Coming to You Live From the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT

Hello there friends and family. I'm currently sitting in a library in the good ole USofA in none other than Albuquerque New Mexico.

I don't have a lot of time to email today, so it will be brief, but I want to make sure you're updated on all of the amazing things that have happened to me so far.

Well yesterday morning I started my journey at 2am. The Mexico airport was crazy and I think we almost got hit by a semi-truck while on our way, but esta bien. Then we landed in Houston where we had 50 minutes to re-check our bags, go through customs, security again, and then to another terminal. As you probably have guessed, we didn't make it. So we got our flight rescheduled and had to wait 7 hours. 7 HOURS. We eventually made it into ABQ at about  7:30pm and were then shuffled to the temple to take a group picture. And then a quick bite to eat and then meetings and interviews. We finally got to bed at midnight and then had to be ready for transfer meeting by 6:30. Sleep is for the weak.

So MIRACLE #1 of our crazy airport adventure: We were standing around while our travel leader called our mission office to let them know. One of the other girls with me said "I really wish someone Mormon would come up and say hi". And of course I agreed that seeing friendly faces who loved the missionaries would be nice. Not even 5 minutes walked by and a man walked across the way to talk to us. He came up and asked where we were going. We said ABQ and explained our situation. He immediately asked if there was anything he could help, and when he told him we were just going to hang out, he reached into his wallet and gave us a couple of bills. We tried to give them back, but he insisted. He said that he normally always took the missionaries out to lunch, but he didn't have time today, so he wanted to make sure we still got the "thank you" for our service. Such a tender mercy of the Lord. It wasn't even a prayer, but He still made himself known. He watches over all of His children, especially those in His service.

Okay so I could write like 5 more that happened in that airport... especially about the ones where I contacted people and handed out pass along card, but I don't have time.

To be quick, there are 17 other missionaries that came as the same day as me. The Millers, my mission president and wife, are AWESOME. I love them. I also love my trainer. She is so cool. Okay.... moment of confession. I forgot her name right now and she isn't looking my way, so I can't read her nametag. Stay tuned for next week for the mystery name.

So I will be serving in Albuquerque zone, so I'm right central. We are the only sisters in our whole zone and we are also the only Spanish speakers in the zone as well. Everyone else is down South, so I'll be getting some really good practice in. We have a HUGE area. Like HUGE. So we are going to be real busy.

I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to serve the people of Albuquerque. My heart has become constantly too big for the place it has in my chest. The Spirit is always strong and the love of God is always present.

Remember to pray to see the hand of the Lord in your life. You will see big and small miracles everyday.... I guarantee it.

Peace. Love. Preach.
Hermana March

The 3 M's taking on ABQ (March, Martin, Moss)

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