Where to begin my friends? I feel like my mind is racing to weave the perfect concoction of words to eloquently describe the past weeks events... and well, I'm drawing a blank. 

Well first off, can I get an AMEN to the fact that we had a baptism?! Actually, a baptism of 3... like whut?!?!?! All week I wanted to pinch myself, because I didn't know if it was real life or not. A baptism week on a mission is seriously like being on cloud nine. 

So like stated, Jesus, Martin, and Sara were baptized this past Friday! They were so cute dressed in their whites... I can't quite explain the joy and happiness I felt, but it wasn't happiness for me, it was happiness for these amazing people. The baptismal service was great! I mean it was a little noisy, and wee babes oft times cried, but yah know, it was good! Hermana Quist and I even played a musical number! #hollaformusicalcompanions 

 JESUS ES MI LUZ (The Lord is My Light). But anyways, Jesus in his whites!

Martin, Sara, Hermana Quist and I! idk but Mexicans never smile... they make fun of us for showing our teeth

One of the coolest moments up to this point on my mission was when Martin and Sara were being confirmed in church yesterday. During their blessings, it was stated that their family would go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. But even more special to me was when it talked about their two little boys aged 5 and 7. It said that their boys would grow to serve missions and marry in the temple. I literally have shed quite a few tears over the idea that those cute little boys are someday going to be somewhere in the world sharing their parent's conversion stories while helping others write their own! The work we're doing here is not to affect people, but to affect families and generations to come. 

Martin & Sara's little boys... they come and give me the biggest hug every time they see me!
*ps sorry for the glare on my glasses... I might look a little crazy 

Okay, so now that I told you the good stuff (I mean like the REALLY good stuff), I'll tell ya some of the lesser good, but still good stufff!

1. We had a branch cultural night where they played lots of really loud Mexican music, and basically I want to be a Mexicana. And I was oh so tempted to get up and dance.

2. At said party, there was some guacamole from literal heaven. I have never tasted something so exquisitely divine. Don't worry, I'll make you some in 15 months and you'll never be the same. 

3. While on the freeway yesterday we got tapped on the back of the car. No, don't worry, it was heavy traffic, so nothing happened. Well anyways, I jump out of the car to see if the back had been damaged, when I saw that it wasn't I jumped back in the unmoved car. So then we see the man who hit us get out of his car and he comes and gives us his card, "just in case". Well he got back in his car and I thought, dang we should've given him our card. So I jump out of the car again and run over to his car and start talking to him about the church. Well next thing I know, traffic picks up (8mph or so) and my companion is starting to move forward. So I shake his hand, and well I take a nice little jog down the freeway to catch up to our car... in a skirt... in the middle of the city... oh the life of a missionary. (oh and the card he gave us has his name, address, and phone number... any missionary bells going off yet? We're coming for you Chad). 

Okay, enough for the weekly essay... but I hope you all have a great week! There is one secret I'll give ya: read your scriptures. Everyday. No excuse. There is such power that comes from reading them. I promise you'll feel it!

Hermana March

  At the branch party, Martin was the drummer in the lip synch band. Basically, if he can do this at a weird Mormon event the day after his baptism, he is SOLD for eternity. (ps. look he's smiling hahaha)


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