Spiders, Chickens, and other things... oh my!

Well, the only phrase I can think to sum up this week is "well... umm that was interesting".

The work here is very busy and the list of things to do never ever ends. The branch is about 15 families strong... and about 7 of those families are white families called in from other parts of the stake to help. We have been working so hard to get lesson numbers up and to increase our teaching pool, but this week we had over 10 lessons cancel on us last minute like 5 minutes before the lesson. So we always decide to head to the ghetto... our best area to teach and find. While in the ghetto this week, we heard a gunshot or two, ran into some fighting chickens, saw a forensic crime scene team doing their job, and saw this sign (see below). Dang I love Albuquerque. And I mean that in all seriousness!

The worst day of the week and probably my mission was definitely Thursday. It's something I can laugh at now, but at the time it was rough. Here are 3 defining moments of the day that pretty much sum it up perfectly:

1. We had dinner at a someone's house.... at one point in the 45 minute dinner, the person said "if you translate something super white into Spanish like "santa vaca" (holy cow) in front of me, I will happily cuss you out in English and in Spanish... I'm good at both." uhhhh okay? How do I respond to that...? I politely laughed and hoped the conversation would move along.

2. I found a spider in my skirt that had been there for who knows how long... Hermana Dearden thought it was hilarious and proceeded to sing "spider skirt" *Spiderman theme song

3. We asked a member to help us by giving a blessing to some potential investigators we had met on the street. He came, taught them all 4 missionary lessons, told us what scriptures to read, didn't give them the blessing, and told them they needed to show up to church to get them--aka ultimatum-ed them. In other words, our lesson got hijacked haha. 

Aren't those situations crazy? Like is this real life? Does this really happen?! Yes. Yes they do. I can happily verify that for ya. 

There were miracles everywhere this week despite some of the struggles! The work is steadily and surely moving forward. We have 4 progressing investigators this week (1 with a baptism date) and about 21 investigators otherwise! Oh and our investigator Jesus came to church again and brought his grandson this time. Basically his grandson became the most popular human in the branch in just one Sunday. When he saw a white man speaking Spanish in the branch he looked up to him wide eyed and said "hablas Espanol?!" ("You speak Spanish?!"). He's 4 and probs the funniest and sassiest kid I've ever met. Anyways, Jesus is so prepared for this gospel. I know that he will progress and grow to know his Savior more and be baptized. I have come to love him so much in the past two weeks... plaid shirts and teal cowboy boots at church and all! 

*fun fact of the week: I'm related to President Thomas S. Monson.... holla. 9th cousins for life.

I hope we can all be a little more like the Savior. He's our perfect example. He came to Earth to give us an exact way to guarantee us eternal life. It's hard to follow that example sometimes, but it's easy to know what to do because His life is recorded in the scriptures. Please read the Book of Mormon. It's all about Christ. I know that we can know Him better through reading those pages than by any other means. That's what I'm doing all day everyday. Asking, inviting, and encouraging all to get to know their Redeemer a little better by reading from the Book of Mormon. It's the most powerful and correct thing we have on this earth. Read it and see. 

Thanks for all the love and support. You are the best!

Peace. Love. Preach. 
Hermana March

A picture of the sign as promised!

 Me and my companion! A missing face to the previously missing name! An old man named Milton who is a part of the group that we play Bingo with at the nursing home gave these to us after winning 6 times. He's a crack up.

An Albuquerque sunset... the best part of the day.

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