Oh how life is never boring!

I feel like the weeks seem to be going by so fast... wasn't it yesterday when I emailed you about the shrine, stabbing, and rotten Sara Lee cake? Well I guess not, because here I am again. 

Life as a missionary is NEVER boring... here's a glimpse. 

1. Well I can officially check "speaking at a dead stranger's funeral in another language" off the bucket list. You should have seen it. Me standing at the pulpit, trying to speak and console the family in Spanish, talk about a guy who I had never met, and trying not to look at the dead body visible in the casket. 

2.  This week while out talking to people on the streets, we were hit on by quite a few creepy old men. One kept saying that we were a lot better looking than the elders, and another one was convinced that Hermana Dearden and I were "hermanas guapas" or the "beautiful sisters". We assured him that we were not related and any trace of similarity was probably due to the fact that we are both "gringitas". #truth

3. I became the new branch pianist officially! I've been playing pretty much every sunday in Relief Society and such, but now I'm the big shabang... I get to play in Sacrament Meeting too (since the only person who could play the piano got released from the branch). It's kinda a big deal... I got my name in the program and all hahaha. Mom and Dad, you should be pleased to know that all those years of piano weren't wasted!

4. We did a huge service project on Saturday morning... well actually we did 2. The first one was helping a member clear their new backyard. The 6 men that were there were chopping down huge trees, and Hermana Dearden and I were responsible for hauling them to the front yard. Well I went to pick up one of the branches and I backed up to start walking towards the front yard and bam. Bum in a cactus. 

5. The other service project was a state clean up, in order to prepare for the balloon festival. Well, we got banished to clean up the abandoned cemetery. Huzah for cleaning up creepy dolls left on graves and lots of dead flowers. And the local bakery was baking cookies, so it smelled really good... but then you remembered you were standing over dead people. We were all a little creeped out.  

So this week, sadly Jesus' baptism didn't happen. He wants his daughter to be there, so it is postponed until the October 9th. Martin and Sara decided to join him on that day as well! So we'll have 3 baptisms in 2 weekends!

Tomorrow is transfers. Hermana Dearden is leaving, and I am staying here to finish my training for another 6 weeks. I am happy to stay, but sad to see so many friends I have made leave. It is a HUGE transfer and tons of crazy things are happening! I'm excited to find out where everyone is going tomorrow morning! 

Remember that whatever you're going through is temporary. Have faith and trust in the Lord that all will be well. Think to the day when you're receiving your reward. I bet you're going to be saying "Was that all I had to do? Was that I all I had to go through? Why do I deserve all of this?". This life is worth it. The time we have now is to prepare for the day we will gloriously stand before our Maker. Try to lean on Him a little more this week. 

Oh and tune into General Conference! It should be a good one!

Hermana March

 There was a flash flood and there was water up to our mid calves on the street!

Some of the cute little girls from the branch who are our best friends

 We treated ourselves to PIZZA... aka my fave

The whole district together for the last time!

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