"you with da church?"

I can't believe how fast time is flying. It seems like yesterday that I was writing about las cucarachas y los pajaritos. Here's some of the happenings of the week:

1. Well I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of the fact that once again the cockroaches struck. I think I'm turning into a cockroach magnet... like in the middle of a lesson one runs at me! 

2. I taught an English sister that I was on exchanges with to drive in the snow. It started blizzarding out of no where... and well. Let's just say that lots of prayers let me live. 

3. A member of the branch gave us some clothes that apparently didn't fit her. We take them home and we realize they're all XLs... seriously a fat joke to the hermanas.

4. We had MLC this week! It's such a great meeting... I always feel so spiritually fed after it. Well that's a lie. I feel tired. Real tired. It's 7am - 4 pm of straight meetings. So the day after is really when I feel spiritually uplifted! 

FYI sorry that this week doesn't have a ton of funny stories... I know you were probably expecting more from my exciting life, right? Well it doesn't have a lot of funny stories, but it does have lots of miracles stories. Those are better anyways, right?

1. EDGAR PASSED HIM BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW! He is flying towards baptism... the date right now is set for the 23rd of this month! It's coming up quick!

2. I am like 100% positive that I shared with you the story of the hermano who wouldn't pray in front of the missionaries for 2 years... ? Well guess who now has a baptismal date for the 30th of January?! HE DOES. We're hoping that his family will be able to come that weekend!

3. We were going around visiting less actives this week, when Hermana Quist and I both felt impressed that we needed to go to on a name on the list that we had never before met. We decided to act on the prompting and it was seriously straight inspiration! It turns out that he had been thinking that he needed to go back to church, but had been kinda putting it off. Well he said that that day, God had given him a sign. He had met a Mormon lady on his way to work and then we showed up on his door that same night! He even promised that he'd come to church! 

4. I'm on another exchange and we walk out of the lesson at about 6:30pm or so. So we're out on the sidewalk walking to our car, when this hooded man comes walking toward us with a determination that was quite scary. I had this bad feeling and I knew it was the Spirit warning me of danger. I froze in fear and the man kept walking toward us, hands in his pockets, and hood covering a part of his face. Well. he comes just close enough to see us a little clearer, and then he roughly asks "you with da church?". Unsure what to say, the Spirit prompted me to boldly say "yes, we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". As soon as those words left my mouth, I knew we'd be okay. Something must have happened inside of him because he didn't say anything else and walked quickly off. 

Okay, so here's the thing I learned this week. Well I learned that the Lord has his hand in my life all the time. He protects me and he guides me. There were lots of moments this week that I knew I was only safe because the Spirit was with me. I mean who knows what would have happened with the man asking if we were with the church... but I do know that I listened to the Spirit and therefore, nothing happened. The Lord watches over His children, but I think he especially looks over His missionaries. I've never felt the guiding hand of the Lord more in my life. He is always there... He is watching shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm with me. This is His work and I am just the instrument in his hand... and what a lousy instrument I am sometimes! But that doesn't matter to Him. The only thing that does matter is our desire to serve and I try my best to always have that. I want to bring the gospel to people because I know it changes lives - it's changed mine. 

I love each and every one of you, and I know the Lord loves you way better than I can! So turn to Him. He should be your best friend because He's the only perfect friend we could ever have! 


Hermana March

 The snow! (on exchange #1)

My fave view in all of ABQ

 exchange #2 and my fave beanie like always

hot air balloons! the best thing to wake up to in the morning!

 plz don't laugh at how fat and ugly we look... the XL sweaters that we could swim in

I burnt the top to my water bottle in the dishwasher this week. rip contigo waterbottle. you were a faithful friend 

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