AND IT WAS IN SPANISH... FOLKS WE'VE MADE IT TO THE BIG LEAGUES. As you can tell, I was very pleasantly surprised waking up Sunday morning to remember my dream had been in Spanish. And to add to my pure and utter joy, my companion told me that I had sat up and started sleep talking in Spanish in the middle of the night. What could I be saying you might ask? Oh you know... the missionary lessons. Those babies are engrained into my very bone. 

So this week was another week typical to that of a missionary. Lots of work, little sleep, strange food, miracles, moments where you want to punch a wall, Satan being Satan, people wanting to learn more, tender mercies, getting creepy people following you and well, yeah, you get the picture.

Despite some of the more negative things of the week, I want to focus on the good, because quite frankly, the good is always really good. (And like I learned in elementary school, no one likes a Negative Nancy--sorry Nancys of the world... unfortunate coincidence. We know you're not all negative).

One of the most amazing moments of this week was with Jesus. (Okay sidenote... I know it's strange reading where I talk about Jesus... because I'm talking about cute little old Mexican man who wears cowboy boots, not Jesus himself. Sorry for any confusion that may cause... it messed me up for like the first 3 weeks here). 

Well anyways, we were in his neighborhood on Tuesday night trying to teach another couple, but they cancelled on us.  So what do we do? Head on over to see Jesus of course. Well, we talked to him a lot about faith and how faith motivates us to act... and his next action of faith is baptism. (He's one of the 4 we had fasted and prayed to be baptized in the month of September). He said that he didn't feel like he was ready for baptism yet, but luckily we had a strong member with us who bore testimony of their conversion. I told him that setting a baptismal date is like deciding to run a marathon. When you decide to run a marathon, you don't sign up to run tomorrow. You choose a day, some weeks or months out, and then train every day. That way when the day comes, you have no need to fear or have any doubt about being able to cross that finish line. 

My companion leaned over to me while the member was talking to him and said in English, so he couldn't understand "Ugh I don't know if he'll be ready to get baptized in September, maybe we should ask for October. I turned to her and said 9 simple words "Hermana, I have faith in the month of September". Well as we said that, Jesus turned to us and said "Okay, what about the end of September?". He is now on date for September 26. Faith is really the key to all. Faith is what has blessed Jesus in taking this next step. I cannot wait for the day he enters the waters of baptism.

Well another awesome part of this week was the branch mission activity we held! It was hard to get everything ready, since Hermana Dearden and I were the only ones in charge, but it pulled together at the last minute. Only about 35 people came, and about 20 of them were kids, but it seemed like everyone had fun! It was called "La Feria de la Vida" aka "The Fair of Life". Basically there were carnival games, "spiritual" and "temporal". There were green tickets given out for playing the spiritual themed games, and red for the others. At the end of the time to play games, the participants went into a room where there tickets were counted and they were "judged". 

They went to 3 rooms, according to how many green tickets they had acquired. Room 3 was all black. Room 2 had one lamp on in it. And room 1 was completely bright with pictures of the temple and soft hymns playing in the back. Well, at the end of the judging period, all of the people were eventually brought into room 1. The 3 rooms had represented the 3 kingdoms of glory, and the game time, well, that was life. In the end, the branch president shared a message about why we all want to be in room 1, the Celestial kingdom, together again one day and how the time we have to "play" counts for everything. And then of course we had food after that... we're Mormon aren't we? There's no church function without good food. 

This week I have learned patience in trials. The Lord is always mindful of us. Tender mercies always come paired with trials. God always makes up for bad days.  I love you all and bear witness that the Lord does as well. Try to lean on him a little more this week. You will see the blessings and tender mercies flood in. 

mucho amor para siempre
Hermana March

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