Well look at that... I'M HABLARING ESPAÑOL

Another week of exciting events in the CCM. Most of the things are same old same old. Beans. "Cannons". Spanish classes all day. You get the point. But here are some of the highlights:

1. We sit in classes for probably about 13 hours a day. And the chairs they give us aren't super comfy. So what do we do in our free time. We raid other empty classrooms around the CCM to find the rolling comfy chairs and then we steal them. It's safe to say that we have found one for every member in our district and now everyone may sit comfy.

2. Well this has been an every week occurrence, but I just remembered to tell you this week! I'm the branch pianist on Sundays! Mom aren't you so glad that all those years of piano lessons paid off?!?!

3. Oh and I also gave my first full talk in Español this week. It was quite frightening. But it's okay. I just took comfort in the fact that more than half of my branch knows less Spanish than I do, so they probs couldn't understand me anyways. I took comfort in that and the fact that our 2nd counselor is the Mexican President Ucthdorf. So that's cool. (picture to come next week)

4. We had another big storm this week. It was pretty crazy. BUT this time, there was hail! And the hail was like the size of a gumball. I walked out in it with no umbrella at first.... not my smartest idea.

Okay now for the spiritual segment... this week has been full of moments that make me so sure of the gospel's truth and of God's reality. 

1. So in the CCM, we do this thing called TRC. It's basically where on Saturday mornings random people come to hear the lessons from the missionaries. Terrifying, right? They can be long time members, less actives, or rarely there will be actual investigator. Well lucky us, we got a real live, breathing, speaking, thinking investigator. And then they expected us to teach him in 100% Español. Ummmm what? Well anyways, we went in and did our best. The boy's name was Isreal and he is 15 years old. He was there with a 24 year old cousin who was married in the temple. Anyways, as we were talking to Isreal, I kept getting the impression that I needed to know the baptismal question in Spanish. But then I kept pushing it aside because there was no way I was asking this kid to be baptized in his first lesson. Well he just kept telling us about how he knew Jesus Christ died for him and how he loves Him dearly. Well Hermana Kamalu must've been on the same wave length as me and the Spirit because she turned to him and asked "Do you want to follow the example of Christ?" And then he said yes. So I took it home by asking him "Well then, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" AND HE SAID YES. WAS THAT REAL LIFE? DID I COMMIT SOMEONE TO BAPTISM? The answer is yes. I feel so humbled and grateful to the Spirit for giving me the prompting to invite this boy to come to Christ. Wow. So cool. 

2. So for 2 straight days this week, my companion was sick. I mean realllllll sick, if you know what I mean. So being her companion, I had to stay home with her. And that means missing classes and meals and human interaction. So you could say it was a lonely 2 days. I sat in our room and read a lot of scripture and mission approved books. With all that time just being alone, it was hard not to feel that way too. I was beginning to feel alone and unsure of what I was doing here in another country learning a new language. I did the only thing I could and said a prayer and continued my studies. So while in my 38th hour of complete isolation, two hermanas came in with a cold water bottle and a Milky Way just for me. Here´s a little of what I wrote in my journal that night.:

"The Lord is truly aware of all of our situations. He didn´t forget me today and He never will. There truly are heavenly angels that come as earthly beings to bless my life. It's unimaginable how much love can come from an all mighty being to an ungrateful and undeserving being like me. But that's why the Lord is so amazing... because he can love me despite weaknesses and shortcomings because he sees the potential I have. I'm grateful for today, not because it was easy, but because a cold water bottle and a Milky Way reminded me of My Savior´s love."

I know that Savior feels that way about all of his children, that's why I'm serving a mission. So those people out there who feel alone don't have to feel that way anymore. D&C 84:88

Mucho amor to all of you. Read your scriptures and say your prayers. There's no better way to feel your Savior's love. 

Peace. Love. Preach. 
Hermana March

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