Let It Rain & Let the Lower Lights Keep Burning

Can I just say that I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Okay, now we may proceed...

So this week was pretty dang good if I may say so myself. We had lots of miracles, laughs, and well, just strange moments. 

1. This week we were talking to this random person and they started talking about me to my companion like I couldn't understand... and then I started talked talking back to them in Spanish... that was awkward for all. 

2. Well, everyday we go and check the mail hoping to have a letter or something. It just so happens that the only time we have to check the mail is when we're leaving after our morning studies, and that just so happens to be when the mailman is there. Everyday he laughs at us when we ask "have you put all the letters in?" and the truth is we have no letters. Well yesterday, I got a package and he was like "Look you've gotta package!" when he saw us walkin' up. Yup we're good friends.

3. One night after dinner, the mom of the family said that either me or their 11 year old son would have to do the dishes. So we decided that arm wrestling was the way to decide. Well, we were set to arm wrestle and then he proceeded to comment on my large hands... he then declared that I had bigger, more manly, and rougher hands than his older sister's boyfriend who was also sitting at the table. I don't know who was more embarassed... me at having "manly" hands or the boyfriend for having "girly" hands. 

4. IT POURED RAIN THIS WEEK. And that didn't stop us. Trudging around in the pouring rain for hours is what life is all about as a missionary. Plus you get to wear a raincoat, that's a bonus.

Okay, okay, here's the really good stuff!

We went to the temple yesterday! It was probably the greatest thing ever. The Spirit in the temple is always amazing, but shove a ton of missionaries in there, and man. I didn't realize how much I had missed being able to go to the temple until yesterday. I have a testimony of temple attendance because I know and feel how it blesses lives. I am SO glad that I made it a priority to attend while I was home because I have so much more understanding and power in my life because of it. If you are able to go to the temple, please take advantage of it. Whatever you have sacrifice to get to the temple, whether that be sin or time, it's totally and completely worth it. The promised blessing in the temple are the reasons we came to earth. This is God's plan for his children. 

I've come to love the hymn "Brightly Beams" this week. We are given the light from our Heavenly Father and he expects us to help shine some of that light to help others. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to help share the light of the gospel with others all day every as a full time missionary. But besides being a full time missionary, one of the best ways that we can share that light is by being happy, truly happy. And true happiness comes to those who keep the commandments of God. So keep the commandments of God, be happy, and help lift those around you. 

Share your light, you'll brighten someone's day! "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"

Love you mucho!

Hermana March

 Early morning selfie…..

Look who I got to see!! HERMANA DEARDEN!!!!!

Our whole zone

 ….and random hooligans


Learning to Teach, Preach, and Break into Things.

Helllllllloooooo people out there in the real world. Oh and those of you who are on planet missionary like me… y'all are included too.

I'm pleased to say that I survived another week on a mission. Thank you for the applause.

So you may be wondering what on earth I meant by my title... well it's EXACTLY how it sounds. Just another day of teaching and preaching in the ghetto is where it all started. So after our lesson with our new friend Francisco, we stand up to walk out into the streets at about 8pm... aka a little dark and a little sketchy. So Francisco offers to walk us to our car, so we "don't get jumped". We walk out the front door and bam. It closes and locks, with the keys inside. Well there's an extra set of house keys in his car, but the car keys are inside the house. What to do, what to do? (Funny side note: his neighbor did the same thing like 5 minutes before us, so he was out there trying to figure out a way in too).

So really, picture this: 2 middle aged men, 3 young girls, in the ghetto, at night, with no keys to a car or house… well, you break in. That's obviously the answer. So we try picking the lock to the house. Nothing. We try jimmying the car lock with a spatula from a barbecue. Nothing. "Oh look... there's an open window!". Well dang, umm these 2 old men can't hop up to the window, and well, we're 3 girls in skirts. The odds of this working and keeping our dignity is very very low. Well after some praying (I felt a little strange saying "please help us break into their car or house"), we got in! Hooray for learning to break into houses and cars. So if you're ever in trouble, you know who to call... the hermanas.

We also got to clean the temple this week! I got to polish the crystals to the chandeliers for the bride's room and the Celestial room #adreamcometrue. Oh and another dream come true... we got to wear the white baptismal jumpsuits ALL DAY. We even roamed the street to the temple president's house in them. Yeah, we rocked them. 

Okay okay okay, so this morning my life was changed when I read Matthew 10:30, which is Jesus telling his disciples that "the very hairs of [their] head are all numbered". Why is this so important to me you might ask? Well it means there's something about missionary work that makes your hair fall out and that the Lord knows exactly how many are lost, because... well ain't that the truth. All of us seem to be loosing our hair...  it's soooo much thinner than 3 months ago. Hermana Quist and I are in a race to see who can go bald first. Stay tuned folks for the bald hermanas.

This week has been a week of miracles. One huge miracle I saw this week was when we were going to contact a investigator who has been ignoring us. Well as we drove up, we saw her on the porch, but when we asked, she "wasn't home". #yeahrightweknowyourlies. Well we walked down the stairs disappointed, but took the opportunity to OYM a neighbor. Long story really short, we find out that the roommate is a Mormon and begin talking to the roommate named Pat. Well Pat had been active in the church for a long time, but went inactive 23 years ago when she was told that she was "unworthy" to receive a priesthood blessing. We told her that the Lord would take her wherever she is and begin to work with her - there is no bottom requirement for the Lord's aid. We stood in her kitchen and as she broke down in tears, I became overwhelmed with the love Christ and Heavenly Father has for her and began to cry to. Charity is something that I really have strived to develop on my missionary. In that moment, I knew the love that I felt for this lady I had met minutes before was because of the pure love of Christ. I feel so blessed to have been a witness to these truly tender mercies of the Lord the past week.

I'm tired and exhausted on the mission, but I've never been happier. Sometimes I pinch myself that I get to wake up every morning to put on a nametag and represent the Savior. Here's a quote that I have come to love by President Hinckley. “The best antidote I know for worry is work. The best medicine for despair is service. The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired.” Try to serve and think of someone else this week. Use my motto of "get over yourself" and get to work. There's nothing better that service because that's what the Savior spent his life doing.
I love y'all mucho para siempre!
Hermana March

 We went on a hike for pday! Holla for nature

Well, except for kicking a cactus. Well that was interesting. 

and here's a pic of me killing a HUGE spider in our apartment. there's one thing that's tied with Satan in things I hate... spiders.

We got an exclusive peek on to the temple roof #hollaforholiness…

Oh and how could I forget the jumpsuits?!



Where to begin my friends? I feel like my mind is racing to weave the perfect concoction of words to eloquently describe the past weeks events... and well, I'm drawing a blank. 

Well first off, can I get an AMEN to the fact that we had a baptism?! Actually, a baptism of 3... like whut?!?!?! All week I wanted to pinch myself, because I didn't know if it was real life or not. A baptism week on a mission is seriously like being on cloud nine. 

So like stated, Jesus, Martin, and Sara were baptized this past Friday! They were so cute dressed in their whites... I can't quite explain the joy and happiness I felt, but it wasn't happiness for me, it was happiness for these amazing people. The baptismal service was great! I mean it was a little noisy, and wee babes oft times cried, but yah know, it was good! Hermana Quist and I even played a musical number! #hollaformusicalcompanions 

 JESUS ES MI LUZ (The Lord is My Light). But anyways, Jesus in his whites!

Martin, Sara, Hermana Quist and I! idk but Mexicans never smile... they make fun of us for showing our teeth

One of the coolest moments up to this point on my mission was when Martin and Sara were being confirmed in church yesterday. During their blessings, it was stated that their family would go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. But even more special to me was when it talked about their two little boys aged 5 and 7. It said that their boys would grow to serve missions and marry in the temple. I literally have shed quite a few tears over the idea that those cute little boys are someday going to be somewhere in the world sharing their parent's conversion stories while helping others write their own! The work we're doing here is not to affect people, but to affect families and generations to come. 

Martin & Sara's little boys... they come and give me the biggest hug every time they see me!
*ps sorry for the glare on my glasses... I might look a little crazy 

Okay, so now that I told you the good stuff (I mean like the REALLY good stuff), I'll tell ya some of the lesser good, but still good stufff!

1. We had a branch cultural night where they played lots of really loud Mexican music, and basically I want to be a Mexicana. And I was oh so tempted to get up and dance.

2. At said party, there was some guacamole from literal heaven. I have never tasted something so exquisitely divine. Don't worry, I'll make you some in 15 months and you'll never be the same. 

3. While on the freeway yesterday we got tapped on the back of the car. No, don't worry, it was heavy traffic, so nothing happened. Well anyways, I jump out of the car to see if the back had been damaged, when I saw that it wasn't I jumped back in the unmoved car. So then we see the man who hit us get out of his car and he comes and gives us his card, "just in case". Well he got back in his car and I thought, dang we should've given him our card. So I jump out of the car again and run over to his car and start talking to him about the church. Well next thing I know, traffic picks up (8mph or so) and my companion is starting to move forward. So I shake his hand, and well I take a nice little jog down the freeway to catch up to our car... in a skirt... in the middle of the city... oh the life of a missionary. (oh and the card he gave us has his name, address, and phone number... any missionary bells going off yet? We're coming for you Chad). 

Okay, enough for the weekly essay... but I hope you all have a great week! There is one secret I'll give ya: read your scriptures. Everyday. No excuse. There is such power that comes from reading them. I promise you'll feel it!

Hermana March

  At the branch party, Martin was the drummer in the lip synch band. Basically, if he can do this at a weird Mormon event the day after his baptism, he is SOLD for eternity. (ps. look he's smiling hahaha)


Un otro semana en la vida de Hermana March

Okay folks... what a week it has been! Here's a heads up that this might be a little scattered, but please stay with me... it'll be worth it. Okay well I can't really promise that either, but yeah... I at least know my mom will read this #thestruggle

Well to start off, this week was transfers! I now have a new companion named Hermana Quist! She is from Washington, about an 1.5 hours north of Seattle. She is 25 years old and we are pretty much like two peas in a pod. We even have the same birthday, the best day ever... February 12th #hollaforcompanionshipunity

Ummm, well I apologize for not having a lot of funny adventures to tell. Basically the same old, same old. Drunk men in the ghettos cat calling, lots of food, and preaching the good word. Oh just kidding, who am I lying to.... the highlight of the week was definitely getting chased down by an old guy in an electric wheelchair. That's an unexplainable story over email... stay tuned and I'll tell you in 15 months! (p.s. I hit 3 months... where is time going? and how can I make it stop?)

Oh here's an impromptu one... the man sitting next to me in the library just told me about how he'd been "locked up" for a long time. Why is this not the first time someone has told me they've been in jail on my mission? The nametag.... there's something about it and us that must say "hey, we love all people, so feel free to tell us all of your life secrets". Oh well... there could be worse things in life. #hangingwiththugs

Can I get a hallelujah that this week is the 3 baptisms?! Jesus, Martin, and Sara will all be baptized this Friday night! I am so excited... like pee my skirt excited. (you know, because you can't pee your pants when you wear a skirt 24/7). I have come to have such a deep love for these 3 in such a short amount of time... I know it can only be because I am trying my best to have charity for everyone and bring them to the true source of happiness!

I just loved general conference this past weekend. I am continually amazed at how light my heart feels and how my spirits are lifted after hearing the words of our beloved prophet, apostles, and other leaders. I went into general conference with a couple questions on my mind. And within minutes, they began to be answered. The Lord knows us personally and somehow we always receive the answers to questions. 

I really related to Elder Schwitzer's talk... he said something to the effect that the gospel will be familiar sounding to many if we take a stand and testify... it's familiar because they know it from the premortal life. It's really amazing to see this everyday here on the mission. The people we teach and testify to get a light in their eye when they hear our message. It's because it feels like home.... it just makes sense. 

Well here I am, wrapping up another letter. I love and thank all of you for the continual support I receive. I am humbled by the responsibility I have as a missionary, but I know that the Lord calls the weak and simple. He calls me not because of what I have done, but what I can do if I do it his way. I am the clay in the potter's hands. 

Think of a scripture to ponderize in your heart this week. I'm choosing Mosiah 2:41*, so if you don't have one, copy mine and email me about how it helped you this week!

Hermana March

Oh, and here's a picture of the new companion!

*Mosiah 2:41: And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.


Oh how life is never boring!

I feel like the weeks seem to be going by so fast... wasn't it yesterday when I emailed you about the shrine, stabbing, and rotten Sara Lee cake? Well I guess not, because here I am again. 

Life as a missionary is NEVER boring... here's a glimpse. 

1. Well I can officially check "speaking at a dead stranger's funeral in another language" off the bucket list. You should have seen it. Me standing at the pulpit, trying to speak and console the family in Spanish, talk about a guy who I had never met, and trying not to look at the dead body visible in the casket. 

2.  This week while out talking to people on the streets, we were hit on by quite a few creepy old men. One kept saying that we were a lot better looking than the elders, and another one was convinced that Hermana Dearden and I were "hermanas guapas" or the "beautiful sisters". We assured him that we were not related and any trace of similarity was probably due to the fact that we are both "gringitas". #truth

3. I became the new branch pianist officially! I've been playing pretty much every sunday in Relief Society and such, but now I'm the big shabang... I get to play in Sacrament Meeting too (since the only person who could play the piano got released from the branch). It's kinda a big deal... I got my name in the program and all hahaha. Mom and Dad, you should be pleased to know that all those years of piano weren't wasted!

4. We did a huge service project on Saturday morning... well actually we did 2. The first one was helping a member clear their new backyard. The 6 men that were there were chopping down huge trees, and Hermana Dearden and I were responsible for hauling them to the front yard. Well I went to pick up one of the branches and I backed up to start walking towards the front yard and bam. Bum in a cactus. 

5. The other service project was a state clean up, in order to prepare for the balloon festival. Well, we got banished to clean up the abandoned cemetery. Huzah for cleaning up creepy dolls left on graves and lots of dead flowers. And the local bakery was baking cookies, so it smelled really good... but then you remembered you were standing over dead people. We were all a little creeped out.  

So this week, sadly Jesus' baptism didn't happen. He wants his daughter to be there, so it is postponed until the October 9th. Martin and Sara decided to join him on that day as well! So we'll have 3 baptisms in 2 weekends!

Tomorrow is transfers. Hermana Dearden is leaving, and I am staying here to finish my training for another 6 weeks. I am happy to stay, but sad to see so many friends I have made leave. It is a HUGE transfer and tons of crazy things are happening! I'm excited to find out where everyone is going tomorrow morning! 

Remember that whatever you're going through is temporary. Have faith and trust in the Lord that all will be well. Think to the day when you're receiving your reward. I bet you're going to be saying "Was that all I had to do? Was that I all I had to go through? Why do I deserve all of this?". This life is worth it. The time we have now is to prepare for the day we will gloriously stand before our Maker. Try to lean on Him a little more this week. 

Oh and tune into General Conference! It should be a good one!

Hermana March

 There was a flash flood and there was water up to our mid calves on the street!

Some of the cute little girls from the branch who are our best friends

 We treated ourselves to PIZZA... aka my fave

The whole district together for the last time!