Feliz navidad... feliz navidad... I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Well hola there amigas, amigos, and personas del mundo. 

This week has been a strange one... I don't really have a whole lot to say, so lo siento! But here's as much as I remember:

1. So sometimes it is really dark when we're caroling... and yeah I know, that's kinda the prime time to carol. But when you can't see the words to the Spanish himnos, it almost makes it impossible. What's the solution? Wear a headlamp... Hermana Quist says she refuses to be seen with me while wearing it. I think I look pretty cool.

2. Well early last week I had one of the worst moments of my life. You may think I'm over exaggerating, but until you're sitting down at a kitchen table with a big bowl of who knows what in front of you, you just can't understand. Actually, I lied. I knew exactly what was in the bowl... that's what made it so bad. Can you imagine eating cow stomach lining soup? Me either... well until I had to. (Sorry to any of you that like menudo, but it's not my fave). To me, the smell is somewhere between asphalt and rotten socks, and the texture... well that's somewhere between a carpet on one side and a squished banana on the other.  Am I making you sick? Sorry.... it made me really sick too. After we left we headed straight home where I laid on the bathroom floor and every once in a while got to barf in to the toilet bowl... 

3. Earlier this past week we get a text from a member of our branch presidency telling us that the Primary children were no longer able to do a musical number.... so it defaulted to us. Aka we had 3 days to prepare with about 2 hours of total practice time. I bet you wish you could've heard that train wreck, right? Just kidding! I think it went fine! Well at least no one told us it was terrible 

4. We were walking by these 2 guys working on a car yesterday, and one of them goes "whatcha doin' in the hood? you don't belong here. You don't blend in very well... I mean I've seen you before and I'm like 'they ain't from the hood'." Well one thing you never want to be told is that "you don't belong here"... that's a little scary. But it turns out that he speaks Spanish and was raised in the church! Matthew we're coming from you... you can't hide.  

5. So I don't think I've told you anything about Edgar. BIG MISTAKE. He is probably the coolest person I have ever met. His mom was given to us as a referral from the English elders, but every time we went by, it was just him. Finally, one time he goes "you can teach me if you want". Well that was November 29th and from that point on we've seen him at least 3 or 4 times a week, he comes to church every week, reads his scriptures and general conference articles like everyday, and wants to go to BYU-I now! Oh and he has a baptismal date for January 16th. He is seriously a MIRACLE! He's only a senior in high school, but his desire to learn and come closer to God is unbelievable. He is so prepared to hear the gospel... he just didn't know where to find it before we knocked on his door! Don't worry, I'll keep you updated about Edgar!

Well this week is Christmas and I love this time of year. Christmas means more to me than it ever has before. Everyday that I spend 16 hours preparing and preaching the word, I come to know my Savior more and more - being so closely tied to his work really makes it inevitable. I am no where near close to understanding the full doctrine of what He did and sacrificed, but I understand better than 6 months ago and I sure do appreciate it more than ever before. And all of that sacrifice and love started with a little baby born in a stable. He came to earth because he knew that we'd need saving... we would need someone to show us the way. I love the Savior and I love all that He did for us. And most of all, I love the idea who we can become through his infinite grace and aid. Love and learn of Him... don't forget that He is the reason for the season.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Eat lots of cookies in comfy pjs for me! 

Mucho amor para siempre

Hermana March

Caroling with the brand new greenies!

 Caroling in the snow... I bet you're jealous

 The cutest little puppy either yawning or trying to bite my ear

And LAST, but not LEAST. There may or not have been some shaving cream in the apartment that went to good use…

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