La cucaracha y los pajaritos

Well if you couldn't tell from the title, this weeks email is going to have a little something to do with creepy crawlies and little birdies. Okay here we go:

1. As missionaries you tend to run into a lot of impromptu service opportunities. Well, did we hit the jackpot this week! We went to teach this little lady and when we got in to her house, it was a mess. There was stuff everywhere and the dishes hadn't been done in quite a while. It turns out that she's been really sick and couldn't do it on her own, so we jump in. That's a lie. Hermana Quist started cleaning right away, and I just kind of stood there in an OCD-like shock (you may or may not know that I'm kinda a neat freak). Well, I hit reboot and head on in. After a while I go to take the bucket of dirty water out to the front to dump it. I grab it and head on my way. I almost make it to the designated location when... what's that? Oh nothing, just a cockroach running up my arm. Well at this point I scream, drop the bucket, and begin to do probably what looked like a tribal rain dance. And to make it worse? I was standing on icy snow, so I was trying my best not to fall. I'm sure I looked graceful and not at all insane. But I'm sorry, little cockroach, we may not be friends. 

2. So we're cruising in the newest car in the mission... a 2016 Corolla. We park under our nice shady tree and the next morning we come out to lots of bird poop. Fast forward multiple days of this occurring, and we're now cruising in a literal poopmobile. We have every good intention to get a car wash, but it keeps snowing, so whatcha gonna do?! It comes time to do car inspections and we panic. They're first thing Monday morning and well... there didn't seem to be any car washes open that early. We have one last hope.... the Circle K gas station drive through car wash. We go and cry when the man tells us it has to be 40 degrees for them to open it up. It's 6:30am and it's 31 degrees outside... aka no war wash was going to happen. In an act of sheer desperation, I grab the little window washer squegie thing and begin to try to wash our car. The problem is? Well at 31 degrees the water from the squegie kept freezing on to the car. It was a hot mess, but my fingers were FAR from being hot. I think they were icicles. Watch out for us on the next episode of AFV.

3. Well we had quite the exciting New Years Eve. Hermana Quist and I thought we'd treat ourselves to some pizza (turkey, green chile, and pineapple... my fave), so we did. And then we went to bed at 10:10pm. Wooo. Quite the party animals. 

I feel like I say this every week, but this week has been so great! I'm so grateful for each and every day that I have out here on the mission - even the days with lots of birds and cockroaches! Here are my other favorite parts of the week:

1. Well I don't remember if I told you last week, but we helped Edgar apply to BYU-I and he's still continuing to work on the application essays! BUT EVEN MORE EXCITING is that last night we taught him about missionary work, and he told us that he's been really considering going on a mission! WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Well believe it! He wants to serve a mission and loves the idea that a mission would be a tithe of his first 20 years of life (2 years out of 20... get it?). Well, his progress and willingness to obey the commandments continues to amaze Hna Quist and I. He is so hungry for the word of good and eats every ounce of truth! 

2. The list of less active members in our branch is insane. Like unbelievable. Well this week, we decided to tackle the list (well we got like 30% through it), but we've already seen miracles! (1) We called a lady who said that she had a 10 year old daughter who wants to get baptized and has been waiting for someone from the Relief Society to come and visit her. (2) We met an inactive lady named Claudia on Friday and were able to share a spiritual thought with her and invite her to come back to church. She said that she'd been saying that she needs to go back every week, and that our visit was the little push she needed. She came to church on Sunday and made the vocal goal in Relief Society to go every week! Her husband is not a member, so we hope to see progress made with him as well! 

I love the work here... it's really going well! We still have 6 people with a baptismal date and they're continuing to progress in their faith and determination to live the gospel. 

I can't write everything that I feel, and you're all probably bored already, but oh well. I just can't express how rewarding this work is; it's hard, fun, sad, frustrating, and lots of other things, but it's all worth it. Every single ounce. I feel like this is the treat of a lifetime. And really, when I left on my mission, I thought I was going to bless people with the gospel, and yeah, maybe that's true. But this mission, it's really blessing me. Every experience. Every heartache. Every victory. I'm walking shoulder to shoulder with the greatest person who ever walked this earth: my Savior. And that right there makes it impossible to be anything less than something amazing. 

You should know that you're loved and appreciated and mean the world to me! 

Hermana March

p.s. here's a picture of Hna Quist and I with our little baby Jesus' that we found in our pieces of "rosca de reyes"... it's way too complicated to explain right now, so look it up! It's a Mexican thing to make people have a party and cook tamales hahahaha (don't mind that we look like a mess... its a long day haha #thelifeofamissionary)

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