Said Hermana March to Hermana Quist "did you see what I saw?!"

Did you sing the title to "Do You Hear What I Hear"? If not, read it again and sing it. Your welcome. 

Well what a week this has been... hold on you're in for a wild ride. Okay, here we go:

1. Christmas: a day of members fighting to have the missionaries over... well I'm sure that's true for other missionaries.  Two days before Christmas we realized that no one signed up to feed us or even offered. Ain't that awkward?! Well, so our zone leaders find out and they set us up with a nice family in their ward. So we became the awkward strangers at Christmas Eve dinner.. Luckily, one of our branch counselor asks if we have anywhere to go. We told him no, so he very charitably took us in for a Christmas lunch of tacos and tostadas. They were bomb.

2. Well after the Christmas Eve dinner with strangers, we headed out in to the wonderful world. We thought, "hum what better night to carol than Christmas Eve?!". WRONG. We had so many doors open and then close on our faces, or doors that went unopened while the party raged inside. I promise our singing isn't that bad. 

3. Imagine this: We're driving home all peaceful on Christmas Eve... jamming to our fave Christmas songs. We are cutting through downtown to get home because we've got to go set out cookies for Santa. I'm looking awhile down the street and think "hmmm, that's strange. That person is wearing all peach colored clothing.". Fast forward two seconds and I realize that there was no peach colored clothing... there was no clothing at all. It was a Christmas Eve streaker. I promptly scream "HERMANA DID YOU SEE THAT?! THAT MAN WAS NAKED... AHHHHHHH I NEED TO REPENT". She hadn't seen him and definitely thought it was a lot funnier than I did.

4. Okay, we're skipping Christmas for a second.... on to Saturday. We were on exchanges with some English sisters that we're responsible for. I'm driving the car on the freeway when all of a sudden a blizzard hits. I'm not exaggerating. The snow was horizontal. We try to escape off an exit, but find that the police had shut off the exits and were basically forcing people to press forward into the blizzard. I thought we were going to die. But yet, we continued to work.... we finally made it to our destination and then out we went. We got out of the car, nearly got blown away, and knocked on some doors. Yeah... the life of a missionary. 

5. We had Zone Conference yesterday! I won't bore you with all the details, but I will tell you that I was in a musical number called "Gesu, Bambino". I played piano, Hermana Quist played the violin, and our district leader sang. It didn't go down in flames, so that's a plus. I'd send you a recording of it, but email is lame and the video is too fat.

6. Okay, we're back to Christmas. I'm thinking of how to describe it and can only think of how when I was little, I used to ask if we were almost home and Mom would say "no"... I would then say "I hate when we're on another planet". Skyping is like being on another planet. It's so strange. It's like here's your family that you haven't talked to in 6 months... try to talk about your last 6 months in 30 minutes. Ready, set, go. But honestly, it was the best! So good to see those human beings that I love so dang much. 

Christmas on the mission was way different than I expected. Everyone always says that it's the best... and all of Christmas day I didn't really understand why. It just didn't feel like "Christmas". And then as I laid in bed that night, I realized that Christmas has always been about just celebrating the Savior's birth, instead of a day of serving BECAUSE of the Savior's birth. And well, this year, my focus had changed. I served others because I knew my Savior had been born so many years ago in humble circumstances. And His birth started a life full of service. He never focused on himself. Instead, He focused on others. As so I really think that this year, I learned the true meaning of Christmas. It's a time to have more Christ. It's a time to be more like Christ. 

I hope that we all had the real JOY of Christmas. 
J = Jesus
O = Others
Y = Yourself

As we focus from left to right, we will always find the most happiness. It's more important to look outward first. I hope that we can keep the JOY of Christmas in our lives throughout the year. Because the JOY of Christmas is really the JOY of Christ. 

Thank you so much to everyone who sent cards or packages. They meant and mean the world to me... you are all so kind! 

I love you all mucho mucho mucho para siempre xoxoxoxoxo

Hermana March

Pictures! (I know it's your fave part... I'm not judging)

 We swung by the temple for a quick walk during one of our lunch hours!

Ain't it beautiful?

                         Christmas morning present opening... I had to have reallllllll good self-control!

 The adorable New Mexico Christmas stocking from Mom

Christmas morning with the Zone

Branch Counselor and his cute wife

Outside selfie during the blizzard

The snow... fast and furious. 

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