Let it snow, let it snow, let it Snow...

Yes, that's right folks. Yesterday we got a light dusting of... SNOW. I'm seriously so excited. I mean who doesn't like walking the streets, talking to people who want to hurry and get inside, and having snow make your hair wet?! Okay, enough joking. I actually love the snow. I've always wanted a white Christmas... it looks like I may just get it this year in ABQ!

snowball fights are dignified, right?


To be honest... this week has been a very long blur. Like it's seemed like forever since I emailed last, but I can't seem to remember a whole lot (hence there's the blur). Here's my sad attempt:

1. Okay so to really get into the Mexicano mindset, I've been really trying to perfect the food. I'm always asking the members for recipes (#futurefamilybegrateful). Well this week, I was attempting to perfect the guacamole. All was going well... blending, blending, and blending. "Oh let's see how it's tasting". I open the lid and wham. Guac to the eye ball. Satan must've gotten a good laugh. (don't worry, picture will follow)

guac face for one, guac face for all. 

2. Yesterday it was Jesus' birthday... well I really felt like I needed to sing happy birthday (because why not?!)... so ya know, there I go... all by my lonesome singing in Spanish. Well next thing I know, I look over and our branch mission leader is doing a Mexican jig thing; "ladies and gentlemen... the singing hermana and the dancing mission man" Yeah, we're pretty cool. 

3. So basically I used to like dogs until I came on my mission. They're especially creepy when they start running at you and the only thing to protect you is a Book of Mormon and a selfie stick. Well, one of the members in our branch got a puppy named "chacha" and it's the only creature on my mission that I haven't thought is a servant of Satan meant to torture missionaries. (see adorable picture below)

Chacha the pup

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: (warning... good news might make you too happy 4 lyfe)


If you couldn't tell, I'm just a little bit excited. Jesus is MY investigator. I've taught him all the lessons, I've seen him from beginning to finish, I've noticed the change in him. I'm like a proud little mom. When we dropped him off to the interview last night I turned to Hermana Quist and said "I'm probably more nervous now than I'm going to be to drop my kid off to their first day of kindergarten." Because ain't that the truth...

One thing that I've been thinking a lot about is "what lack I yet?".  It's a hard question to ask (because no one likes to hear what they're bad at), but it's so worth it. I've seen the blessing of humbling myself and getting a "starter tip" from the Spirit about how to be better. It's perfect because the Spirit won't tell us something that we can't begin working on. It'll always be manageable. So that's my challenge to you all out there in the world: ask the simple question, "what lack I yet?". 

Keep thinking and praying about what you need to change to be better.. you got this. Like I told Jesus about 5 billion times before his interview... "Si se puede!" (imagine me with a huge grin too)

Love you muchoooooooo

Hermana March

snow selfie… yes

las montanas now

las montanas a week ago

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