Okay where did time go? It's November 3rd. Wasn't yesterday July 8th when I was on a plane to another country? No, no. That was about 4 months ago. 

I don't have a lot to write this week...  so thank your lucky stars ya'll won't have much to read. JK that's a lie... once I get going I can't stop.

1. Because of the crazies out on Halloween, we weren't allowed to be out on the streets. We had to be in a member's house passing out candy or at a teaching appointment. Well who in the world would take us in on Halloween? Yes, you're correct. NO ONE. So we went back to our apartment and watched church movies and ate popcorn + ice cream. It was the strangest feeling ever... it almost felt like a real Saturday night. Wait, what are weekends? Those don't exist in the mission life.

2. Well we went from having the oldest car in the mission to having the newest. Not that I really care if we have the newest car (I actually want to bike), but it's so funny to see the elders' reactions. They used to always make fun of us for having the "grandma" car... now we're riding in style in the new 2016 Corolla. #preachininstyle

3. Yesterday it was really windy. Well windy days + flowy skirts aren't really a match made in heaven. (Well unless you're Marilyn Monroe... and well, I'm not). Walkin' down the street, minding my own business, and BAM. I'm gonna have to be a little bit wiser in my clothing choices in the mornings. 

There's only really one spiritual event that stands out to me from this week. So here it goes:

We have an investigator that Hermana Dearden and I found like 2 months ago. Her name is Maria, but I didn't think she had much interest in learning more. She seemed to avoid us, but that doesn't stop missionaries. No way Jose. I was ready to stop dropping by to see her, but something inside of me kept saying "hold on, give her another chance". So last week, we decided to try her because we felt like giving her one last chance. We went in planning to teach the Restoration, and that was the game plan. Well luckily she let us in the door to have a quick conversation with her #amoderndaymiracle.

So we finally got in the door and then we started talking to her... through this conversation, we found out that her son in Mexico has a terminal brain tumor. Before even thinking, I dove into the Plan of Salvation. As we shared the hopeful message of the Plan of Happiness, you could see her eyes change. This was the message that she had been waiting to hear. In such a difficult time in her life, this is the one thing that could give her hope. We finished the lesson, and got up to leave. Nearly at the door, I paused and turned back to her. I said "Hermana, you all will be okay. I know life is hard, but this plan will get you through everything. It's not a coincidence we're here. God wants you to know you and your family is loved. He sent us here to let you know that He knows you.". Well by this time, Maria and I are in tears. I gave her the biggest hug and we went on our way. 

I've come to learn two HUGE things on my mission:

1. God is so aware of us. He always has angels, earthly and heavenly, surrounding us to help out a little. Actually, not a little, a lot. 

2. Charity truly is the greatest thing we can learn. I've never been happier and never been more able to love. As I've humbled myself and looked outward instead of looking in, I can feel the love that Heavenly Father has for each of his children a little bit more and more clearly. 

Here's a scripture I want you read. Mosiah 2:41. Think on the happiness that comes from living the commandments... it's true! Don't believe it? Give it a try! 

Hermana March

Here's a picture of the district! I love these missionaries with my heart... they're the best!


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