Satan... we're coming for you

Basically this has been my motto for the week. Once again this week has been full of unexpected miracles and full of stories to tell. I'll try my best to do it justice. 

So imagine this: I'm week 3 in the field, and I don't know much Spanish. There's a companion by my side, but wait, she knows no Spanish. And we're in the ghetto streets of ABQ trying to teach, visit, and contact Spanish speaking people. What could go wrong with that equation?

Well that's just crazy to imagine right? Wrong. It's reality. We had exchanges this week on Wednesday, and for some reason they though it'd be good for me to stay in my area and be in charge of the missionary work in the area for that day...aka I was responsible for choosing what to do, who to see, and where to go... aka it was death.

So intimidated and nervous to start the exchange, I gathered myself up, pulled up my big girl skirt, and went to work. And man it was tough. But man did the miracles flow in. We were able to come in to so many people who were accepting and willing to hear our message. In a matter of an hour talking to people on the street, we got about 6 return appointments with the people on the street. WHUTTTT? BASICALLY UNHEARD OF. AND the coolest part, was that I got to teach basically the whole first lesson on the Restoration of the gospel right there on the street. For being on the street with kids running around and cars driving by, the Spirit was there. This lady even accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and said she was excited to read more about her "Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ". Tender mercies are there if we open our eyes. Do it. You'll be amazed. 

Well on to the "Satan... we're coming for you" part 2. So on Thursday morning, Hermana Dearden woke up as the living dead. I kid you not. We called in to the mission doctor and found that she had some weird Bronchitis bacteria virus plague from Satan. The mission doctor advised we stay in the apartment until at least Sunday afternoon. Well you know what that means.... LOTS OF SITTING AROUND READING SCRIPTURES. And then I started to catch the plague on Sunday, but I refuse... there's work that needs to be done. And Satan's tool is unwork… ok, that's not a word, but he likes to get us as missionaries to not work. So therefore, investigators go untaught and people go un-contacted. 

Well guess what Satan, take that. Through a small miracle in and of itself, we have 4 solid investigators that we hope to see baptized this month. We got a sweet text from one of the ladies in the ward telling us that Jesus (investigator) came to church, actively participated in the discussion, and shared a personal experience and testimony of the Sabbath Day. They're all so close to accepting the gospel... I can't wait for the day they accept the invitation to come unto Christ more fully. 

I'm so grateful for the tender mercies and miracles I see daily in the mission. The Lord's hand is always extended to us. I'm also grateful for the hard weeks and the hard times on my mission though. There's nothing that drives me to my knees and makes me plead with my Heavenly Father like hard times. We should turn to him in all times, but it's comforting to know that when there is no where else for me to turn, he is always there. I think it's in the toughest moments, when we think we've hit rock bottom, that we realize how far the Atonement extends. It's infinite and eternal power can reach us at all stages and times in our lives. 

I love you all. I feel the prayers of the members of the church. It's humbling to think that such a strong group of disciples of Christ are praying for me and the other missionaries daily. It's the power that gets us all through the day everyday.

Hermana March

Here's a picture of my Mission President, his wife, and me on my first day! Take a second to admire the nice pre-historic photoshop work… yeah, I blinked in the original picture and I think she blinked in the second, so therefore... BAM  this is the result. Tape lines and all, I love it!

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