Learning to Teach, Preach, and Break into Things.

Helllllllloooooo people out there in the real world. Oh and those of you who are on planet missionary like me… y'all are included too.

I'm pleased to say that I survived another week on a mission. Thank you for the applause.

So you may be wondering what on earth I meant by my title... well it's EXACTLY how it sounds. Just another day of teaching and preaching in the ghetto is where it all started. So after our lesson with our new friend Francisco, we stand up to walk out into the streets at about 8pm... aka a little dark and a little sketchy. So Francisco offers to walk us to our car, so we "don't get jumped". We walk out the front door and bam. It closes and locks, with the keys inside. Well there's an extra set of house keys in his car, but the car keys are inside the house. What to do, what to do? (Funny side note: his neighbor did the same thing like 5 minutes before us, so he was out there trying to figure out a way in too).

So really, picture this: 2 middle aged men, 3 young girls, in the ghetto, at night, with no keys to a car or house… well, you break in. That's obviously the answer. So we try picking the lock to the house. Nothing. We try jimmying the car lock with a spatula from a barbecue. Nothing. "Oh look... there's an open window!". Well dang, umm these 2 old men can't hop up to the window, and well, we're 3 girls in skirts. The odds of this working and keeping our dignity is very very low. Well after some praying (I felt a little strange saying "please help us break into their car or house"), we got in! Hooray for learning to break into houses and cars. So if you're ever in trouble, you know who to call... the hermanas.

We also got to clean the temple this week! I got to polish the crystals to the chandeliers for the bride's room and the Celestial room #adreamcometrue. Oh and another dream come true... we got to wear the white baptismal jumpsuits ALL DAY. We even roamed the street to the temple president's house in them. Yeah, we rocked them. 

Okay okay okay, so this morning my life was changed when I read Matthew 10:30, which is Jesus telling his disciples that "the very hairs of [their] head are all numbered". Why is this so important to me you might ask? Well it means there's something about missionary work that makes your hair fall out and that the Lord knows exactly how many are lost, because... well ain't that the truth. All of us seem to be loosing our hair...  it's soooo much thinner than 3 months ago. Hermana Quist and I are in a race to see who can go bald first. Stay tuned folks for the bald hermanas.

This week has been a week of miracles. One huge miracle I saw this week was when we were going to contact a investigator who has been ignoring us. Well as we drove up, we saw her on the porch, but when we asked, she "wasn't home". #yeahrightweknowyourlies. Well we walked down the stairs disappointed, but took the opportunity to OYM a neighbor. Long story really short, we find out that the roommate is a Mormon and begin talking to the roommate named Pat. Well Pat had been active in the church for a long time, but went inactive 23 years ago when she was told that she was "unworthy" to receive a priesthood blessing. We told her that the Lord would take her wherever she is and begin to work with her - there is no bottom requirement for the Lord's aid. We stood in her kitchen and as she broke down in tears, I became overwhelmed with the love Christ and Heavenly Father has for her and began to cry to. Charity is something that I really have strived to develop on my missionary. In that moment, I knew the love that I felt for this lady I had met minutes before was because of the pure love of Christ. I feel so blessed to have been a witness to these truly tender mercies of the Lord the past week.

I'm tired and exhausted on the mission, but I've never been happier. Sometimes I pinch myself that I get to wake up every morning to put on a nametag and represent the Savior. Here's a quote that I have come to love by President Hinckley. “The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best medicine for despair is service. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.” Try to serve and think of someone else this week. Use my motto of "get over yourself" and get to work. There's nothing better that service because that's what the Savior spent his life doing.
I love y'all mucho para siempre!
Hermana March

 We went on a hike for pday! Holla for nature

Well, except for kicking a cactus. Well that was interesting. 

and here's a pic of me killing a HUGE spider in our apartment. there's one thing that's tied with Satan in things I hate... spiders.

We got an exclusive peek on to the temple roof #hollaforholiness…

Oh and how could I forget the jumpsuits?!

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