If I'm being honest, there wasn't a whole lot of exciting stuff this past week... just the normal hitting the streets and preaching the good word. I'll try to remember some of the highlights for your sake (because I know ya'll would be devastated without a glimpse into my glorious life).   

1. I CHOPPED MY HAIR. WELL KINDA... I GOT BANGS. SOS WHAT DID I DO?! The mission does strange things to you because after so much rejection you just don't really care what others think of you. (I mean ya do, but you don't at the same time). You do you and that's all that matters. So I did me and cut my bangs. (pictures to come... don't worry). 

2. Okay, so ya know the little hermana who always calls me gordita? Well for some reason during daily planning, I felt like we should go and see her... I had no idea on earth. Did the Spirit want me to get called gordita once again?! Well we did. And we had an awesome lesson with her and she gave us the name of a friend she wants us to teach! But best part?! She didn't say one word about gordita AND she told me that my bangs were "bonita".. aka apparently she thinks they're beautiful. SWEET VICTORY IS MINE. 

3. This Wednesday, we knocked this trailer park... one of our favorite pastimes. Knock knock knock. The door opens to a man and I hate to admit it, but at this point I'm terrified. He is completely tattooed up. I mean like across the face and everything. Well his wife (very tattooed as well) invites us in and we begin talking about the gospel... it turns out he was baptized in prison and has been wanting his wife to learn about church! He kept saying that this HAD to be a sign! I couldn't help but loving these complete strangers... so much so that I started crying. Imagine that: little ole me crying in some tattooed strangers' front room. #ohwhatalife

4. Once upon a time, there were 3 stakes in ABQ. Now there are 4. And the Alvarado Park Spanish branch lived happily ever after with 18 active members. Yeah... that's our life now. We lost 75% of our active members to the new branch in the new stake. We're going to be working our tails us to get this branch back up in size. (don't worry... the Lord knows what he's doing. Like a good gardener, He always cuts us back to let us grow even stronger). 

I think hands down the most important thing I'm learning on my mission is how to listen to the Spirit and follow it's promptings - which in turn helps me to know the way of becoming more like my Savior. When we follow the promptings of the Spirit, we are choosing to follow Jesus Christ. But there's a danger with the soft whisperings of the Holy Ghost... they tend to come with an "expiration date". We only have so long to respond to the promptings before the good that we could have done might go undone. I've made it a lifelong goal to never let my promptings expire. 

Hopefully this week we can all be a little more in-tune to the Spirit and make sure that we're not collecting a bunch of expired promptings on some shelf! Feel it, hear it, sense it, and ACT. 

Love you mucho

Hermana March

okay... here are the pictures promised. It's a bad coincidence that all the pictures we took this week were of food and us eating it. I promise we really don't eat that much. 

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