We gotta baptism, we gotta baptism, we gotta baptism, hey hey hey.


Okay, I know you're dying to hear about the baptism... because ya should be. But stay with me for a second while I tell you of the other fun adventures of the week. 

1. Well picture this.... we're at the baptism... well afterwards in the cultural hall. There's cake and treats, and well, we're all chatting and having a grand time. Anyways, one of the sisters in the branch asked us if we wanted cake... uh, of course we want cake. When all of a sudden, this little old lady from the branch turns around the corner with the biggest grin I've ever seen and says "hermana no debe comer el pastel... estas gordando" (aka "hermana, you shouldn't eat the cake... you're getting fat). Shocked at the grin on her face, I ask "yo?" ("me?"). Her grin gets even bigger and says "si... tu estas gordando." ("yes... you are getting fat."). If you haven't guessed, she's the same lady as the first time... she just loves to tell me I'm fat I guess. 

2. During a lovely conversation with this interesting old man on the street, I decided that we needed to go. He was kinda creepy and kept saying really strange things to us. Well the normal thing to do is kinda slyly tap your companion's foot with yours... the silent communication of "it's time to go". Well I kept kicking her and she obviously wasn't getting the message. So I quickly look down and let out a little (not really) scream. THERE WAS A DEAD PIGEON... THAT'S WHAT I KEPT KICKING. And then said old man proceeded to do a punt-kick of the bird. Yeah... I don't even know what to think. 

3. We had another lovely conversation with an older man from Europe on the street. He started rambling about a ton of strange things to us and conspiracy theories... when we tried to end the conversation, he'd just be like "one second... one more thing". Well 30 minutes goes by and we get a phone call.... #savinggrace. We politely told him we needed to run and then of course, went to end with a signature missionary handshake. He shakes my companion's hand just fine... but for me, well he had another agenda in mind... he grabs my hand and gives it a nice big slobbery kiss. I thought I was about to die. 

4. Ya know, in elementary school, I always wanted to find a word that rhymed with Morgan. Because who doesn't want a word to rhyme with their first name. Well, the only one I could ever think of was organ... but how exciting is that?! Well it's finally exciting... because now, MORGAN PLAYS THE ORGAN. That's right folks, I'm playing the organ. Every Sunday. Watch out because in 13 months, my skills will blow your mind.

Okay on to the good stuff about my favorite people named JESUS! Because there's 3 of them that I love! Jesus Christ and Jesus Amaro (convert #1) and Jesus Mireles (convert #2). 

So his baptism was basically perfect! (Except the fat comment, but that's it!). We had lots of recent converts and less actives who participated, which was so special to see! One of my favorite moments was when Jesus (#1) prayed and bore his testimony of his conversion for the first time ever in public. (He's the one who got baptized October 9th). His testimony brought tears to my eyes as he talked about the "blessed missionaries" that forever changed his life with the gospel. These people are going to forever have a huge chunk of my heart. 

I think my favorite moment of the whole thing was when Jesus (#2) came up out of the water. He looked around at the people there with a grin on his face, but when we made eye contact and I gave him a thumbs up, his grin doubled. His joy was so full... the light in his eyes couldn't be contained. When I saw that face, I was overwhelmed with the idea of the same joyous look that'll be on each one of our faces as we are welcomed into the loving arms of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that day when we return home. The joy that can't be dimmed by afflictions or pains. The happiness that can only be achieved through a knowledge of the great plan of salvation. 

I love this gospel. Each and every day I am coming to realize a little bit more how much it means to me. And that's already a lot... I mean I'm giving 18 months of my life to it. 

Since this week is Thanksgiving, I just want to say thanks to you all for everything. Whether we email every week or not at all, I want you to know that you've made an impact on my life. One thing I am ever more sure of now that I'm on my mission, is the role that God plays in putting people in your path. Just think of the hymn, "Each Life That Touches Mine For Good" and know that I think that way about each of you. 

Love you all mucho para siempre

Hermana March

here are some more... ugh I love 'em!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it Snow...

Yes, that's right folks. Yesterday we got a light dusting of... SNOW. I'm seriously so excited. I mean who doesn't like walking the streets, talking to people who want to hurry and get inside, and having snow make your hair wet?! Okay, enough joking. I actually love the snow. I've always wanted a white Christmas... it looks like I may just get it this year in ABQ!

snowball fights are dignified, right?


To be honest... this week has been a very long blur. Like it's seemed like forever since I emailed last, but I can't seem to remember a whole lot (hence there's the blur). Here's my sad attempt:

1. Okay so to really get into the Mexicano mindset, I've been really trying to perfect the food. I'm always asking the members for recipes (#futurefamilybegrateful). Well this week, I was attempting to perfect the guacamole. All was going well... blending, blending, and blending. "Oh let's see how it's tasting". I open the lid and wham. Guac to the eye ball. Satan must've gotten a good laugh. (don't worry, picture will follow)

guac face for one, guac face for all. 

2. Yesterday it was Jesus' birthday... well I really felt like I needed to sing happy birthday (because why not?!)... so ya know, there I go... all by my lonesome singing in Spanish. Well next thing I know, I look over and our branch mission leader is doing a Mexican jig thing; "ladies and gentlemen... the singing hermana and the dancing mission man" Yeah, we're pretty cool. 

3. So basically I used to like dogs until I came on my mission. They're especially creepy when they start running at you and the only thing to protect you is a Book of Mormon and a selfie stick. Well, one of the members in our branch got a puppy named "chacha" and it's the only creature on my mission that I haven't thought is a servant of Satan meant to torture missionaries. (see adorable picture below)

Chacha the pup

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: (warning... good news might make you too happy 4 lyfe)


If you couldn't tell, I'm just a little bit excited. Jesus is MY investigator. I've taught him all the lessons, I've seen him from beginning to finish, I've noticed the change in him. I'm like a proud little mom. When we dropped him off to the interview last night I turned to Hermana Quist and said "I'm probably more nervous now than I'm going to be to drop my kid off to their first day of kindergarten." Because ain't that the truth...

One thing that I've been thinking a lot about is "what lack I yet?".  It's a hard question to ask (because no one likes to hear what they're bad at), but it's so worth it. I've seen the blessing of humbling myself and getting a "starter tip" from the Spirit about how to be better. It's perfect because the Spirit won't tell us something that we can't begin working on. It'll always be manageable. So that's my challenge to you all out there in the world: ask the simple question, "what lack I yet?". 

Keep thinking and praying about what you need to change to be better.. you got this. Like I told Jesus about 5 billion times before his interview... "Si se puede!" (imagine me with a huge grin too)

Love you muchoooooooo

Hermana March

snow selfie… yes

las montanas now

las montanas a week ago



Well, well, well. For all ya non Spanish speaking humans, you're probs wondering what in the world "flaca o gordita" means. It means skinny or fat. Two things I was called this week by old ladies in the branch. They sure know how to make a girl feel like a diamond in the rough. 

Okay, to explain a little bit more. So on Thursday we go and see this older lady... we walk in her front door and she starts poking my stomach (weird? yes) and says "poor thing, you must me freezing... you're so flaca (aka skinny). Umm, why yes... thanks for becoming my favorite person in the branch now. 

Now, fast forward to last night. We got to visit a yet older lady in the branch. We walk in and she goes "aren't you freezing?!" and I just say "no, not really". Well then she says, "I understand, it's because you're gordita (fat). But it's okay, you look good!". You know, I had no words to say, so I just said "thanks". Thinking back now, I'm like really?... did I really say thanks to someone who called me fat? Hermana Quist couldn't stop laughing. When we got in the car, I turned to her and said "ya know, it's a good thing I have hardly any self esteem left or that might've been offensive". 

So yes. The question is flaca o gordita. 

Some other highlights of the week:
1. there's snow on the mountains... it's beautimous. 
2. we got to go on a hike and I climbed a tree. It was fabulous. 
3. I ate "papadillas" for the first time in my life. They are basically mashed potatoes in a quesadilla. aka they're like heaven on fat kid earth. (I bet they ain't helpin the gordita situation)

So on to transfer news: I'm here in Albuquerque for at least another 6 weeks! Hermana Quist and I will be companions once again, and I'm excited and nervous for the call I received to be an STL (sister training leader). I'm so grateful for the chance that I will have to be able to help the other sisters in the mission continue on and become better missionaries... it'll be quite the experience!

Okay so some of the biggest miracles I have seen this week!

1. Our investigator Miguel is this cute little old man. He's been taking the missionary lessons for about 2 years now off and on. The hugest difficulty we have had with him is trying to convince him and that he can pray out loud. In 2 years, he has NEVER said a prayer out loud. Well after so much praying for him, ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT HE PRAYED! He was like "sure, but it's going to be short"!. Well it could've been two words and still made me cry. At the end of his short, yet sincere prayer, I was in tears... the spirit was so strong. All I could think of was that this is what it's all about. Missionary work is worth every hardship when you get to see people make HUGE steps in their progression.  

2. Jesus, our other investigator (yes, there's 2... the one who got baptized and now another one), well he is so close to being ready for baptism. He's planning on the 27th of the month and it looks like he's going to make it! Yesterday, he walked in to church and I hardly recognized him. He had shaved his shaggy beard and cut his wild hair. It's just an outward appearance thing, but to me, it signifies a lot. He feels better on the inside and so that light spreads to the outside as well. He's physically changing with his spiritual change. It's the oddest sensation to see. I wish I had a picture of the first day I met him to now.  

I love the mission life. When else can I devote 24/7 for 365 days a year serving the Lord?! 

Have a "papadilla" week... aka it'll be fantastic. 

Hermana March

oh here's a picture of a good chunk of the zone on the hike!

oh and yes, mom. I am at the same address as last time... so if anyone is feeling the love, feel free to send me a snail mail. (:



Okay where did time go? It's November 3rd. Wasn't yesterday July 8th when I was on a plane to another country? No, no. That was about 4 months ago. 

I don't have a lot to write this week...  so thank your lucky stars ya'll won't have much to read. JK that's a lie... once I get going I can't stop.

1. Because of the crazies out on Halloween, we weren't allowed to be out on the streets. We had to be in a member's house passing out candy or at a teaching appointment. Well who in the world would take us in on Halloween? Yes, you're correct. NO ONE. So we went back to our apartment and watched church movies and ate popcorn + ice cream. It was the strangest feeling ever... it almost felt like a real Saturday night. Wait, what are weekends? Those don't exist in the mission life.

2. Well we went from having the oldest car in the mission to having the newest. Not that I really care if we have the newest car (I actually want to bike), but it's so funny to see the elders' reactions. They used to always make fun of us for having the "grandma" car... now we're riding in style in the new 2016 Corolla. #preachininstyle

3. Yesterday it was really windy. Well windy days + flowy skirts aren't really a match made in heaven. (Well unless you're Marilyn Monroe... and well, I'm not). Walkin' down the street, minding my own business, and BAM. I'm gonna have to be a little bit wiser in my clothing choices in the mornings. 

There's only really one spiritual event that stands out to me from this week. So here it goes:

We have an investigator that Hermana Dearden and I found like 2 months ago. Her name is Maria, but I didn't think she had much interest in learning more. She seemed to avoid us, but that doesn't stop missionaries. No way Jose. I was ready to stop dropping by to see her, but something inside of me kept saying "hold on, give her another chance". So last week, we decided to try her because we felt like giving her one last chance. We went in planning to teach the Restoration, and that was the game plan. Well luckily she let us in the door to have a quick conversation with her #amoderndaymiracle.

So we finally got in the door and then we started talking to her... through this conversation, we found out that her son in Mexico has a terminal brain tumor. Before even thinking, I dove into the Plan of Salvation. As we shared the hopeful message of the Plan of Happiness, you could see her eyes change. This was the message that she had been waiting to hear. In such a difficult time in her life, this is the one thing that could give her hope. We finished the lesson, and got up to leave. Nearly at the door, I paused and turned back to her. I said "Hermana, you all will be okay. I know life is hard, but this plan will get you through everything. It's not a coincidence we're here. God wants you to know you and your family is loved. He sent us here to let you know that He knows you.". Well by this time, Maria and I are in tears. I gave her the biggest hug and we went on our way. 

I've come to learn two HUGE things on my mission:

1. God is so aware of us. He always has angels, earthly and heavenly, surrounding us to help out a little. Actually, not a little, a lot. 

2. Charity truly is the greatest thing we can learn. I've never been happier and never been more able to love. As I've humbled myself and looked outward instead of looking in, I can feel the love that Heavenly Father has for each of his children a little bit more and more clearly. 

Here's a scripture I want you read. Mosiah 2:41. Think on the happiness that comes from living the commandments... it's true! Don't believe it? Give it a try! 

Hermana March

Here's a picture of the district! I love these missionaries with my heart... they're the best!