Awkward dinners . . . and an invitation

Well another week has come and gone... I can't believe how fast the time is going by out here on the mission. I hope you enjoy these stories from the week!

1. Okay, so imagine me sitting at dinner with a family and we're having a nice conversation. They're asking about what instruments we can play and so on. I briefly mention that I used to sing in a choir and the Mom freezes, gets this look on her face, leaves the room, and comes back with a hymnbook. She then hands it to me and tells me to sing them a song. Mind you that they're all sitting around the table staring at me. I say that I can't and then she tells me that I either eat more food (she had already fed us a ton!) or I sing. This back and forth goes on for about 3 minutes and finally I cave... because, well, I couldn't take the idea of eating more. So I SING. JUST ME. SINGING IN SPANISH TO A BUNCH OF PEOPLE AT A DINNER TABLE. Talk about the most awkward thing I've ever done. 

2. The new branch was officially formed! So that means we have 2 branches to cover and that means sometimes 8 hours of church! Woohoooooo more blessings for us! Oh and I'm officially the branch pianist in both. In the new branch they didn't have any big Spanish hymn books, so I was forced to read the music out of my little personal one. It was awful and sounded terrible as well.... my companion said that my face was hilarious. 

3. This week we were sitting at our table in our apartment when I started drinking water and simultaneously saw the funniest picture on my camera which I hadn't noticed before. I then started choking and had to run to do a spit-take into the sink. Hermana Quist thought it was funny... 

4. Well, pay back for Hermana Quist laughing came last night, when she choked on a piece of chicken during dinner at a member's house and ran to the bathroom to throw up. The whole family somehow ended up in the bathroom to watch her get the piece of chicken unstuck from her throat. The mom kept telling me to stick my finger down her throat to gag her. I love my companion, but not that much. (She's fine, don't worry. Crisis adverted). 

5. EDGAR GOT BAPTIZED! That's probably the #1 highlight of this week's email! The baptism was Saturday morning at 10am and was one of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been to. His whole family was there (they're not members), but you could tell that the Spirit was working with them. There wasn't a dry eye in the room... especially when Edgar got up to share his testimony and tell how the gospel has changed him. He received the Holy Ghost and the priesthood on Sunday in his snazzy new white shirt and tie that was our baptismal present to him! 

So that was my week! I'm sorry the stories/highlights are all over the place... hopefully you thought they were as exciting or funny as I do. Maybe I'm just turning into a weird missionary. 

Before I end my email today, I wanted to mention a little something about Allie. Today, I received lots of emails and notes with information about how her funeral went and how much they loved her. I too loved Allie and the lessons she taught me. She always was happy and I think that's because she had that faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Often times, she'd ask me "what would Jesus do?". She loved Him and I know that He loves her. I'm sure that their reunion was a sweet one.  

This week, with thoughts of Allie on my mind, I've really had to think about my purpose for being on a mission. As I walked the streets and talked to perfect strangers, I thought about the message I was sharing. Why is it important? Why would I give up 18 months of my life to do this? It's because it brings JOY into our lives - the joy that can only be brought through the knowledge that Christ lives and that we too will live again. We have a purpose and are known by the greatest being in the universe. He loves us personally and knows our deepest thoughts and desires. Allie is known by a loving Heavenly Father and so are we - what greater news could we ever learn?! 

If you don't have a relationship with your Heavenly Father, I invite you to start today! Pray to Him, talk to Him, and love Him. Tonight, kneel on your knees and ask "Heavenly Father, are you really there? Do you really love me? Do you know me? Do you have a plan for me?". I have asked these questions before and I have felt the sweet peace that comes over my heart, which is an obvious "yes" to all those questions. 
I love you all. Thank you for your support and prayers... I can definitely feel their power!

Hermana March

P.S. A couple people have asked about my birthday (February 12th) and what I want, so I'm going to tell you all in a group email, so I don't have to repeat myself a million times. This year I do want something... I want you to go out of your way to serve someone. Think of someone who could use a little love and then do something for them! And then when you're done, please write me a letter and tell me about your experience! The Lord came to serve and He asks us all to serve as well. Service is what makes us the happiest! 

P.P.S. My address might change, so hold off on sending anything by mail to me for another week. I'll know my address for sure next Tuesday... and I'll be sure to tell you all!

P.P.P.S. here's the start of the pictures of the week!

 We went to the temple with Edgar for a lesson... IT WAS FREEZING.

Edgar with his family!

Us + fam

 Us + Edgar

 You're jealous, aren't you?
(Note from Morgan's mom: No idea what this is!
There was no explanation…should be a good one!)

White shirt and tie

A cool kid from the branch

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