Okay so really this has been the best week of my life. Seriously. Not joking. I have had the chance to grow so much in just a week... is that possible? Let me tell you it is a big huge giant yes.

Well like I said a little bit last week, I am in the Albuquerque zone in the Alvarado branch. The branch is tiny with about 15 families. My companion Hermana Dearden (the mystery name from last week is revealed!), and I are the only sister missionaries and Spanish speakers in the zone. It makes for a lot of work, but it's the best! I get up tired and go to bed exhausted, but the Lord gives me the energy to work hard. Without it, I'd probably be in a coma right now.

So I say I love all of Albuquerque, but I really only have become familiar with the ghetto. So basically it's 2 really white girls walking around the ghetto and trying to speak Spanish. Interesting mental picture, ain't it? Most of the people are so nice and accepting of our message, but others well... well here are the highlights from some of our conversations with people on the street to give you a taste:

1. "Thank you ladies. If you ever need help in the hood, we got your back"
2. "One time when I was a young boy, I had a dream where Jesus came and spoke to me. He said 'You are a secondary Moses. Lead my people".... "Oh yes, I've been to hell 3 times, and everyone there is naked"
3. "Hey there.... yall stay safe" *says man with a full size wooden baseball bat walking down the street and tapping his hand like scary guys do in the movies.

Well those are the more funny experiences of the week (don't worry Mom we're safe)

Now unto the more spiritual things! So we were pretty busy with lessons and stuff last week. But there have been some amazing experiences. I don't have time to tell you them all, but they are awesome. The Spirit is soooo strong when you are speaking for and representing the Lord. I've never felt the Spirit this powerfully in my life. Especially as I began out in the field and the Spanish is hard I have learned to open my mouth, not to say what I want to, but what the Lord wants me to. In all honesty I sit there quiet most of the time, but it's my turn as a greenie to smile, learn, repent, and be happy.

I have never been so happy in my life. It's a different happiness then I have ever felt. It's hard to describe, but I can only say that my heart has grown 20 times in size. It's different when you are devoting 24/7 to praying and thinking of other people. You really feel the love that Christ has for them.

I love you all. And so does Christ. Lean on him when times are hard. It's the best way to be happy despite trials.

Mucho amor para siempre

Hermana March

 Elders up on the rock that I was on earlier before the picture.... check out that view!

Me eating a "tuna"... a cactus fruit

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