, I realized that the Lord couldn't have sent me to a better place. These people are who I was supposed to meet. I know my call as a missionary is to serve other people, and I think I do that, but really the people have taught and changed me. I love these people.. they will forever and always hold a special place in my heart. I feel so blessed to have met them, and I assured them that this wouldn't be the last of me! I'm so excited to continue to work in the Alvarado Park branch. It's teeny tiny, but the potential is so huge! I'm looking forward to these next 7 weeks I got in my home away from home... ALBUQUERQUE! 

Love you mucho mucho mucho!
Hermana March

So letters are safe to go to my home apartment:
1401 Pennsylvania NE #1016
ABQ, NM 87110

But I'd send packages to the mission office, just to be safe:

4400 Presidential Dr NE Ste E

Albuquerque NM 87109

p.s. there's going to be a LOT of pictures this week... brace yourself! 

last day of service at the food bank

the district all together 

 my cute little old desk area 

the hair wad I pulled out of the vacuum cleaner... you can tell it's a sisters' apartment

this cute lady from the other branch that always comes out with us 

the sunsets are out of this world!

yes….be jealous

One of our fave elders was leaving... he's one of our fave because he gives us the rest of the pizza that their members feed them

the Villalpandos. so sad to leave them

Brandon our favorite little boy in the other branch

Hermana Reza... our 3rd companion

the new branch president to the other branch

 old branch president of Alvarado + wife

one of our fave families that we ate with every Monday night (it was a rough day... ignore my hair)

la mama

lunch date with Alma

Pat... our miracle discovery!

Max with our birthday cookies

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