Me Encanta El Templo.

In whatever language you say it in...


On May 1st, I was able to go through the temple and receive my own endowments. The experience is pretty indescribable. What I can say is that I'm so so so eternally grateful that I took the next step in my eternal progression and becoming closer to the Lord. 

As I entered through the doors of the temple that day, I knew that there was no other place that I wanted to be… that there was absolutely nothing that I could have ever done that was more important than these next hours when I entered into the house of the Lord to make sacred covenants.

About a week after I went through the temple for the first time, I was able to go on a temple trip to all the temples in California with my mom.

1,675 miles. 7 days. 7 temples.



Newport Beach

San Diego



I have never been so grateful for temples in my life. I mean I have always loved them and how physically beautiful they are, but I didn't ever realize just how important they are until now. Through doing a session in every temple, I know that each and every temple - no matter the location and no matter what the design is - is truly the house of God. He dwells inside. His Spirit is so present and so willing to testify of the gospel's truth. Within those beautiful and unique walls, things of this world blend with the things of heaven. I know that inside of the temple my eyes are opened and I can more clearly see my purpose on earth and what I can receive in the eternity to come.

The sad thing is that the Oakland temple closed on June 8th for two months, so I won't be able to go again before I leave on my mission. In order to get my fill of the Oakland temple for 19 months, I decided with my friend Janai, that we would leave for the temple each morning at 6am.

After going to the temple so much in the past two months, I could and still can feel the difference it makes in my life. Like my heart has been on fireeeeeee with love for this gospel. And that's what is so cool about the church. Sometimes you can just feel the truthfulness of it all so strong that it makes your heart want to explode. I could literally stand on the rooftops and just sing about how true it is. Luckily I'll get that chance (well kind of) in Albuquerque to spread that fiery passion for the gospel of Christ.

Nothing in this life is worth it if it makes us miss out on the temple. And I mean absolutely nothing.

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